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I am 5'4 127 pnds 34 B cup before the...

I am 5'4 127 pnds 34 B cup before the operation my left breast was almost a cup size bigger then my right . I also had slight sagging in both breast . My PS said I could have a slight lift with augmentation to lift a little more but opted not to till after augmentation to see the results then later go and do a small lift after they settle if need be. Because eventually they will sag a little anyway in time of course. My PS said the plus profile adds more projection to give me little lift and more fuller look but of course augmentation does not lift your breast it makes them bigger I chose 350cc implants fill L 370cc R 425cc "WOW" I am so Happy now 34 D so far still lots of settling

My advice is to do lots of research and study for yourself and make sure your doctor's credentials are American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and then some and experiance and also remember the complications that can possibly happen no matter what and everybody's body is different and anything can happen it not being the doctor's fault remember also it is an up keep on your body that you will have to have surgery again maybe several times in future to maintain and get check ups regular to make sure your breast are healthy and beautiful.

Also make sure you follow doctors orders to the T for the best results and try new clothes on after your recovery time bra's etc because size definitly changes everyday I'v noticed.

I am patiently waiting myself can't wait till my recovery time is over so I can take this surgical bra off and get some cute sexy bra's to wear only 2 wks post op.Good luck to you all ! I will post my photo's asap


Good job, can't wait to see your results! I have sim stats and a full cup bigger as well, I did get the lift on the one breast at the same time though. Are you going to still get the lift? did the asymmetry get fully corrected from the aug?
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Thanks so much for sharing your story here on RealSelf. Your advice is great, as well. I'm sure it'll help lots of other women considering breast aug! Keep us posted on how you're feeling as you heal. And happy bra shopping!

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You are about my size in weight, height and breasts. Looking forward to seeing photos.
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3 more day's and I will be 3 week's post...

3 more day's and I will be 3 week's post op Yeah! I visited with my PS on Friday and so far everything is Great I am going ahead and having a loli pop lift done in about a month so looking foward to that not not excited about surgery but excited about results lol :)


You look great!
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Thankyou So much So far so good ! Is that a your picture with you kids if so you all are beautiful as well I am a mother to and he is almost 3 years old and that was the one thing I was worried about before the surgery is not being able to pick him up but almost 4 wks now and Thank God for my husband being mommy for awhile he's doing pretty good it is kinda funny to watch him though because us mothers can be doing 50 things at one time and be ok but , Sorry guy's but some get a little frazzled doing everything lol :) Thankyou Take care.
Thankyou Yes the BA helped alot with the size differance now they are the same size "Yeah" but they are still needing a small lift so I am having a lift called the loli pop done in a month hoping that will do the job. I do have a picture with my posting of my real self name in the hot pink tank top but hopefully I can get more uploaded this site is awsome tool to learn from is'nt it I think its great! Have a Great Day :)

The swelling is subsiding and starting to feel...

The swelling is subsiding and starting to feel alot better adjusting to the new size and now feeling like my self the first couple of weeks are different I think for me recovering in genral from surgery and being on medication so far doing great highly recommend this to anyone wanting to feel better about there body!


After looking at your photos, and others as well to compare.....I had silicone,round smooth, high profile, 475 left 500 right under muscle and I must say the saline has a larger projection. I thought I would be larger, although I am love my look but just surprised at how silicone looks smaller at my size compared to the 350 or higher in saline. I'm glad I got the silicone because of the softness, my sister has saline so I had someone to compare to. I think because the silicone is softer and conforms more to your body and settles in better than the saline is why it looks smaller and more natural I guess.
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