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Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - Springfield, OH

Hi everyone! Finally after browsing this site for...

Hi everyone! Finally after browsing this site for months I'm actually posting something! I intended to start sharing my journey a while ago, but unfortunately I procrastinate. So I'm doing it now! I guess I should add a few details about myself? I'm (newly) 23 years old and in 2011-2012 I lost 150lbs in 15 months. Crazy! Unfortunately, that left me with the dreaded loose skin. So, on January 13th I'm finally getting my tummy tuck and breast lift! SO SOON! I'm so excited and only a little nervous, although I'm sure I'll be more nervous when I actually get there. I'm mostly concerned about how I'll feel after and if I'll like my result. I don't do very well with the unknown, and this is definitely very unknown! I'm just ready for it to all be over so I can start healing! I added some pictures of how I currently look. But, of course, don't get used to me looking like that. Four short days! :)
Good luck my dear...
wow, what a tremendous weightloss! how did you do it? best of luck! i'll be interested to see how it goes for you!
Gemstars you will do just fine, relax. In no time you will be just like the rest of us wondering why we waited so long to have our TT.Just read up on the tips like cooking a few meals ahead and freezing them, invest in some comfy stretchy sweat pants, and stock up on Phillips stool softeners.(trust me you do not want to strain having a b.m.for a while!) any way, relax take care of yourself and check in with these wonderful ladies here often. Good luck!

More Before Pictures

Here's a few more before pictures that didn't show up in the last post. Hopefully they do this time!
i wish you a great surgery! cant wait to see the results!!!
Wow ! Tremendous weight loss !! Congrats !! And please do tell on how you lost si much weight! You must be so happy. Well hope all goes well :) God bless
Good luck... Looking forward to following your journey!!

One more day!

Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your nice comments. Your support is much appreciated! I get to spend today drinking mag citrate and cleaning myself out for the big day tomorrow! I started my period yesterday, of course. The second/third day is usually the worst, so that should be fun to deal with during surgery. Something else to worry about! I'm still not too nervous, but I'm not really thinking about it either. I'm excited to finally be done! I'll keep you all updated! :)
Grats on the weight loss! I lost 110 lbs and your tummy looks like mine. What was your pre-op weight and your height?
Thank you! I'm 5'6" and weigh 165.
oh very exciting. cant wait to get updates on your progress! best of luck to you!!

Finally Done!

Finally done! Today was great! Who would have thought I'd say that? I thought as soon as I arrived at the surgery hospital I'd be nervous, but i wasn't even slightly nervous the entire time! The surgery took five hours and I was in recovery for four. I would have been in recovery for less time, but I got really nauseous (from the anesthesia or the Vicodin on a mostly empty stomach) after I walked to the bathroom. It was terrible! I was shaky and really pale and had to be taken back to my area in a wheelchair where I cried for like 20 minutes. Throwing up is a huge irrational fear of mine and adding the fear of it being painful on my stomach made it worse. I was given some Zofran finally managed to get dressed and made it home. I'm pleased so far! My PS told my parents I didn't need my muscles repaired and I didn't need a drain! I'm feeling pretty good right now which worries me a little. I'm waiting for it to get worse! I'm pretty much able to stand up and sit down by myself. Sitting on the toilet hasn't been too difficult either. All of those leg days gave me practice of bracing myself and sitting slowly. ;)
My stomach is tight and my breasts are very tender, but all is well for now and hopefully it stays that way! :)
yay for you!!! have an awesome recovery! cant wait to see the results!
You look fantastic! Glad you lucked out on the muscle repair! Wow! That's the worst part!!!!!!!!! Happy healing!!
I was so excited that I didn't need muscle repair! Another PS I went to said I'd definitely need it, so I was pretty surprised! And no drain! I'm really happy about that too :)

Post-Op Day Two!

