I'm 20, I Was Already Told It's Minor Functional and It's Because I Don't Wan't to Regret It Later on in my Life - Lankau, DE

I'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional...

i'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional and it's because I don't wan't to regret it later on in my life, and this is just a week after the surgery, even though it was a functional requirement i was given the chance to choose otherwise, but ended up taking the surgery because of personal cosmetic reasons as well even though my boy friend says i look completely fine and loved the way i look, for the past week i suffered in pain just for the first three days,and here is the untold part, the other side effects i had to go through was severe gastritis issues and throwing up and all that which was a whole mess and so on, and then comes the swelling, it takes at least a week and a half for that to go down and finally its the sensitivity of the lower lip, the entire lower lip and the chin section feels numb and therefore i have a hard time trying to pronounce and otherwise speak,smile, though the swelling goes down i still feel as if its swollen though it looks completely normal even right now and i do understand as said above about being conscious on how you look, yes i currently have that issue because i'm under the impression that how i feel is what i look,for the first few days i hated the whole idea of taking this on regretted it as much as possible and feared any kind of surgery that is to be borne in future and was literally miserable but so as to that i'm up to now satisfied about the surgery and i am on the belief that there is more on the positive effects than the negative.
Thank you for sharing your experience here in the community!  I've read a few others who have talked about lower jaw issues like yours.  Are they still going on, or have they resolved themselves?  Carol jake is still going through it, months and months later, though she's had some minor improvement (from pain to tingling and numbness).  Whereas giants665, another of our community members, is fine now, about a year later.  What was the specific issue that you were addressing with the surgery?  And how long were you in braces?  Are you still?  
as for your questions, im sorry ive not mentioned the specifications of my issue, my major issue was i had an open bite with my lower jaw protruding forward and also shifted towards the right, i didnt have a symmetric face, i was in braces for four years and my dentist tried so many ways to not go in to surgery but fix the issue otherwise but she failed, currently im not wearing braces but my surgeon redirected me to my dentist and she believes i might have to go back with braces just for about 4 to 5 months, but currently i have a new issue, after the surgery i had a perfect close symmetric bite but now due to my facial muscles contracting and wanting the old position of my jaw now i have a slight open bite, my surgeon suggests that the muscles will need time to adjust to the new jaw position. the perfect results will actually be seen after 6 months from now.
Oh my!  I'm sorry to hear about the new issues :(.  Hopefully, this will resolve itself quickly as you recover.  Have they given you any options if the muscle relaxants don't work?  Like some sort of external stabilizing device or the like?

12 days after surgery

up to yesterday i had a perfect bite and today i woke up with excruciating pain that ran through my left cheek and jaw and now i have a slightly shifted open bite and i cant turn or bend my head to the left. my surgeon prescribed me on some muscle relaxants because he thinks its the muscles trying to adjust to their new position and now though the pain is subsiding the bite remains the same, and also my lower lip and chin remains numb and i do have the feeling of, at times pins sticking in, burning and also ants running around and am not able to pronounce and smile properly. i miss feeling my lower lip.

3 weeks after surgery

the open bite is getting worse and the lower jaw is also shifting back to the right..... :( the pain has reduced but the open bite bothers me, my surgeon wants to redo the surgery and replace the lower jaw to its right position again. the mere thought scares me and im supposed to meet my dentist in two more days, I hope she decides not to but anyway it will be my final decision
So sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. Did they use a splint or band you shut at all to try to guide you into your new bite? I hope you can avoid additional surgery.
Hi, they used bands to guide my new bite but seems it didn't work. My surgeon assumes it's the bone it self that has to be moved and repositioned to fix this issue of the open bite, sadly I have to go in for another minor surgery
Are you getting a second opinion?

4 weeks after surgery

My open bites with the shift still continues and my surgeon is confident that he can fix it with another minor surgery which still might take around 4 hours max, my next surgery is set to be done two days from today which in other words will be exactly 4 weeks and 5 days after the 1st surgery. I'm mentally prepared for this upcoming surgery and I think I'm fine because even though through the pain and all that I STILL believe there's much on the positive than the negative. The only thing that I depend on even right now is 'hope'

before photographs

Can't wait to see your after photos, good luck with your recovery :)
Hey thank you...

