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Squares on my Chest from IPL

I've had sun damage and wanted it corrected. I've...

I've had sun damage and wanted it corrected. I've done ipl in the past and was very happy with it. I'm worried I am permanently scarred with pink squares all over my chest.

I have had ipl several times in the past with great results on both my face and chest for sun damage. I just had my chest done again 3 weeks ago and I have pink squares all over that are very noticeable. Am I scarred or will this go away? Everyone comments on it.
The squares do not go away. I would not take advice from any doctor here. Unless they have done IPL on their face and know first hand the damage. I have permanent squares on my face from IPL. This is 5 years later. How pathetic that MDs are on here spewing information that is absolutely false. People just because they are MDs doesn't mean they are honest or that their word should be taken as gospel. I have yet to see one come forward and admit the damage IPL does. Isn't it enough to read story after story about IPL gone wrong, yet the doctors prefer to think that it does improve skin texture and overall appearance. All the claims that IPL does to improve is actually what IPL causes. So for example, IPL says it can decrease PORE size. Folks, it INCREASES PORE size and stretches the skin. It leaves pock marks, indentations, surface scratches, zig zag lines, hyper pigmentation, FAT LOSS, orange peel texture, the list goes on and on! Please don't throw your money away to have BAD SKIN. You are paying doctors to RUIN your skin. I look forward to the doctor who one day will admit that this needs to be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET. Some serious major class action lawsuits need to happen STAT!
Ahhhh, I like this Tiki... everything you say, Tiki, is basically right out of my mouth. Couldn't have said it better myself. Whenever I hear a medical doctor promoting the IPL I just feel sorry for her/him, because it's sad to live a lie.
My chest is severlyyy damaged from doing an IPL. I have brown lines all over and white patches. My IPL was done over a year ago. Now I don't know what to do to fix it. I woulda rather had my freckles :( Please help

Now it has been a few years since I did this. The...

Now it has been a few years since I did this. The squares are gone but if I even go close getting 5 minutes in the sun, I burn extremely easily and guess what, the squares are back!!! Here is what I should have done but I was banking on the doctor knowing what was right. There are settings from 1-4 in strength. Don't use the highest strength ever! Use the lower setting and if you have done it several times in the past do something else.
I have the squares on my arms and upper shoulder. It's early in the game, just 48 hours, but my skin is sensitive to warm water (shower) and red in areas. I think it s where we were somewhat tan - even though I always wear sunscreen. Hopefully it will smooth over.

I dont mind sharing the doctor if youre in my area. Let me know where you're located.

If I could turn the clock back hands down I'd rather have the damage I had back then as oppose to what I have now.

I highly encourage you not to do IPL.
Go to Yelp and look


I can show you pages and pages of people just like this and WORSE.

You have a choice and you;ve seen so many that have had terrible side effects, please save your face and skin.
There are so many of us that wish we had someone back then to warn us. All I can say is that the damage is STILL coming out on my face 5plus years later. Think before you regret your LIFE decision.

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I am in Jax too and was considering IPL

I am sorry you had such a bad experience, the MDs that are obviously not competent to perform these procedures should be help liable.

Would you mind sharing who did your treatment, or is there someone you know that is has a good reputation?

After reading some of these posts Im really scared to do it at all but have some sun damage I am trying to reverse and though IPL would be what I needed
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