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I think I've read what sounds like my own story...

I think I've read what sounds like my own story several times on this site. I'm 5'8" 140 lbs and very athletic. After breast feeding my two kids I went from a small B to barely an A cup. After a divorce and an unhealthy relationship, my self-esteem wasn't do good. When I finally decided to get the implants, I had been in an on-and-off relationship and we were currently off-again. I was ok with that and I told myself I was doing this for me, not someone else. One of my cycling friends had just had hers done and she loved them. Well that sealed the deal for me and I went and got some too. I was so intimidated by the whole thing and wasn't informed at all. I asked for a full B and ended up a full D and they were over the muscle. The Drs always know best, don't they? Ugh. I've always felt just ridiculous in my cycling jerseys or running shirts and even worse in a swimsuit. The parting words of my PS were something to the effect of "you can never just take the out. You'll always have it have implants or you'll look terrible". Nice, huh? I ended up marrying the on-again/off-again guy about 4 mos later and he's been a wonderful husband. With his support I finally decided I would spend the money and get smaller implants. That's when I came across this site and discovered I could just have them removed. It was as though I had won the lottery - I was so excited! I waited a couple days to tell my husband of my great news just to make sure I wasn't going to change my mind after sleeping on it. He was pretty supportive and assured me he loved me for who I am, not just for my boobs, and that he knew I was just going to do what I wanted to anyway so he may as well get on board, haha. That was about 6 weeks ago. I had three consults set up, hoping for a PS who would do it under local anesthetic and leave the capsules in since there is nothing wrong with them and I hate anesthesia. The capsules are thin and soft (there are ripples everywhere). The second PS was the one I considered the most experienced and he gave me the option for a local but informed me of the other options as well. He said he could tell pretty quickly that my mind was made up, so he didn't try to talk me out of it. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor so I don't think many PS would have.
Well this is getting long! I canceled the third consult and went with Dr Price.
I haven't had any second-thoughts at all but I'm not ruling out an emotional breakdown at some point, haha.
So this morning was the big day. My appointment was at 9:00 am and I was in my car an hour later. I didn't need a driver since it was just a local, but my husband insisted he be there and I was grateful for it. The PS went through my original inframammary incision but excised the scar so that it wouldn't be extra thick. My original scars are thin, flat, and white. Thanks to the zillion pictures I looked at (thanks ladies) I was pretty prepared for what I would look like right after and it was about what I expected. Wrinkled and flat!
So it's been 7 hours and I'm doing well. I have zero pain on the left side but some discomfort on the right. I took some Tylenol and I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad. I would really like to avoid the painkillers. I can shower tomorrow and will take pictures then. Thank you so much to all the wonderful women on this site who shared their stories and pictures!! Writing a review and sharing pictures is soooo not me, but I knew I had to just suck it up and do it. I feel like I owe it to all those who went before me and helped me immensely. I hope it can help someone else.

Post-op Day 1 pictures.

It's been three days now. Had very little pain- really just some discomfort the first day on one side and I took some Tylenol. I don't have anything over my incisions and they don't hurt unless I were to push on them. I've been using an ace wrap with a Genie bra over the top so I look like a ten yr old boy. That made it kind of tough to get dressed and go shopping with my daughter the next day.
So they really do look a little better in pictures. My upper pecks stick out farther than my boobs. I took more pictures on day 2 but they look about the same. Haven't looked yet today.

First day back to work

Ugh! Good thing I wasn't really expected back today because I got there really late. I had a heckuva time getting dressed. I don't have to be wrapped anymore, just a sports bra. The problem is my Genie bra which was fine to go over the ace bandage does not feel tight enough by itself. I probably just need a size smaller. I kept trying different options with sports bras I had but its back to the store for me. Right now I've settled on my new Handful bra with has nice pads and looks cute. It will be fine later when I don't need as much compression, but the pads are removable and are quite useful inside whatever sports bra I will use.

