I am 32 years old, I will be 33 in a month! This...

I am 32 years old, I will be 33 in a month! This is my gift to myself. I have had three kids and three c-sections. Looking at pictures so far I am not sure if it mattered that I had c-sections, just having a baby and gaining tons of weight can really mess up your belly! I had my first baby at 17 years old, so I have not worn a bikini ever in my life. I am not sure I will be able to because my stretch marks do come pretty high up but we will see! I am 117 pounds and 5'5. I have been at my ideal weight for 4 years now. I may need a small vertical scar due to not having a lot of skin up top.

Its 1 and a half weeks away and I am looking...

Its 1 and a half weeks away and I am looking through all these photos of people think like I am, it seems almost EVERYONE is getting lipo of the flanks. I feel like I need that but by PS said I didn't, he pulled on my flanks and showed me how its not fat its only skin. He said with the tummy tuck it will pull the skin forward and if I am still not happy we can do a back lift at later date but he wont do it at the same time because I would be miserable. I agree that sounds like torture being cut all the way around but I also want the best result possible. Also I keep pulling at my upper abdomen above my belly button and there is barley any skin, most of mine is underneath the belly button so I am freaking myself out that I will get into surgery they will cut open and then see I did not have enough to pull down?! My PS assured me when I am under anesthesia they can pull a lot more than you think... I was not having all these thoughts until its getting so close and every pic I look at seems to have lipo and I want to make sure I get a good result! Am I just feeling crazy cause the time is getting closer??

Ok, I have now been looking online and found a...

Ok, I have now been looking online and found a whole bunch of skinny and bigger women who end up with hard buldges above there belly button post op, years after. It does not go away no matter what they eat or how they exercise. Has anyone heard of this happening? Here is the site I found it on: http://www.steadyhealth.com/upper_belly_fat_after_abdominoplasty_t81782.html?page=6

Its amazing how much bigger a camera makes you...

Its amazing how much bigger a camera makes you look! lol. I put up some sitting shots, so I can compare after. I am forcing myself to stop researching because although its good to know what you are getting into, our mind is VERY powerful. I do not want to bring things upon myself by too much focusing on the bad. I have to put on a great attitude and assume all will go well. If it doesn't God will lead me through. I am frantically getting all my college work done this week, even though the class does not end for two weeks..so I can have the surgery on the 3rd. I wanted a full 3 weeks before Christmas so hopefully I can go to families houses and not say anything. For those that have had the TT already, is 3 weeks reasonable for me to hide it for a few hours? I am not telling most of my family, only a few people.

6 days away. I had a dream last night that I got...

6 days away. I had a dream last night that I got into a fight with my PS because he refused to take as much skin as I wanted off, then he told me he did not want to do my surgery anymore. Then later in the dream I was in love with him and was trying to get him to take me back?! What the heck!!!! I cant stop thinking about TT, I am looking at pics all day and its always on my mind, I imagine this will stop after I have it?! :)

I know I was freaking out a little bit before but...

I know I was freaking out a little bit before but after I had all my questions answered by my PS yesterday I feel SO much better and just want to go and get this done and begin the recovery RIGHT NOW! I am trying not to think about how painful it will be and deal with it, when I get to it. I remember the c-sections were really painful but by the the time the first week was over it was a lot better. I still can't believing I am FINALLY doing this after many many years of saying I wanted to. I am not telling many people and not sure how that will go, but I know other women can be very unkind when it comes to hearing about plastic surgery. At least in the conservative circle I am a part of. My PS says its looks like I may not need a vertical scar... and I am hoping he is right but I will know for sure 3 days from now! My PS made sure to tell me I WILL still have somewhat of a roll after the TT because you need skin to stand up straight, he also told me my scar may not be perfectly symmetrical because its based on your own body shape and hips. I am not symmetrical, one hip is higher than the other, so good to know before hand. He also told me not to expect to have a perfect tummy but an improvement. Part of me wishes he was a bit more positive, but I guess he has to be very honest due to so many people expecting to look perfect (like models who never had kids) I just want to look perfect for ME, I mean I know I cant get rid of the stretch marks above belly and I have them all over my hips too, but I AM looking to be the best I can be for what I have.

Last week I called and the rent a center was out...

Last week I called and the rent a center was out of the recliners I wanted. I am thinking about trying to have my husband rent a hospital bed, I am staying overnight in hospital tomorrow, and will be home Tuesday. Can anyone tell me if it was really necessary?

I cant believe I am really doing this? It wont be...

