36 Years Old, Tummy Tuck After Losing 170 Lbs in 2 Years. - St. John's, NL

I have my pre-admission appointment on Friday...

I have my pre-admission appointment on Friday morning to go over everything. I still haven't verified whether or not I have to stay overnight. The nurse I spoke to on the phone hinted that I might, but on the leaflet I was given at my surgeons office, it says only a 2-3 hour stay after the procedure. It seems awfully quick, but I dunno. Will update more later after I have my appointment.


Thank you for posting your review with pictures.  You have done an amazing job with the weight loss and should be proud of that.  Can't wait to see your final results.
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day 1, post op.

Just got home from hospital this morning. No pain meds since surgery. Very little discomfort. Got my feet up watching last nights game 7 hockey game that my son recorded for me. Gonna be a quiet day. So far so good. Drains are in and working well.


Congratulations! Glad you are recovering well.
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Congrats! You look great with your new weight loss. Now did you have to get muscle repair with your TT, because that's makes a difference in the pain. But good luck with your journey.
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As far as i know, i never. I forgot to ask her until i got halfway home. Will find out for sure on tuesday ar my first follow up appt.

day 8 post op.

Still having very minimal discomfort. My surgeon told me she removed quite a large section, weighing over 3 lbs. good lord!!! haha. i still have both drains in but the amounts are slowing decreasing day by day. the most annoying part has been the drains. i am a side sleeper and can't with the drains in so it has been tough trying to get any decent amount of sleep. I have been sleeping on the couch since getting home. Looking forward to hopefully getting the drains out by the weekend or early next week.


You look awesome!, even my hubby said "wow!". Take care of yourself.:)
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Good for you! Can't wait to see post op pictures. Your weight loss is awesome! My husband and I are just a few days behind you in recovery. Sounds like it is going well for you.
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5 weeks post op update

It will be 5 full weeks tomorrow since my tummy tuck. everything has gone pretty good. the site is all healed over. it's still really tight when i try and stand up straight...find it worse after i sit down for a long time. since i stopped wearing my CG, I've had quite a bit of swelling, but i'm sure it will pass with time. anyone know normally how long the swelling lasts for?

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Dr. Joy Cluett

So far, she has been awesome. Very friendly, encouraging and from everything I have heard, is an excellent surgeon.

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