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I am 26 and a mother of three kids ages 7, 6 and 2...

I am 26 and a mother of three kids ages 7, 6 and 2. I weigh between 105-110 and I'm 5,2. Growing up I weighed 120-125 and had DD non perky breasts and large nipples. With pregnancy i was in a DDD however i never breast fed. I dreamed of small perky ones that for my body. I always thought I'd get an implant especially after my first consult a few years ago with a different doctor. I then realized I would be a full C or D cup since before my lift I was filling a C easy except for a gap in the top. I don't really care if I have upper pole fullness as long as my nipples didn't look at the floor and extra skin was gone. I also just feel funny about putting an object in my body. So I had only a lift I 7/16 a lollipop with only a inch cut underneath. Immediately I was upset afterwards because the looked shaped different. Since then they have evened out a lot which I feel better about but now suddenly that one looks so much bigger. One of them is so perfect I'm in love and the other one seem like it has more tissue and is pushing into my pit area more. Like the pockets bigger and has more . I guess that one was always shaped a little different and a little larger but he never really mentioned anything except it sagged further. He asked if I felt they were the same which I said for the most part yea because all the extra skin I think it was hard to tell especially since I avoided even looking at them. I understand I'm only 3 weeks post but I always need to have a plan B. I am very critical of myself and very anxious/ anxiety driven. I have been very upset about this and obsessive :( I'm also getting married in 9 weeks and going to Jamaica and just wanted to feel Super comfortable with myself. :( So my question is what do I do? I know I need to wait 3-6 months for more final results and to correct anything. I wouldn't want to rush into anything. What would I expect his answer to be? Like is this my fault or his fault? Price wise like what should I expect? A discount with hospital fees or Regular price? Free win hospital fees? I will need to save so I need a Idea number. I paid $5800 for the surgery before is it was $980 hospital $1144 for sleepy juice :) $3670 doctor. Also he is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon so I know he could fix this himself not someone else. He is a highly recommended doctor in the area and does more reconstructive then plastic

New pic

Trying to be realistic

So I'm trying to feel better today and appreciate everyone's comments. One is bigger then the other but I'm trying to be realistic that my natural shape is not even. One breast was bigger and wider and kind of slooped further to the side. He can only work with what he has! Before I had my lift i looked at everyone's pictures on yahoo and google and was like omgggg so perfect! Then now I go back and realize everyone has a breast that is bigger or a different shape a little! Mine really are close but not exact. I will address my concerns on Thursday and just be realistic about it only being a month the 16th and that I know some of the thins I'm a little upset about ( like nipple position) are natural to my body shape. I didn't get implants because I wanted to be true to who I was sometimes I have to pull back to my original goals. I would have killed for these breasts a few months ago! Another thing I keep telling myself to is that if I havea revision to fix size or shape it might still not be even or perfect! I could come out with even more uneven nipple sizes, position and size! Us woman need to not be so critical of myself. I actually was pretty happy and optimistic until I read about other ladies being critical of themselves! :) so today... I'm optimistic and know I look better then before and worse case I'm sure my doctor would do a small revision at an reasonable rate.

So sad

I just am so unhappy with my results. I cry all day everyday. Tomorrow I am a month post op and my breasts are different shapes, sizes, firmness and looks and I hate my nipple position. I have talked to my PS about a revision. He said a few things we can do but I def need to wait for final results because we are far from them. I have such racing thoughts and need to now focus on my wedding and kids and readdress this afterwards. My mom already said she will take a week off to watch kids in the winter and I can swing it financially even if I don't want to. Sometimes I want to go to a different PS but I couldn't Afford that and the one I have is so highly recommended. Waiting is just so hard.

Picture update 5 weeks

So here is my 5 week pic. See the problem! I have one great boob and the other one has just become deflated with extra skin and no tissue! I'm a whole cup size difference. It becomes more obvious everyday so m PS hasn't seen it for over a week and won't for a couple more. So in the mean time I just heal and then see what's next. I don't want to make my bigger one smaller so I'm considering implants or who knows. I can't leave it like this though


Forgot the pic

6 week update

6 weeks tomorrow. Today they look a little more alike then last week. I haven't looked at my nipples under the tape but can see them and I know one is a bit bigger and odd shaped but can be fixed. I'm tryin to figure out what is normal and I un normal for natural breasts ( no implant) to be different in size. One is fuller then the other which I guess it was before too!