I cant believe I am really doing this? It wont be real until they strap the mask onto me... I don't think I will see the result till tomorrow when they change the bandage. I have a bladder disease called "IC" and my fear is this will somehow make it worse but no one ever said it does, docs say it does not interfear. I have worked hard getting from "hell" with this disease to "manageable" through diet. Anyway, I woke up with only 5 hours of sleep but feel VERY awake, like I slept 7 hours.. Alright, time to have my husband rub me down with this solution to prevent infection and then I will be on my way to hospital. Surgery at 7am.. If any of you pray, please send some love my way this morning!

Woke up from surgery in tons of burning pain by...

woke up from surgery in tons of burning pain by incision. finally got a drip iv of something strong. i did mot need a vertical scar OR muscle repair. PS told me in consult when feeling it felt like there was nothing wrong with them but when he opened me up he found out for sure. don't fix something that is not broke. i have yet to see it.. they change bandages in AM. the most pain currently is where the drain is when i walk is very painful ob the right side drain. looking forward to seeing it tomorrow and really hoping my muscles look good even though not repaired. I'm in hospital now till morning.

Saw today for 1st time .. very swollen and im in...

saw today for 1st time .. very swollen and im in lots of pain trying Percocet next... i did niot even have muscle repair u cant imagine the extra pain doing lipo and all but maybe i have a very weak threshold for pain. i had c sections and they were worse but i was not expecting to be in this much pain... but i know this too shall pass and i will love it

Everything i had tried to eat is giving me gas and...

everything i had tried to eat is giving me gas and stomach cramps .. never had this before im assuming its from tummy tuck and will pass?? today has been hard lots of pain and thw bloating freaks me out..

No cake walk.. still in lots of pain at drain...

no cake walk.. still in lots of pain at drain sites.. need to have a bm still took colace and milk of magnesia.

Feeling a lot better than even 6 hours ago.. going...

feeling a lot better than even 6 hours ago.. going potty helps and eating lots of fresh pineapple. i keep forgetting I'm only 48 hours out.. i like results so far but am not sure if it was worth it yet need to gove it a few more weeks.. i have so many stretch marks i just wish there was somethig to get rid of them my husband thinks i look way better already

I hate these drains!!! hardly have anything coming...

i hate these drains!!! hardly have anything coming out of them hoping ps will take them out before monday! got a pretty good nights sleep just having a hard time nit being able to sleep on my side. still only taking tylenol so my brain feels more wirh it. my goal today is to somehow shower with my hubby's help.

I trust my surgeon has very good reasons for it,...

I trust my surgeon has very good reasons for it, but I smell and feel like a dumpster, going to have my husband wash my hair somehow , we have a movable shower head, so I might sit in a chair in shower wrapped in a plastic bag with my head down to wash..I hope this works. My pain is very manageable now with the Tylenol, although I worry I am taking to much so I am going down to 375 milligrams every 4 hours instead of 500 every 3 hours which is what I was doing. I am finally switching from "not sure" to "worth it" now that I am coherent enough to see results and I am not in so much pain, I love it already and I know it will only get better. I am so happy I choose the surgeon I did, he will not do what you don't need. I do not do well with pain, so the less..the better for me. Alright, time to wash my hair somehow!

I am crying, never have I had a belly that looked...

I am crying, never have I had a belly that looked this good...never in my life. I know I should not be looking yet..my husband is going to be mad when he finds out I took off my binder, but it was only for a minute! New pics.. 5 days post op

On my way to my first post op appointment and...

On my way to my first post op appointment and really hoping to say goodbye to the drains. I also know this could cause more swelling. I notice I am not swollen in the morning but if I eat ANYTHING other than veges, meat, eggs, and fruit..so any grains or I get bloated by mid afternoon and really red and bloated by evening. I wonder why what we eat effects this? I know before the TT though I would wake up not bloated and by end of day would always be bigger in my tummy after eating grains. I follow the Paleo diet mostly which really helps me stay slim, but when i cheat it shows right away. I do not eat any refined sugar, gave that up for good 4 months ago after a life battle of sugar addiction. Honey and agave do not bloat me like white sugar. Anyway, my left eye is dilated and blurry still today. I went to the doc for it 4 days ago and he said it was the nausea path I took off and rubbed my eye. It got better on Saturday but then yesterday it came back, its freaking me out but I figured it must be from not showering and the residue still on my hands and then rubbing my eye. That is all I can think of but trying to stay positive and believe it will go away for good very soon. I will see with the PS says today.

