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Excellent Results - I Look 10-15 Years Younger After Facelift!

It had been my dream to have a facelift shortly...

It had been my dream to have a facelift shortly after our youngest was born. I was 40 years old and was hurt by the offhand remarks of people who assumed my son was my grandson!

In October 2006, I had a botched job of a blepharoplasty and endotine transbleph forehead lift from a local surgeon in a different office, one that I would never recommend and he is still practicing. I was expecting my upper and lower eyelids done and the lines in my forehead removed. That is not what I got. You can tell from my before pictures I had wasted my money. My husband told me I looked worse after the surgery.

If you need an electricial, don't hire a plumber. I found a facial plastic surgeon. He is a specialist, and only works on the face.

On Septemer 15, 2009, This wonderful doctor and his assistant performed a lower face lift, submentoplasty, upper eyelid revision and endoscopic brow lift and I am 100% delighted with the results. So is my husband! No one thinks my son is my grandson know! Today I am 55 years old woman and I look like me 10-15 years ago. I highly recommend this skilled surgeon and his office staff to everyone. I well know this is a huge decision, and one that is a huge financial sacrifice you and your family are willing to make. I am happy to share my story and answer any questions you may have to help you decide what is best for you. You want what I want, to be happy with the way we look for years to come.

Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

I made a mistake with the first plastic surgeon not understanding the terminalogy. Do you homework. Look up every word and understand what that medical word and procedure means. Talk to other patients who have had the procedures done you are inquiring about. Hire a surgeon who specializes in your procedures. Do not go to someone who does breast to operate on your face! You will understand why I highly recommend my doctor after you see my before and after pictures.

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incredible result
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I wish you lived near St. Louis Missouri. Dr. Nayak practices in this area. I would recommend him. Call the Medical association in your area and check on doctors you have visisted to see if anyone has made complaints against them. Call the BBB also. Good luck.
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I think you look wonderful. I am in the process of trying to find a good doctor with a fair price in the DC Metro area. I have an appointment in 2 wks to see a Doctor who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and have to make a few more in the next week. The prices here so far vary so widely that I have been told anywhere from $4000.00 right on up to $8000.00 for a mini facelift. I am only 47 yrs old!! I don't want to chance it with my face either, but really need a good doctor. I know I am having this done in the next 2 mths but I find myself going out of city limits looking at this point. What was your doctors name if you don't mind me asking? He certainly does graat work, no doubt about it. You look so good!! Enjoy!!!
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You look WONDERFUL. Isn't it a great feeling to look and feel great? Good luck and keep smiling :)
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hi, you look lovely, would like your providers name. how do i find it. im new here.
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Hi FlourGirl,

Welcome to RealSelf!

The provider's name is listed at the top of the review. Click on the doctor's name for full contact details.

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EXCELLENT - I'm so happy for you. I HOPE mine comes out like that. Good luck and enjoy it.
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You look absolutely amazing! Awesome result.
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