1week after second surgery

All is well.everything went as .planned.the surgery was successful.Yey!:)
I have a perfect bite,for me it is but I have a feeling that my dentist might say I'll need braces for a few months I'm test to meet her.
The after surgery pain isn't a huge issue cuz I think its really minute compared to what was after the first.I satisfied about the bite.but I'm still concerened about the swelling on my right side which according to my surgeon wouldn't go down and also thinks I might need this special kind of an injection which I'm currently unaware of,its said to loosen a tight muscle and or tissue to bring back the correct shape of the face.anyway I'm releaved and m happy about this cuz the pain is not much of an issue but also I should say I'm very weak due to the lack of food and proper nutrients I'm currently working on nourishing liquefied food

after surgery recovery photos

Hi!! What exactly were the functional problems you were having?
hey, the major functional issue i had was that only the right side of my jaws met each other where as i had over 12 teeth that didn't meet another so it was quite an issue to bite and swallow. braces, pins and elastics for four years couldn't treat it so finally was advised to take the surgery
What a beautiful face!! Sooo attractive! And you are so brave to undergo so much work to achieve a natural bite. Very wise, too, because left untreated, the malocclusion could cause arthritis and terrible painful TMJ. Very best wishes for your future! And thank you so much for sharing your story so that the rest of us can benefit from your experience!!!

3 weeks after second surgery

all was fine until last morning, my lower jaw has moved again, no pain, and i was wearing the bands as advised,my face is swollen again, the misery, depression, frustration and this time ANGER! know what, taking this whole surgery was a big mistake.i regret it and i curse myself for taking that decision.
I have a little over and under-bite..My dentist says it will take 1yr to correct it. I have put on the braces but its so annoying and feeling so down.
hi, if you can get it corrected with only braces, YES pls go through with it, and no, dont worry, within weeks youll get used to it and itll be a minor part of your life and also trust me an year will pass way faster than we think it would, dont worry itll be all fine and its only frustrating the first few days and aslo the few days that the wire is changed. youll be fine in no time, keep up
Considering everything you tried before this surgery, I feel it is unfair for you to blame yourself for choosing to do this.  You made an informed decision based on advice from doctors--I know they did not always agree with each other, but how could you choose between them?  Sometimes we make the right decision, and things still do not work out as we had hoped.  Sometimes the situation is beyond your control at that point (as it was for you) and you have to trust in the doctors' skill.  And sometimes things go wrong even despite the doctors' skill.  

It is fine to regret, and even be angry, and to grieve--but it could have worked, and then you'd have made the right decision.  I don't think your decision-making was the problem.  

I am happy to hear that you are not experiencing pain at this point.  I am wondering what the doctors are saying now, and what your next steps are.  Having a major open bite like you started with (the 12 teeth that didn't meet) is a serious issue that can affect your quality of life.  I would have attempted to get it fixed as well.  Are there any other options at this point, and are you having any side-effects from the surgery right now?

I'm so sorry that you are in this situation right now.