I am very happy to not have the drains anymore,...

I am very happy to not have the drains anymore, and I have almost no pain left. My hips and my belly are a lot more bloated now compared to before you can tell in the new pics where the gauze is on my hips sticks out, that was flat before. I keep telling myself not even to look, it will be many weeks before I can even get a clue of final results. I am fighting the thoughts like, "what if my belly never looks normal again".. Ugh.. Only thoughts and not true. My eye is a lot better today thankfully and I have almost no pain from my surgery, but my normal bladder illness is bothering me.. ugh.

Every night around 6:30 it becomes an itch fest in...

Every night around 6:30 it becomes an itch fest in my body.. my pubic where my hair is growing back and around the incision and where the tape is. Last night I used bendryl ant itch cream and it helped a lot. I put a new pic up to show how much more bloated I am now without drains..I expected it and I know it will pass. I am still thrilled with the results.

I am so excited still, and have basically no pain...

I am so excited still, and have basically no pain left. The worst part now is the swelling, which is worse at night. I find myself freaking out thinking my results are somehow ruined, in the morning I have NO roll sitting by bedtime I have something...Its swelling to be expected..but still annoying. Patience.

I am getting my period in a few days...so that...

I am getting my period in a few days...so that never makes things better! I hope I am swollen, cause I am now not as tight or flat as I was at first... Feeling sad because I liked it better at first and hoping this is not final. How can you tell if its swelling or your just not as tight?? I mean its still way better than before, but I just wish I knew if this was final results. I want to close my eyes and wake up 6 months from now!

This is such a emotional roller coaster! I know I...

This is such a emotional roller coaster! I know I am bloated, but not too bad in am. I just put my pics side by side and I really have nothing to complain about, there is a HUGE difference already. Anyway when I was doing a search trying to find pictures without muscle repair, I could not find much at all. So hopefully this will show up in searches for people. I had a full tummy tuck without muscle repair. This is based on my doctor saying I did not need it once we got inside.

*once HE got inside. lol.

*once HE got inside. lol.

I was supposed to get my period yesterday,...

I was supposed to get my period yesterday, normally I am like clockwork every 28 days. It is day 29 and I have no sign of it. Normally I have spotting before. I HAVE gained 3 pounds this week..I think because of the holidays though. I went off my Paleo diet and had a lot of corn chips, which always makes me gain weight, getting motivated now to get back on my usual grain free diet. I wish it was not SO hard for me to maintain my weight. I have to eat super super healthy to be thin, anytime I eat ANYTHING that is not a vege, fruit or lean meat I seem to gain. I also am not working out right now. See in my pics I have this bulge like thing near my scar..wondering why. I think its scar tissue?

Anyway, anyone else have issues with there menstrual cycle changing?

I have been SO depressed today, and period started...

I have been SO depressed today, and period started tonight. My bloating is massive, I wonder if it bloated like this before the TT but I could not see it under all that skin!

Week 1 - all about recovering. Doing nothing, pain...

Week 1 - all about recovering. Doing nothing, pain bad first three days for me specially drain sites, I can up up to pee right away but its painful, not as painful as c-section. I was made to cough so I would not get pneumonia..this was painful. Emotions were flying all over, had weird crushing/pulling sensation on chest and belly area, cried wondering if it would ever go away. Anxiety attacks at night from pain. Had bad indigestion and weird intestines sensations after eating anything. Husband does everything for me, not sure if it was worth it. Took pain meds on time, seeing cartoon characters from narcotics. Switched to Tylenol on day 3. Had very blurry vision and left eye became dilated and stayed that way on and off until mid week . It was from the nausea patch. Day 5 I was on an emotional high when I put on undies for the first time and loved the way it looked, now I knew all was worth it. Still could not stand up straight week 1.

Week 2- Drains removed on Day 8, thank GOD, all major pain gone after this. I feel a lot more normal. Still having pain all week where skin/tissue was separated up to rib cage, not so much at incision site. Major bloating began after drain removed. PS says I still should be doing nothing but sitting all of week 2, this was hard because I felt so normal. I was finally able to shower at day 9. I think I watched every movie on Netflix this week. I did try to make some of my own meals and do light housework but I would get really tired and very hunched when I did so I stopped. The less I did the less bloated I was. Not as happy as week 1 with results due to bloating. Starting to eat a lot more, indigestion goes away, stopped taking Tylenol. Weight was 116. It was 117 on day of surgery. Standing straight at end of this week, although still hunched by evening.