Day two has been pretty good! I hate to say it in fear of jinxing myself, but
I really haven't had much pain. I just kind of have a stiffness pain? Moving my left leg causes the left side of my stomach to hurt, but moving the right leg is fine. My breasts are very tender still. Like if my hair touches the top of them, I can really feel it. It's actually pretty strange.
My binder isn't too uncomfortable. I don't think I'm able to take it off until I see my PS on Friday. I'm anxious to see where my tummy tuck scar is! I've tried to find it, but everything is covered pretty well.
My main annoyance is not being able to stand up straight! I feel like every time I stand I get a little more hunched over. But I know it will get better, I'm just impatient.
I hope you're all doing well! I appreciate the support from all of you! :)


The last update is post op day one, not two. I'm getting ahead of myself! :)
Congrats and happy healing hun! Can't wait to see ur results!
Thank you! I can't wait either! :)

Now it's post-op day two!

Everything is still going well. I still don't really have any pain. I just feel stiff and every now and then my incisions burn a little. I'm still walking and sitting/standing well. I'm so excited! I really thought this would all be way worse than it is. The worst part about today is that I have a migraine. I get them pretty frequently so I don't think it's surgery related. I normally take Excedrin for them, but it interferes with my Vicodin, so that's out. It's a little annoying, but I'll take that pain!
My post-op appointment isn't until Friday, which I am getting very anxious for! I can't wait to see what I actually look like. I still have what I used to look like in my mind, but hopefully it's a little different than that. :)
I hope your post op appt went well and you saw what you were waiting to see. I'm sure you are happy with your results. Keep taking it easy. You are doing great.
Tomorrow is going to be so fun!!! You will see your beautiful tummy!!!
I am scheduled for a tummy tuck, and breast lift in four short weeks, and I am terrified of the breast lift! I can't wait to see your results! I've had two C-sections, so I'm not so worried about the TT…..but the thought of someone cutting in my breasts gives me the heebie geebies!

PO Day 6

Hi everyone! :) I've been doing well and not so well. Walking and standing is still good. I don't feel like I'm getting any closer to standing up straight, but everyone else seems to think I am. I never really had any pain! The best part! Every now and then the left side of my tummy tuck incision burns a little when I walk. Other than that, I think it's been controlled well.
My first PO appointment was on Friday. I was so excited and so terribly let down. At the appointment my PS just tore all of my tape and gauze off, told me I could shower (all of my stitches are inside, did I mention that before? The outside of my incisions are covered with adhesive), and put my binder back on. A little disappointing as I drove an hour in really snowy weather just for a five minute appointment. I was excited to get home and take pictures to post, and that's when everything went horribly. I took the pictures and was immediately discouraged by the swelling. (Well, HOPEFULLY it's swelling.) My thighs were enormous and the swelling above my incision looked huge. This just resulted in me not posting anything and feeling very sad for the next couple days.
Most of Friday and Saturday was spent randomly crying all day about how horrible I look. I was never able to do "processes" well, and this is definitely a process. I like immediate results and I'm obviously not going to be getting that, so it's hard for me to handle. A mix of that, not being able to sleep how I want to/for long periods of time, and really not being able to do anything left me super sad. I think not being able to workout is a factor in this as well. Not only does it make me feel better, but I just feel like I'm sitting around gaining weight all day. Ugh.
I finally got some more sleep last night and am feeling a little better. I'm trying to be more optimistic even though I'm not totally loving how I look right now.
I think my main concerns are:
My bellybutton. I have no idea how it's ever going to look natural.
The swelling on my sides above the incision. Is that even swelling? Or is that just how it's going to look? I have no idea.
New(?) stretch marks under my breasts. They're bright red and super noticeable. I was already unfortunate enough to have stretch marks above my bellybutton, opposed to under, so they just got moved down instead of cut off. Now I get extra? :(
The incisions on my breasts are enormous. I really hope they'll fade well.
But! Among all of the negatives, I am happy with my tummy tuck scar placement. It's low, as I had hoped, and I am able to hide it pretty well.
Hopefully things start to get better. I'm trying not to be too discouraged as it's only PO day 6, but it's hard.
Sorry this is so long! I hope you're all doing well! :)