1 month after the second surgery

im so sorry i couldnt keep up to the reviews, so much happened and i was too week to do much of the typing, so here goes,
after my surgeon looked into the reason that this is happening again (the jaw shifting to the right, similarly after the first surgery) he decided it was the muscle thats more powerful on the right cheek that was the reason for all this, so he decided to try 'Botox' (botulinum toxin) to the muscle, here in sri lanka the injecton is quite expensive than in foreign countries and also he decided to give a dosage of 100units, finally i got the injection (mixed with local anesthesia ) and now though its not 100% correct the position of my lower jaw is actually returning to its correct state, i still have a minor open bite and the jaw isnt aligned yet but then again i dont really care anymore, also after i went to meet my dentist she had braces on me again and asked me to wear bands only to the left so that it pulls back the jaw to the left i've included a picture below to show you the effects of botox, the injection for me showed effects within 16 hours its actually miraculous
Thanks for the reply! I think you're really pretty and have a great smile by the looks of your pictures! But I do see were you are coming from because even though with us its only minor but the operation is life changing either for the good or the bad, and thats why I am so undecided because it goes terribly wrong for people but it can go amazing well! It's so scary! And awh thank you! I just don't feel all that pretty that's all. I'll keep you updated in what I decide to do, plus you have been a real big help and I hope you will become more happy with yourself with your appearance because I think you look great!
Hey, I'm in the exact same position you were in right now. My boyfriend says he is perfectly happy with the way i look and so is everyone else including my dentist. They go on to say that I'm a pretty girl and I don't need the surgery massively. But I don't feel pretty, I can't even laugh without putting my hand across my mouth because I'm that ashamed of what the inside of my mouth looks. All my brothers and sister have perfect and teeth and my friends but then there's me. It makes me feel so low. Whenever my dentist tells me I'm pretty enough without perfect teeth, I know she is trying to make me feel better, but I juts break down in tears most of the time because I feel so strongly about it and don't feel beautiful at all. If I feel this low is it worth the surgery? And another thing, did you lose a lot of weight after the surgery because you cant eat as much as you would normally? Thanks Laura
oh... thank you :') .... and yes what ever you choose ill follow your updates.. im glad to be of help, and yes it is indeed scary... good luck and take care

3 moths after the second surgery

well, i still dont feel 'beautiful' im not yet confident enough to go out, party, or even out for classes, i will be going for my second dose of botox in three days, and now my only wish is for this swollen face to subside sigh.......... well still on the bright side :)
Hello all! I've seen this girl happy and all wacky all the time. And she did have hard times, from time to time due to some complications she had. But she always gets better. Every weekend I was kinda afraid that she'll get sick, but the next Monday she turns up okay. She loves to smile. She always did. When this surgery was first discussed and was put to point, she didn't like it. At all! She hates pointy stuff, so needles means NO SIR NO for her. Well, we asked her to consider her options, take doctor's advices into consideration and do what she thinks is right, because at the end of the day, any decisions would've been right. Just the way you got there would've been different. Before I met her she was in braces, for a long time, and when she got rid of them, she was so happy and free. So the idea of a operation would've clearly sent her aback. And even after the surgery, mental stress she had to go through was immense. This wasn't for any "cosmetic" reasons, this was just for her physical well being. After the surgery the recovery was painful, when I first went to see her in the hospital, she covered her face, from nose down, so I wouldn't be scared. (Stupid little girl :') ) She was gorgeous, still she is. She had to go through a lot to come here, when I'm writing this, she had went through her 2nd botox, that made the swelling go away even more. And she is getting her confidence back, but sometimes she still gets down. But it's okay. This is not a thing that happens all the time, and it's okay. What we tried to do is to be supportive to her. Her family, her friends and me. She went through a lot. If you're thinking of getting this surgery, consult the doctor, go for a 2nd opinion, maybe a third. Have doubts. Clear them. And yes, pain will be a part of it. You might not feel like yourself for a while. And I'm emphasizing on the part, "while"! You will be better after sometime. You'll take time, and effort, and you'll be better. Two days ago we went to little gathering together, she was so happy, laughing and jumping around. The girl I was used to. She's getting back there. :') She's strong. Getting even stronger. Even stronger than me. To all the people who're considering this. It's okay. Just make yourselves clear. Do it. It'll be a bit hard afterwards. Be strong, I know that's a kind of a stupid thing to say, "Be strong!". But your loved ones will be there for you. Don't lose hope because of pain. Pain will go away, eventually. You will feel like yourself soon. You'll be happy. Think she's getting there too.
- The guy who was reading these all this time, Hiran.
oh!! :') Hiran! i just have no word thank you baby, for being with me at my worse and even at my best :*

3 and a half months after surgery

i just got my second dose of botox and i think the swelling is going down gradually and the next dose will be in another month
You're beautiful!  It looks like the swelling is gone now?
not really... its not visible in the photograph, and its with makeup on.... hehe... but its much much better now :D
We'll take every improvement! ;) :D.  Hopefully the swelling will be done in the next couple of months.
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