Week 3- Doc says I still should not be doing much this week, but it was hard not to. Started driving again. Still had pain on mid abdomen from where tissues have to redrape. Have to wear binder under at least week 6. I went to my sons drums concert and put on normal clothes, (not PJ’s) for the first time . I was intimate this week with my husband but it was fast ? No more indigestion and no pain at drain sites. Still tired after doing normal things. Getting a lot more bloated every time I do “too much” which is just normal housework. Have more energy though then week 2.

Week 4: Wondering where my period is, feel like I had PMS for 2 weeks, very irritable and bloated. Holiday and period weight gain, gained 4 pounds, up to 120.5?. Feeling frustrated with myself and have to get back to healthy eating. I thought my motivation would be better for eating healthy but maybe it’s because I don’t see my fat tummy to remind me I need to eat better? My incision looks raised and red this week. My pain is still in mid abdomen, especially when I have done a lot of walking in the evening. Had a two drinks for the first time and noticed I was very bloated the next morning. Wore my jeans with binder underneath. Feeling like I would do the whole thing over again this week, but also wondering when I can be totally normal again. Still do not have the same stamina at presurgery but I think that’s because I am not sleeping as well due to binder. I am finally sleeping on my stomach and side this week! Period finally starts a few days late. Emotions all over, one day I am thrilled the next day I feel like my belly looks huge! Crazy emotions.
I thank ALL you women who have posted your stories, you were MY light during these times!!!!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!! I will post again at week 6! Much love to you all BRAVE women!

Woke up not at all bloated today and to a very...

Woke up not at all bloated today and to a very happy husband! I love the way I look now in stuff that I could not wear before because of skin! I am a few days into my period now, so it WAS my period that was causing all that bloating last week.

I am finally able to wear a bikini..yay.. I am for...

I am finally able to wear a bikini..yay.. I am for sure getting breasts done I have decided at some point..

6 weeks today, it went so fast! I think the...

6 weeks today, it went so fast! I think the holidays helped the time go by. I am very happy with my 6 weeks photos, and cant wait to see how or if it will get better. I am seeing my PS today and I have a lot of redness under my scar still in left side, want to see what he says about that. I would do the whole thing over again, if you are on the fence and are healthy, find a great PS and go for it!

I have a suture that has come up very close to...

I have a suture that has come up very close to surface of skin, that is what the redness is by my incision line. He said it will dissolve on it own but if its pops through skin to cut it off, but do not pull on it. I am not infected at this point so that is good!

I saw my PS yesterday, the left side of my scar is...

I saw my PS yesterday, the left side of my scar is a LOT more red than the right, but it is not hot and he said its not infected but I have a stich coming to the surface, my skin is not open though so I cant get it out.. The risk is infection, kind of like a hang nail.. I am praying I do not get infected!

Not much has changed other than I am VERY swollen...

Not much has changed other than I am VERY swollen this week compared to last. Also left side of scar is very red compared to right still from all the stitches that have come up to the surface but are not coming out.. I really hope I wont need a scar revision, it seems like my scar is a lot thicker now on the left side.

Scar keeps looking more and more red, went to PS...

Scar keeps looking more and more red, went to PS yesterday, he was not concerned its not infected..its opening..this morning I saw a stitch at surface, so I pulled it out. Spitting stitches is what they are termed. I keep antibiotic ointment and tissue over it.

Scar healing fast after I got three 1-2 inch...

Scar healing fast after I got three 1-2 inch stitches out that came up

I just bought my first ever sexy suit at 33 years...

I just bought my first ever sexy suit at 33 years old, but I am still trying to convince myself not to return it, still have TONS of stretch marks, those darn things..all over hips and tummy.. I know I will keep the top. My hubby loves it though, I guess that is all that matters! I can't wait to start working out more.

Although I will keep the sexy one, I still feel...

Although I will keep the sexy one, I still feel more comfy in the more conservative style bikinis with covering the Stretch marks and all.

At 10 WPO: I have no more pain anywhere
When I lay on my side, the skin kind of bulges still.. I do NOT have that sexy curve while laying down on my side without sucking in. I do not know if this is because doc did not do MR, or if its just because I have bad skin elasticity.

I look WAY better than before, but do wish PS would have went around further to get skin off my flanks.

I am 100% happy that I did it, scar is healing better now that the spitting stiches are out. BUT, I do wish I had more of a tight look sitting and laying, but hey I have to take what my body will do!

Almost to 12WPO I have gained 6 pounds since TT...

