Tummy Tuck After Three Years of Waiting! - Springfield, MO

I have been waiting for today for three years....

I have been waiting for today for three years. Today I got to book my surgery. Its sept 16 2013 which is in two weeks in Springfield MO, with DR Rosellen Meystrik. I am getting a full tummy tuck with some liposuction of the flanks. I will upload before pictures in a few days. Crazy excited! I have an over the phone pre op appointment soon.

Getting Nervous

I am starting to get nervous. I have one week left. I am really excited too. I keep wondering if a year or so after this surgery if people see my stomach will they know I had this surgery? Will my belly button ever look normal? I know I will be happier either way, but the mind tends to wonder.

my before is here. I have two more days before my surgery.:

Before Pictures

surgery in t minus 11 hours.

I just got done getting my clothes ready. I am little scared about the pain, I have my husband around to help. I have to be at the hospital at 9, and surgery at 10. Wish me luck. I will try to post picture s tomorrow.

It has happened, finally!

I had my surgery yesterday. I got brief look at my stomach, but I was to drugged to remember what I saw. I am excited to see even with the binder on, my stomach looks
Super flat. Post op pictures coming soon

1 day post op

Here Is a picture of 1 day post op. It hurts really bad. But it already looks really good.

1 days post op


really hurting

I am really hurting alot today. When I get up to go to the bathroom it feels like I have been ripped open. I am taking all my meds. But the pain is close to hell.

day 2 post op

Still hurting.

had my follow up appointment this morning

It was kinda a rough start, I haven't eaten much and with pain meds but my stomach is pretty upset. It sucks having gas pain when u really cant push it out. The doctor said everything looks great and she thinks I am healing really well. I think my result is far better than I even asked for. Dr Meystrick is the best doctor. She gave me a smaller binder so I dont have the top and bottom bunched up. I am in pain but happier than I could image.

laughing isnt funny anymore

Laughing is the worst thing u can do. I am visiting family and we were talking about old times and laughing hurts more than anything I have done. I will take pic tomorrow and update.

feeling okay

I am feeling okay. I got in my second shower today. I was able to take this one alone. I went the whole day with no meds but I was hurting. I am trying to wean off meds. My sides where I got lipo is really swollen. I am was able to go the bathroom today for the first time. It sucks because I cant push. I took some laxative and it helps alot. I have not messed with my incisions. The tape is still go good and I have ordered some silicone strips for later. I cant wait to sleep on my stomach again.

Swollen and a nervous

I am pretty swollen. My scar is alot higher than I wanted. I don't know if it being swollen is pulling it up. I tried on a few swim suits and none of my scar is covered. My doctor seems like she is the type to help so maybe the is a fix. I have a follow up in two days. I will let u know.

really happy so far

I have alot of swelling still, but I am starting to see what it will look like. I still have trouble sleeping, and when I have been sitting down for a while it take a good min to get to where I can stand up straight. I am getting there.

Super swollen

I know i have been over doing it some. But I gotta get back to work. I called and left a message with my nurse. I have been feeling really run down these last couple of days. I hope everything is good.

Talk to the doctor today

I called to ask about my swelling. She said I have being up and walking around to much. So I guess I have over doing it. I gotta slow down and take it easy.

Scar placement

Now that my swelling has gone down quite alot. my incision is still high to me. I tried on swim suit and it shows, but i undertand I wear a low cut swim suit. However I tried on a pair of my jeans and my scar shows, right where the hip bones are. I am not happy with that. I feel like for the money that should have been a given. I talked to my surgeon before the surgery and she said she should have no issues getting it underneath my underware at lease. It half an inch higher than that in some places. I am going to call and set up a appointment.

one month post op

Springfield Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable about the subject. Seen past results and was very impressed. I could not be happier with results. The doctor and her team were most helpful. I would tell anyone local, its worth it. Call Dr. MEYSTRICK you wont regret it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How are you doing? How is the swelling doing?
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You look amazing!!!
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Hey u look great im 4 weeks post op too n we look pretty similar in shape I hope I can still hear how u heal.im still swollen too lol n I also wonder how the last look will be take care ur got awsome results
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You look awesome! I am also a "victim" of swelling lol but I'm only 1 week post op so I have a long way to go! We will both have to stay positive! :)
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You look terrific! You must be happy with your results!
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I'm tired too, just allow myself to rest when I want. I've been hungry all the time, no matter how good I eat. So worried I'll gain a crazy amount of weight!
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Hi our surgery was the same day! Your waist looks so tiny, and will still improve, Just 3 weeks today....I'm quite long winded with my blog, and have just posted lots of side by side pictures.i also have swelling but am totally thrilled I'm an older gal...60 but still the best thing I could of done was to get my TT & come to the Flat Side....(((hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
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You look good!
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I think you look great. I have a consultation appointment with Dr Meystrik on Nov 5. I am sooooo nervous.
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She was pretty quiet the first appointment. She just listens to what you are wanting, and then she will explain all about the procedure. I couldnt be happier with results over all. She is the only doctor I will ever go to for any kind of surgery. I am glad u found her. Good luck
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That makes me feel a lot better. Congrats again!
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You're body is ging to be amazing. Sucks about the pain. Happy healing.
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I am scheduled to have a tt on Oct 1. I'm really nervous. What would you say causes the most pain? I have heard some say the flanks from the lipo was the worst. Also have seen where people were saying they couldnt breathe.
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My lipo did not bother me. My back and not being able to sleep is the worst part. If I was just sitting still I had no pain. I am really excited for u. Keep me posted.
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you look beautiful sweetheart sorry your suffering so much hope you heal quick x
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You look awesome!
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Oh. I forgot to tell you, you look great! You will get smaller and smaller too as the months go by.
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Oh man do I ever remember the pain of the first week. omg! I'm with you girl. I went through this last may. Now I'm gonna do it again. I'm having my mini revised maybe into a full tt or partial full next thursday. 9/26/13. I forgot about the pain though. It's like giving birth. You say never again and then here you go again. I hope this is it for me. I'm also redoing my ba. I'm going smaller and getting a lift. I'm a glutton for pain I guess. I hope it's not as bad as last time. Hope you feel better. I wish we could all go through this pain free. Wouldn't that be something!
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You liok great
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Keep up with your pain Meds ... I have seen some ladies have an alarm set to remind them ... Sty positive an think of the outcome
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What's your pain level?
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Congrats post pics for us I'm anxious
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I am sure you look great. Congrats. take care of yourself while you recover and let everyone do everything for you. Please don't overdo.
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Good luck sugar you will be just fine xx
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