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Wrinkles, Spots, and More Wrinkles - Springfield, MO

About 18 months ago I started to break out in...

About 18 months ago I started to break out in pimples everywhere. I was put on birth control pills to make my face clearer. I noticed many broken capillaries on my face after taken birth control pills for only three months. So I stoped taking them and my face broke out more. The dermatologist said I had a slight case of rosacea,I also have hyperpigmentation. and said that ipl treatments would help. I started ipl treatment 5 months ago. I was thrilled with the results at first,because I thought that my "photodamage" was clearing up. My last treatment was a laser genesis about a month and a half ago.

I asked for my "before and after pictures" You can instantly notice that my cheeks are deflated. I used to have fat pads on my cheeks, which made my appearance better. My face now looks flat. The lady that did the lasers said "I lost weight" There is no way I could lose that much weight. But the worst part is all the new wrinkles that appear daily on my face. I have orange peel tecture skin. My skin doesnt heal. It looks like my pores have fine lines that connect all of them. The lady burned my upper lip and it looks like I have heavy smoker lines above my lips.I had no wrinkles before I went for laser treatments.

PLEASE SAVE YOUR FACES AND SAY NO TO LASER TREAMENTS. I WISH I WOULD HAVE. It is so depressing. I am thrity year old, but have the skin of someone in their 60's. I thought acne was bad, but at least I could cover it up. Now I hate leaving the house. I hate looking in the mirror. Make-up only makes me look worse. Can anyone help?

Hi sjane -- I'm so sorry to hear about all the negative effects you've had from IPL. :( What did your provider have to say about it? Did they offer you any solutions?

You may find some answers in our IPL post-op Q&A forum. Feel free to ask your own questions too and hopefully the doctors will have some advice for how to improve your skin.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


Its been almost 5 months since I had my first ipl...

Its been almost 5 months since I had my first ipl treatment. I just want everyone to know there is hope, because I am starting to get the fullness in my cheeks back. Also my orange peel skin is not as rough as it was. I've kept my skin hydrated with a feather weight antixidant moisturizer (the laser treatment business's name brand). I use a light cream because I am acne prone. I've used DE LA CRUZ sulfur ointment on blemishes and my skin has cleared amazingly. Also keeping a diet with mostly fruit, and limiting your caffine intake will help. I would never has laser treatments again, but there is hope to recovery from the laser damage.

I am not using harsh wrinkle creams or retin A. My skin is too sensitive. I am using Ambrosia skin & scar nectar from Eagle Peak Herbals. De la Cruz'a sulfur cream for pimples. I am only eating fruit and fresh veggies. I had to cut out all caffine and alcohol.

I heard some people say that it took a year to start to recover. Does anyone know how long it will take?

Please pray for my healing as I will yours. God Bless.

I am hopeful that I will look better soon. I am still very imbarrassed when I am in public. If I could, I would hide indoors. I wake up and see improvement everyday. I am praying for healing, and believe I recieved it.
Yea!!! I have the same thing going on but from a different laser.....everyday I see a slight improvement. Hopefully one day!! What products are you using?

It has been one year since my first ipl. My life...

It has been one year since my first ipl. My life is changed from this procedure. I've completly lost all the fat from my face, my acne is out of control. My skin is dead. I look 20-30 years older. I know of one lady that has healed from this procedure. If any one wants to know more please send me a message.
I too have spent over a thousand dollars with Derma Health Laser & Skin Care Clinic. I received dysport injections and derma filler in my noise.
Neither one was effective, in fact the derma filler in my nose ruined the appearance of my nose. After paying Derma Health to straighten my nose they instead left my nose with big bumps on each side where the derma filler fell out of place.
I made five trips to Springfield to resolve these problems and received a complete run around and the owner Cheryl Briggs even suggested I had financial issues, which is complete BS especially with the fact I received the max. amount of dysport.
Then Cheryl completely changed her reasoning and said my body must of metabolized it and they offer no guarantees.

I just want everyone to know that ipl has ruined...

I just want everyone to know that ipl has ruined my life. My face is not getting better. I look horrible. I wake up wishing I did not get this procedure every day... all day!

No I would not recomend Dermahealth because they ruined my face and life.

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