Almost to 12WPO

I have gained 6 pounds since TT and since last year, I am not sure why but I have been very unmotivated to eat healthy this last month which is weird because I really thought I was going to be even more motivated with the TT, I dont want to ruin it though so I need to get on it!

The pic I posted is of my laying with pants on,...

The pic I posted is of my laying with pants on, the sides sticking out is gross! My PS said I did not need lipo or to have the scar go further around, but I think I did and its obvious by the way this looks. I have gained about 6 pounds since TT but that should not make it look like this, this looks abnormal. Not as happy with my TT compared to other people who got there sides taken care of at the same time.

I am 16 weeks post op, still 6 pounds up from when...

I am 16 weeks post op, still 6 pounds up from when I had the TT. I am getting my period in a few days and kinda bloated this morning in the pics. I am not happy with the scar on the left side, it is widened from all the spitting stitches I had, this is not the PS fault its just something that can happen... a risk that could happen. I will see what he says at my 6 month PO. Overall, still happy I did it..but wish my body did not reject the stitches so much!

It always annoyed me that there are no pics of...

It always annoyed me that there are no pics of anyone sitting after a TT. When I first had the TT I loved the way it looked sitting, very tight. Now, 18 weeks later my skin laxity has stretched again and because I did not get anything done to my sides I do not like the way it looks at all sitting. I still have a roll and I HATE my sides, I just do not know if a full body lift is something I want to do with the scar going all the way around. My PS said Lipo would not help much because its skin, but I may get a few more opinions at my 1 year mark. If you have a lot of stretch marks, most likely you have bad skin and elasticity issues, so expect your skin to stretch as time goes on and things to not be as tight. I am still 4 pounds up from when I had the TT. I am 5'5 and 121 pounds, so not overweight! I am doing p90x and eating healthy but the weight is coming off slow! I posted pics of sitting and standing so you can see even though sitting there is a big roll, once I stand its hard to grab anything. So, if you expect to sit down and have nothing, most likely that will not happen a few months out, unless you get Lipo or something else possibly.

I learned that I should STILL not be judging my...

I learned that I should STILL not be judging my results, last week I put up pics and looked so big and just a few days later I am normal again. It was bloating. Put up new pics of today, just 3 days from the last ones.

I have lost 2 pounds, so 3 more to go..........

I have lost 2 pounds, so 3 more to go........before summer!

Scar on left side still looks pretty bad due to...

Scar on left side still looks pretty bad due to all my spitting stitches.. I have so many stretch marks though I do not care to much, its not like I am going to be showing off that area anyway!

11 months, gained 8 pounds since TT - New pics

My Mom died unexpectedly a few months ago and I am having a very hard time with my diet. I have gained 8 pounds since the TT and it shows. I would suggest not having this done until you are at the weight you will most likely be. Do not get so skinny that it will be hard to maintain. I am still glad I did it and it looks way better but its not what it was before the 8 pounds, its not as tight and is much more pudgy looking now, though still better. I did nothing as far as scar treatment, and I had tons of spitting stitches at about 3-4 months after which opened my scar and widened it a lot on my left side. I moved out of state so I have not been able to see my old PS. Overall still glad I did it, but sad the weight gain is for sure effecting results. I did not have MR though, this might have something to do with it.

more 11 month pics

Still get bloated after eating but I now think this use to happen to be before the TT, and now I notice it more without all the skin