One More Picture

Forgot the side view. Almost flat! :)
Hope your doing well ✨✨✨
Sound like you are on the emotional roller coaster I spoke of on my blog. I am sorry to say that the recovery is all a process. There will be days when we have swelling and days we don't. Just give it time. Did your doctor recommend taping or scar therapy? About your belly button. It has swelling also, give it some time and it will start to look normal. I was concerned with mine too and it looks more normal now. Keep taking it easy. Watch your salt intake, that will help with the swelling.
It is hard being patient! Just Try and focus on getting rest and know that each day does get easier. It's normal to be emotional, especially when you're trying to imagine what your end result will be! Keep your chin up. I'm sure you're going to look amazing. Congrats on the weight loss!

Day 12 - Doing Much Better!

Hello! I am very happy to say I am doing much better. Being able to shower and get out of the house really helped make me feel like a normal person again. :)
I had my second PO appointment yesterday and I am doing well. I can officially use a treadmill! That's not even sightly as much as I want to be able to do, but I'll take it. Hopefully that will help me feel better about eating and sleeping all the time! I'm able to sleep in my bed now as well, but not physically able. I really want to and really try, but it's still to uncomfortable for me. :( I've gotten used to the recliner and am sleeping better in it though, so I guess it could be worse.
I don't go back to work for another week. I took three weeks because I was sure I'd need it, but I feel like I could go back already! Being able to work will help with that "normal person" feeling, so I'm pretty excited.
I don't think I realized it before, but my incisions look so dark because of the dried blood under the adhesive. Now I'm anxious for it to all peel off so I can see how the scars are going to look!
I see subtle changes from the my day 4 pictures and day 12 pictures. A lot of the swelling seems to have gone down, especially (and thankfully!) in my thighs. I was starting to worry about them!
I think that's all I have to update for now. I am doing much better! Thank you for being so supportive! :)
Where are u!!??? Hope u r doing ok!!?
Hi! I am doing much better! Thanks for being so supportive. :)
I'm so glad!!! It sounds like you are having the same problems readjusting to sleeping in the bed as I am... I have noticed that if I really tighten just my small waist binder I don't feel like my insides are going to fall out while laying on my side. Ha gross! Take it easy missy!

Finally updating! :)

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Every time I thought about posting something, I ended up putting it off. I've been busy getting back to work and working out! But I'm finally here! :)
Everything is going very well and I am very happy!
At about 4 weeks PO I was about to stop wearing my binder and my PO bra and I was able to start exercising again! (Unfortunately. I totally got used to using the "I'm not allowed to workout" excuse! :D)
My incisions/scars are looking great and all of the glue finally came off. A couple weeks ago, the right side of my TT incision got really hard and swollen. The whole area was red and was leaking a lot of fluid from three different spots. I've had to keep gauze taped on it since then just so the fluid wouldn't get on my clothes. It's finally gotten better and I'm down to keeping gauze just on one of the spots that's still leaking a little. I'm not sure why that randomly happened, but I'm glad it's getting better. I thought it'd look horrible forever!
My right breast has a spot at the end the horizontal (the one under the breast) incision that keeps opening. It healed well to begin with, but then opened, healed, and now were back to open again. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, but it never looks too bad and never hurts, so I'm not too worried about it.
I'm so amazed at my scars! All of them! They're 100 times smaller and better looking than I never imagined! They're just little lines! I love them. :)
Overall, I am very happy and still surprised it's all gone so well. So excited! :)
I'm not sure if I left anything out.. so much has happened, yet nothing really at all lol.

Forgot one!

I'm so glad to hear from u!!! I was worrying! Your scars are looking good!!! When was the last time u saw your PS?
Thank you! :) I last saw my PS on February 7th and don't go back until sometime in May.
Wow lucky you!!! What does he say about the bunching of the scar on the side? I wonder if it is a dog ear? If so he should fix it at no cost to u
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