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I was a 28AA at age I opted for implants....

I was a 28AA at age I opted for implants. Went 225's to be a 34B, silicone, under the muscle. I have had them for 22 yrs. The first month I was depressed, I was so sad tht I did it. But once I was healed. I was SO happy. I didnt go huge because I just wanted to look proportioned. I did, and have been happy ever since.

Last month I had my yearly mammogram and the results showed a ruptured implant. The report went on to say that the implant has clearly be ruptured since 2006. I dont know why someone didnt catch it sooner but I have to say, I havent suffered any reactions or side effects one way or the other with the leakage of the silicone.

I went back the same dr that performed my augmentation. He is going to explant, clean up and put in 285's. I am scheduled for surgery on 12/13/10.

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Dr spent time w/me during the consultation and was very imformative. He was the same at the after care follow up. I didnt have email 22 yrs ago so I only recieved a phone call. Now I will have him do the surgery again. His associate was SO helpful..she called the manufacture and they are now paying for the ruptured implant. Because Dr H did the original surgery, he will not charge me to explant and clean up the pocket.

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I would never recomend implants to anyone. I am not old or a prude. I am a big girl wanted to be a lttle more proportional. Got textured silicone implants jan 2010. I have been so sick this year it has nearly destroyed my life. I have had several tests done and they say nothing is wrong with me. After doing my own research leads me to believe it is my implants. Having them removed next week. Which this will be my third surgery. Remeber these are not lifetime devices. If someone would have warned me it would have saved me baout 20 grand. Lol. Lesson learned. I am going back to have a breast lift and my initial tt fixed so I am not anti plastic sugery. I have several friends that have never had any problems but just do a little research and inform yourself.
Hair loss
Blurred vision
Extreme confusion
Extreme chemical sensitivity
Face was going numb
And more
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Lol Thanks! A part of me feels like "why am I doing this" now! I waited so long to do this, i wanted my daughter(my youngest) to be in school full time and now I have them all in school so i think it's a good time to focus on myself for once but i feel guilty.Like what if something happens to me... I am gonna do it because like you said, when I'm healed i know It will all be worth it. I HOPE! Thanks again!
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Your welcome! If you have a great dr, there isnt anything to worry about. Remember tho, you have to allow yourself time to heal. I went thru a period the first time when I felt like "why did I do this"...but when your healed and you can dress the way youve always dreamed of. And you look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. It is worth it. If you get that bad feeling the first week or two...just tell yourself "in one month I am going to be SMOKIN"!!! :) Best wishes to you!
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Yes, thanks so much for answering my questions. I am so nervous. I'm not only having BA/lift but also a tummy tuck. I don't know why I'm driving myself so crazy. This website is great because I don't know too many people where I live that have had PS.Just a couple so this has been very informative for me. Thanks again!
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As I said I have had the implants for 22 yrs. That means I have had 22 mammograms. The only problem I can tell you about is that the last mammogram I had in 2010, showed the ruptured implant. I read the report that they sent to my gyn. It said that clearly the implant has been ruptured since 2006. (I had no problems in the 4 yrs and saw no visible difference in my breast.) The report also read that the reason they caught it this time was because of the new positioning of the breast during the mammaogram. It has improved SO much. They take 2 sets of pictures. First, they push the implant back and do the mammogram on the breast itself. Then they pull the mammogram in and do the second set of pictures. I ask my PS if the mammogram caused the rupture and he said absolutely not. When I had mine done the first time, the implant had a "life expectancy" of 18 yrs. But I will probably die with these intact. I have had one MRI in my lifetime. So, no I do not go every 3 years. Hope with all this chatting I helped. :)
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Let me ash you, how has it beeen when you get Mammograms? My GYN told me not to get implants because they can't get a full view.Did you ever have a problem with that? I was a nervouse about that. My PS highly recommended implants. He said that I wont be as happy with just a lift and that the implants would make me look fuller more like I used to look. Do you go for MRI's every 3 years?
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Your welcome! Remember, I had those implants for 22 yrs. The new ones are SO much better. My dr literally, punched his fist into one of the new ones and it blew out then went right back. That is not really clear but its the best way I can describe it. They feel natural and look great!! I would recommend silicone to you.:)
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I had my surgery done. Minimal pain. Slight discomfort. Taking pain meds that keep me sleepy. I will see the dr in 2 weeks to remove stitches. St Louis surgery Center was wonderful. Care was excellent. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.
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So happy to hear that you had no reaction from the silicone leakage. I am thinking of going silicone and I was concerned witht that happening. thanks for the info.
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How awesome that your original doctor can do the surgery for you! Here's hoping the new ones last 22 years plus! Please let us know how you're doing next week.

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