Still sad and disappointed

My title is an understatement. I can't stand them. I have a follow up with my PS on Thursday and I will express how unhappy I am and why... Kindly but will let him know my true feelings. In a month I meet with another PS as well to see what he says. I will keep everyone updates. For now here is a pic at 7 weeks

PS visit today

I don't want to get into crazy detail but I had a PS visit today. Basically it went ok. I told him right away how unhappy I was still and showed him all the reasons why. He agreed about the size difference and said he could revise that and make one smaller. The problem is the smaller one is so small :( he recommended against the implant because my anxiety and all new problems. He also said he would not give me one for those reasons. He didn't seem to care I was upset about nipple size or shape and just kept referring to the fact they were smaller and better then before. I know that and I don't expect perfection but I didn't do this to be unhappy. All in all he will do a revision once I'm healed but wasn't understanding my concerns to their full extent. He was nice but maybe not enough compassion to how much this has upset me? I will be glad to meet with a new PS is October and maybe even a 3rd one to get opinions. I will go from there. My PS said to come back in 6 weeks or even sooner if I would like to talk more about revisions but I'm jut not sure if I can use him if he doesn't understand. I know I won't be perfect but I deserve to be happy with my breasts? I hope at least

Update 7 months

It's almost 7 months post op. I am happier now but not 100% happy. However I never am totally happy about anything! One breast is bigger then the other and it drives me nuts but it was always bigger... If I have him revise and take tissue out I have to pay $2,000 hospital fee and it doesn't mean it will be better. My right nipple "peaks" a the top so I am having that revised in a few weeks but its easy and free. He will just round it out a little. Other then that I feel normal but everyday I can see myself still healing daily. Scars are still a bit hard in some spots. It's def a LONG process. I attached a few pictures I took real fast.