Seeing a little improvement

It's not much, but I think I'm finally seeing a little improvement. The left side is still bigger, but I think they are filling in a little towards my sternum. And more importantly, when I bend over, they looks like breasts, not wrinkly little bags of pebbles. Yay! The air bubbles I've had on the right side I think may be gone. I know it's normal if you don't have drains, but it feels really weird. I'm having more discomfort than I have so far. Not incisional pain, more generalized, maybe just premenstrual. Hopefully it's the breast tissue that's been squished to the sides, falling back into the area where it belongs.

10 days post op

I've added a picture only because I know we all want to see them, haha, but I'm struggling to see any changes. I'm feeling mostly recovered at this point and I'm eager to get back to doing some real exercise. I don't know if running will be the first thing I try though. It seems no matter how tight the compression bra is, I feel too much movement in the nipple area. I guess everything is just too jiggly right now :) maybe that 3 week mark will be the ticket. That's my next appointment.

3 weeks out...

I saw my PS yesterday for my follow-up appointment and he cleared me of all restrictions and doesn't need to see me back unless, of course, something were to change. That is great news! The not so good news is that he said I have fluid in my left breast which explains why it has been bigger than the right since the explant. He isn't worried about it and said it will just reabsorb in time. I'm just bummed because I kind of liked that side. Oh well. The difference in size is enough that I think it would have made it a little tough to find a bra to fit right.
The swelling does make me a little concerned about starting running again though. I mean, I really don't want to turn it into a problem, but I really need to get back to some running. Its going to be hard enough starting up again after 3 weeks!
I'm going to continue wearing sports bras until the swelling is gone. Besides, it just feels better and I don't want to waste money buying bras that aren't going to fit later anyway.
Other than that, I have to say that I'm a much happier person overall. My husband even noticed and said something a couple weeks ago. I told him I think I've just been rather cranky for the last 12.5 years, haha. I got the BA thinking it would make me feel more confident and better about myself, but all it did was make me feel self-conscious and like a fraud. I think I never got to where I could "own" the big boobs.
Even though it is taking some time to adjust to the new/old me. I feel that when I look in the mirror now, what I see matches the picture in my mind's eye. I believe I have a much better chance at learning to "own" my real, small boobs.

