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Botox Side Effects Can Be Horrible - Saint Louis, MO

I have been experiencing Dizziness, unbalanced...

I have been experiencing Dizziness, unbalanced feeling, brain fog, muscle twitches and insomnia since my 2 weeks after my botox. I found others on this forum with similar side effects. I am just hoping this goes away..I have had to spend money on ENT/ MRI already..nothing was found. Prior to this I was healthy, on no medications and had no health problems. I worked out 4 days a week and live healthy..minus the very bad decision to do Botox…what was I thinking!! I am mad at myself, depressed and worried about how long I will continue to feels this way. Please if your are considering Botox..do not do it..yes the results are great..but health is worth Everything and some people have these horrible side effects..Dont do it..

Small improvements..finally

I am now a little more than 2 months from my injection date.. and i have had a few better days.. I am hopeful this continues. The dizziness and disequalibrium seems milder..I have an appt scheduled at the end of Feb with a NeuroEnt md..I am hoping I don't have to see him.. I know what is wrong..its called Botox…I will follow up if my symptoms are still present in any form though..just to be on the safe side.. I pray this is the beginning of healing ..I am glad to be able to discuss on this forum..it has helped and gives me hope as well
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Thank you xx
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I did botox three around my eyes and forehead and the third one was bad , i got swollen after 24 hrs i took antihistamines but i guess it was not enough coz after 8 days , the botox was dispersed around my face and eyes . I suffered for 20 days . I am better now .i am not sure i do it again , ever
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I am glad to hear your are doing better, it is so scary to suffer like this. Yes I feel the same and I will never do it again.
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I am sorry you have gone through this also to add to my lists of problems previously outlined under my name. I too have Equilibrium problems and Brain Fog. Yes I may also have got a bad dose. More likely most times is an inexperienced Dr. That does not understand your specific needs and won't listen to your previous do's and dont's in each patient. As Botox reacts differently with each and every patient it is trial and error. With out a good communications Doctor you can end up in a mess trust me after 8 yrs of mostly success. Now I'm suffering from a inexperienced non-communicative Doctor. Good Luck to you. The only thing keeping me sane is that this will wear off within 3 months.
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I read your story Mark. I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience. Your right about knowing that eventually it will wear off helps keep you sane. I keeping holding on to that thought myself. Not sure if theres is "bad doses " of botox but I am sure how much and where it is placed has a part of it. So many people have wonderful results and I was hoping I would be one of them…seems like there are many stories like ours out there. But don't lose hope especially since it helps your condition. They should have a blog for Bad doctors as well, sounds like you have dealt with a "bad" one. Actually I liked My Doctor very much..but what is done is done now and he can't help me. Live and learn..I know my vanity is not worth all this trouble. Keep strong Mark and best wishes. Keep us posted on your progress with recovery.
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Thank you for you encouraging words. Kernel1 Best to you.
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Oh:( so very sorry feel better soon xx
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Sorry its my eyes Kelbel1... :-)
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Iam an almost 79 year old woman and have been getting botox since jan. 1999.Tthank the lord I was referred to a wonderful neurologist who never soft soaped me--only gave me the straight info. She never acted like I'd be cured and I believed her. I'm not a person who goes from doctor to doctor till the answer you want comes up. over the years I've had double vision four times (have it right now). The first time I got it called my opthalmologist and had to go to his office and was examined by three separate specialists--none of whom could give me any info (which they should have known about). On my next visit to my neurologist I mentioned it to her and she said "why didn't you call me, It would have saved you time and money". My next appt is early april and know i'll be well over the dv by then. pat35 2/6/14
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I have had no side effects and I have a very rare leukemia, I drink s ton of water and eat a vegan diet, very sorry that happened to you :( I love it and it actually helps my headaches, maybe a bad batch? So Sorry!
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I am aware that many people are helped medically because of botox and no medication is safe for all of the population. I really would advise those who are doing it for cosmetic reasons to just be aware that there is a segment of the population that had botox and there are some very serious side effects. I would not wish this on anyone. I do hope I recover, it seems most people do at some point but there is no exact answer when. I am so glad you are being helped. A miracle for some and a tragedy for others. Prayer to you in your struggle with leukemia and thank you for your post.
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Thank you so much xx
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