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Wow they look awesome!
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Your breasts have come a long way. They look so good. :-)
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Your boobs look awesome! I don't see the size difference?? Either way, I hope that your revision gets you to were youa re happy :).
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I would be thrilled if I looked like you!
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yur results look great.
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I wish I had your breast. What size are you
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You look great... You are too hard on yourself!
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I think they look fantastic. I can be quite critical of myself so I get it, but I really think they look wonderful-I wouldn't get a revision if I were you.
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You look fantastic! The asymmetry issue is even more common with normal breasts. I have had a reduction and wish I had your results. My left is now hanging lower and softer than the right and I knew this would be the case from the start but I will wait to see what happens at six months maybe hopeful for a revision. The more I look at pictures of natural breasts even sometimes pics of models on runways with see through tops etc if you look as closely at them as you do yourself you will see that they are not 100% the same. Rarely are they the same.
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Exactly. I have been slowly learning that... But if you look at pics online etc no ones are the same. I have seen a few plastic surgeons and NONE recommend I have surgery to fix it. They say its normal.
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exactly- I think I agree with you about not wanting to go crasy like. Body dismorphia/breast dismorphia happens to those that have unrealistic expectations of what it can achieve and you are clever enough to realise that. I do have issue with my left breast - maybe more the excess skin that has been left there so I still want to do it but if the surgeon says it isn't worth it I will listen - also the way you hold yourself makes a huge difference. I notice when I have my shoulders back etc that they look a lot better , the skin doesn't sag (I unfortunately have a few stretch marks around my breast mound) and they look pretty good!
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it's very normal, before my original BA 2 years ago, i knew my left side was a bit larger than the right, but i never "took pics" of myself like that, but before my surgery my dr. was mentioning the one side was "much larger" and I thought it was a "bit" larger, but not that much, and when i took my own pics prior to surgery, boy was I wrong! It was much more evident to me when I saw it myself, but before then it didn't bother me much at all! It seems that before any of this ba/bl stuff, we probably never picked apart things so much as we do now! Hillberry, i would agree just by looking at your pics now, your incisions appear very well healed already, and don't look much different at all to me.
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If the size difference is continually irksome, instead of invasively reducing the larger one, consider a small fat graft to the smaller one. It uses your own fat, and leaves tiny scar that can be easily hidden. Look it up under the treatments section on this site. Amazing results.
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I'm not really interested in doing any further work but thank you!
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Thank you jessicarabbit. I actually haven't been using this site for month la because it gave me horrible anxiety. I had an appointment yesterday so I tought I'd check in otherwise I separated myself from the site because it wasn't helpful just have me anxiety! Because of my anxiety I def won't be doing anymore surgery besides to minor nipple revision. Because my anxiety I learned I will never find it to be perfect and I will keep wanting more until I disfigure myself! I don't want a Michael Jackson nose :)
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Your breasts really are beautiful.
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I hope you do not read the ignorant comments here and take them to heart. If you suffer from anxiety the last thing you should be doing is pursuing more plastjc surgery. Anxiety colors how you see yourself, create unreasonable and unatainable expectations and sets you up for bitter disappointment, even when you do achieve your goals... because for someone with chronic anxiety too much is never enough. Creating scenarios in which to freakout is what comes most easily. Your breasts looked crazy at first, yes. That is normal! Then they settled and took on their lovely shape and fullness. They are really gorgeous. Remember, they are sisters, not twins! Minor things like the nipple peaking can be fixed, but it is just that: minor. So many women would kill for your end results, it behooves you to loom in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beahtiful and happy.
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i agree, they look 100% better than in your earlier pics. I don't think anyone left an "ignorant" comment... all of the comments were when she was 2 days - 6 weeks or so post op, going by the photos posted at that time. The earlier incision (pics) would have me worried as well, but I am very happy for her that they healed so well and they really do look great!
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I don't think anyone is ignorant or wrong. I just became really obsessive and anxiety driven and had to leave the site so I could help myself :)
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Hey how did the second opinion go? Your recommendation made me go get a second opinion in October myself.
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I speak from experience (bad and not so bad...) but honestly, he did a poor job, imo... your initial pics with the incisions look very jagged and sloppy, i can't tell by pics but your post-op pics the one on the left side looks slightly bigger, but doing a lift and slight reduction, this should be taken into account. I do agree that you should wait at least 9 months to consider any revisions because: You want to give the existing incisions/tissue time to fully heal before cutting it open again, and you may very well still be a bit swollen. How are your incisions healing? I notice you still have them bandaged... usually they don't keep them bandaged so long unless they are trying to hide something. There should be no reason if you want an implant for him to say he won't do it other than he knows he screwed up, and you are already unhappy about that, and rightfully so! I went thru the same with my first implants, after a year of hearing BS and lies I took my records and sought out someone to redo my implants, and by then i needed a small lift due to the implants bottoming out. I think once your incisions are CLOSED it would be a good idea to get a copy of your records (ALL of them) and the operative report (federal law states you are entitled to this information) and take it with you to a new surgeon if you decide to do so.... Some personal advice is... check your emotions at the door... if you go into a new surgeons office crying and upset, or badmouthing your surgeon, he may not be so inclined to take on "fixing" someone else's bad boob job... I know (believe me i know) how upsetting and frustrating it is, but to get what you want you have to play the game
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I agree with you. He did not do a good job and seems he cannot revise them to be significantly improved. It breaks my heart every time I see a patient go from excitement pre-op to sadness post op. I am sorry that this happened to you. If it were me, I would find another surgeon. Good luck to you.
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I retract my statement. Your breasts look lovely now that they are healed. They look odd at first but simply beautiful now. I am so very sorry if my comment caused you anxiety and upset.
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Right now you need to put this way out of your head and enjoy your wedding and honeymoon, they can be fixed and they will be. I'm going against the grain here but in your first after pic one incision looked like it was making that breast a different shape, almost like a bit was missing :( I think they look much better than they did, honestly I do, but I see what you mean about the nipples. They do look very natural but it won't take much to get there where you want them, I'm sure. So really, try not to let it take over, just hang in there until you can revise.
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