3 week pics

They look about the same. Maybe a little smaller. I think the skin has retracted a bit - they don't seem to "hang" quite as much.
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Price and his staff are great. I was very comfortable with him and everyone was very nice and professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So in your opinion.what was the scariest part of being awake during the explant? Mine is next week..Sept 11
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I don't remember being scared so much as anxious/nervous/excited. I was so ready to be rid of the implants, but like everyone else, a bit nervous about how I would look. I'm not exactly the squeamish type though (except for stuff with eyes - that really gets me). I've honestly been much more nervous with dental procedures. There really was no pain with this, seriously. You will be fine :) Just one week to go!!
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That's my 25 th wedding anniv :) my explant 17:09:2013 week after xxx good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Thanks...and happy anniversary. .my birthday is the 16 th
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We both have new life pressies then ~ happy b'day xxxxxxxxx
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They gave me a valium beforehand. The scariest thing obviously is when he makes the incision into the capsule-just worry about feeling pain. The minute I felt a little something, he injected more lidocaine and I was fine. You feel pressure because they have to push hard to get the implant out of the capsule and kind of reach in to get it out. Other than that, you shouldn't feel anything and recovery is easy....unless you get a complication like I did. Of note, I just saw a interventional radiologist to drain my breast (12th time). He told me if you do develop fluid it will keep coming back until the capsule is removed. So now i'm looking at another 5000 dollars to get this fixed. He also said he is seeing a lot of women coming in now because they have hard marble like lumps from getting fat transferred into the breast. It makes the mammogram abnormal and then he ends up doing unnecessary biopsies. Good Luck next week!
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You look lovely and running will be so much easier without the big boobs- I'm the same I've never owned the implants ! So looking forward to being explanted 17:09:14 - thank you sharing & I hope yr doing good x
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Thank you! That first run was just awesome. I felt so light and free! I probably look like a crazy person because I think I was smiling the whole time, haha. Good luck to you!!!
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Oh sounds life you have your life back ~ I'm Excited - I've stopped running because it hurts with cc and cycling because I'm so fatigued .... So glad your doing good it gives us ladies in waiting real hope xxxx
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Your skin retracted beautifully - congrats on making the decision! And thank you for sharing your story - it really helps!
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Thank you! I've really been meaning to update, although there haven't been any big changes. There's been a bit more retraction, but I don't know if it would be noticeable or not. Guess I'd have to post a picture to compare :)
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Wow! Amazing, I had no idea I didn't need to go under general anesthesia and I keep getting quoted over $3500. I'm a single mom and student and desperate to have my 500cc implants removed. I have pain in my chest and numbness in my right arm and hand. $500 is absolutely within my price range. I'll contact your PS today. Thank you for your post and keep posting.
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Hi, congratulations on your result and thank you for sharing your story. Can I ask you what size implants you had; I think my shape and size were probably similar.
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Hi msprincess! Mine were 350cc and yes, I think you look very similar to what I did. I'm quite happy with my results, but then I never liked having the implants as I thought they were too big for me and too obviously fake with how they looked and felt. I wish you luck with your decision.
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Hi FlatnHappy... hope you are doing well-- haven't heard back from you. I have an appt with Dr. Price but thinking to cancel since he will only do my silicone explant under general. I realize not every issue can be blamed on the implants or like my left jaw being sensitive since being intubated, but I am athletic too & always healthy before having BA. . Anyway that is why I had asked you if you had noticed any other health issues besides the "cranky"??? Thanks if you get this message & have a moment to respond.
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I am so sorry! I got the email notification but didn't have time to respond and then got busy and forgot all about it. My implants were saline and the capsules were very thin so based on what I had read I didn't think they would need to be removed. I do have some other health issues (sensitivities to grains, soy, and dairy) that began about 4 years after I got the implants, but of course I don't know if it was caused by the implants. I think the majority of the health issues are in women with silicone implants - at least the most severe health problems. Of course you can take that with a grain of salt since I haven't exactly done any reaearch other than reading reviews on here. I don't know if yours are leaking, but I don't think they can always tell until they get in there. If I was having all the health problems that you are and had silicone, I think I would want all of it out, including the capsules. I hope this helps some and again, I apologize for taking so long to respond.
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@ FlatnHappy Hi, I read that you had your implants for 12.5 years & just wanted them out mostly because too large? The reason I'm asking is because I've had my silicone implants for 5 years & have had increasing health issues that began with tinnitus & skin disorders, etc, & now I'm just sick all the time with sore throat & allergies (ears still ringing) & very fatigued. I know it's from the implants (was totally healthy & athletic all my life).. Anyway, I was told that to be fully rid of the toxicity, I would need to have the capsule removed as well (?) But you said (concerning yours) that "there was nothing wrong with them" So how could you tell? I too hate anesthesia (being paralyzed & put under) - which gave me jaw issues from the intubation.
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You only paid 500 since he did it while you were awake?
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Yes. Just local anesthetic, no capsule or scar tissue removal, through the same crease incision used for my BA.
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Thank you, I was wondering if this was a possibility. I know I need a lift too but that will have to be in the far future.
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You're results are great! How in the world do you keep your stomach so flat?!
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Thank you for your nice compliment. Am I reading your story right? Your surgery is TOMORROW? Good for you! You have lots of ladies pulling for you so please keep us posted. We're all waiting for you here on the "other side". :)
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Thank you! I think it must look better in pictures, lol. Lucky for me I've always had a fairly flat stomach and I really like to exercise. I've had to do much more core work the last 5 years or so to keep from getting hurt.
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I owe you a big "THANK YOU"! Your story and pics in particular gave me the confidence to go ahead with my surgery. I think you look fantastic and reading about your journey alleviated alot of my fears. I had my surgery almost a month ago and I'm so glad I did it. Here's to being real. Good luck to you and thank you again!!
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Thank you! Its nice to know I have helped someone else with their decision to explant. Its really one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Congratulations to you! You look great and are really recovering well. Its hard to believe you had the implants for that long.
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