Very Nervous Advice Please - Springfield, MO

I am going in july 18 for my a 34...

I am going in july 18 for my a 34 a barely. i was to go to a full b cup since i am so thin i do not want to look unnatural..i am very scared to get them done vecause id gate for something to go wrong and have to get them out spend extra money plus have worse boobs than before or be scarred..not sure what to do!!


Need second opinion thinking about backing out.reading about how ppl have issues with tgem like sharp psin in chest fungi growing on implants.idk wht to do. id hate to get them and get sick lots of ppl gave
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Glad to see you are getting some great community feedback! Here are some questions to ask your PS during your consult. Be sure to show your PS photos of your wish breasts from other thin women to give your PS a better idea of what look you are seeking. Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf!

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My consult is july 18th at 2:45! :) super excited!
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not sure

Not sure anymore reading stories of ppl who have got sick from implants is that worth the risk ???


I am worrying more than anything i get my money next month on the fifth will schedulecsurgery if ready for the following queations i look at are how do iknow a? what if god punishes me for all
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The bad ive done and i dont wake up or w.e i have many thought and what about complications woth my implants ive heard tgere r many.what abour reoperations and getting cut open again. is tht worth the risks i question a lot? Anyone have u had tgem n had issues? also i thinka lot like sure im insecure about my boobs if i get them then i will b obsessng over somethinh else.idk what to do tho id love boobs i wonder if i will regret
best advice i could give is go with what you feel comfortable with.... some (not all) surgeons feel they will do whatever they want regardless of the size you agree on (this was in my case with my original surgery (too big and they bottomed out and stretched my A cups.... my 2nd surgeon (different one) i had to get a "small lift" he was insistent that he may not be able to get me below a D cup (I was a DD witht he 550/600cc implants) I assured him there was NO WAY my own tissue is a D cup, esp if he did a lift, and i wanted a 400cc mod plus, I was adamant and he wanted me to be sure and I was... when i came out of anesthesia first thing i asked was what size did he use and I was told 300/340... WHAT?? ughhh i was SOO pissed, and i still am.... you can't even tell i have an implant in, they are not round or projection is not great, although one of my implants is still setting up high. I am 3 months post op from my lift and revision implants....
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