One year

In 6 days it will be one year since had my TT. All I can say is it went by FAST. After about 5 months I basically forgot I had one expect the scars in the mirror and the bloating after eating that I am now sure happened before I had the TT as well but my big belly hid it from me! I am still 100% glad I did it. Even though I do not have the tightness and the lipo look I am glad I did not do lipo because I look natural and flat, exactly what I wanted. I am not happy with the scar, the side where I had a lot of spitting stitches is very wide, but since I still have a good amount of stretch marks left I do not care as much. I am 123 pounds today, 5 pounds more then surgery weight. My belly is still numb between my belly button and my pelivic. Would I do it again? YES.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr G is a perfectionist. Exactly what you want in a PS. He will not try to sell you on things you do not need, and he is very concerned with patient safety. I thought I needed muscle repair, he told me I didn't and he was right. Even the nurses in the hospital told me some of them do not enjoy working with him in surgery because he is SO particular on doing things right that it can take more time! Other nurses in recovery said he is their favorite doc because he is so responsive. He spent a lot of time with me before and answered all my questions. He has been very responsive with all questions I had after. I am only 5 days post op and I am thrilled with my TT already! His office staff is very friendly and helpful!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just came across your review and you look amazing !
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Congratulations on your milestone. You look great! My 1 year is coming up on Jan 28.
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Looking really good!!!
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I think you look great hun :) .... I found it particularly interesting as my ps has told me the same things about skin above my belly button and scar placement ... Still digesting the information and haven't set a date yet, so your story has been really helpful xx
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Looking awesome Soft sexy curves rock it girl!
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Chin-up you look great :) very honest review really enjoyed reading it :D xxx
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Thank you! I have lost 3 of the pounds and I know I will loose the other 3.. Got off track with my Moms death witch is totally understandable.
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Sexy sexy belly! Thanks for always updating your review and posting pics! I am only 3 weeks out :)
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Thanks Amy! You have no stretch marks your results are going to be STUNNING
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I hope I get results like you! I am actually opting out if muscle repair for a quicker recovery! My last Pre op he said my muscles are strong enough anyway that I don't need it! He will be doing lipo on my hips to get me a slimmer look! Like you I suppose ;-) you look great!
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A no swell week? Omg so jealous you look fab!!!
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Yeah finally! This is such a roller coaster with the swelling, my husband said it looked like I got another tummy tuck this week...lol
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I'm 5 weeks PO and I was wondering, when did you stop wearing the CG? When I'm in public I wear spanx now, but at home I wear the CG. When can I ditch them both?
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Hi, I actually wore my binder almost all the time expect at night till about 12 weeks. I just felt more comfortable in it, I noticed when I did not have it on during the day my belly area felt very heavy. Somewhere between 12-14 weeks I stopped wearing it but I did not have MR so that could make a difference.
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Still have to wear my spanx during exercise and day or I get uncomfortably swollen and I'm 5 months
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You look great. I am almost 14 months out and I have never ever regretted my decision to have my mommy makeover. It really does help boost your confidence. Hope to see more pictures. I will try to post some new updated pics.
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I know, I feel like this should be covered by insurance for anyone who has had a baby as well as massive weight loss.. I did not realize how much the extra skin really took on my self esteem, especially in intimate moments with husbnad, I am so much more free now. Never regretted it once, even though it hurt like HELL the first 3-5 days!
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Good going!!
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Omg! Where did you find your polka dot suit? I am eyeing a similar one at jcrew but the top isn't a halter so I haven't pulled the trigger! You look smokin on the bikini shots!
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Thanks:) I got it at modcloth.com
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Ok, thx!
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Your results look great!
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I wonder if its just lipo swelling that takes up to 6 months so glad all has resolved
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So this weekend i bumped into someone that had tt done almost 2 years ago and i was telling her how i felt skinner in dresses before tt even though i'm flat to and i was told that 3 to 5 months are the time we will hate out bodies after a tt. It is because we will swell up and down for a year some maybe less but a year was when she notice everything went away and she began to like her results. So i thought about this all day yesterday and almost googled a tt video just to see exactly what we had done but i chickened out lol. But think about it, they cut us open, seperate the skin with muscles with a KNIFE, yes like we are being filleted lol, stitch up muscles and continue to cut extra skin off. Lots of trauma to our bodies that we (i myself) want to heal and go back to normal fast lol. I was starting to get depressed about my 5lb weight gain and how awkward my clothes are fitting, did i mention how big my butt looks now? So i've decided to eat healthy again, workout and hope that at my one year mark i can write how happy hapy happy i am with how i look. I think for the most part of us woman we are feeling the same way and this is why this site is so great! I do love how my scar is healing and i love, love, love my bb!!! Hopefully swelling will go down for more then a few days and i can enjoy the rest! You look awesome!!! My husband says us woman are to hard on ourselves and others don't see what we are seeing. There is actually a dove commercial about this, it is a must see. Anyway i am rambling but i just wanted to say i think you look HOT!!!
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Oh yeah, I saw that Dove commercial it was super good. I am glad you heard that becuase its SO true for me, since about 3 months till now at almost 5 I am feeling gross and I forgot that bloating will keep coming back for a LONG time, I am also with you in loosing this 5 pounds. Just did day 9 of P90x this morning, I am so proud because I have not worked out like this in a LONG time.. but the scale is not budging just yet, its a little discouraging that I can gain 5 pounds in a few days and it takes a few weeks to leave, so NOT fair. Lets do this together, make a goal, by end of June both of us will have this 5 pounds gone! .
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