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I have worked out my whole life and can never get...

I have worked out my whole life and can never get rid of my problem areas--especially my love handles. They are the first place I put on weight and the last place when I lose weight. I'm not fat, by any means, but want to look and feel better in my skin (and clothes). I'm 5'5" and 145lbs just to give ya'll an idea. I had been really scared about lipo in general and said i would NEVER do it. Then my husband surprised me and said it was not a big deal if i wanted to get it b/c he had a couple years back! I was shocked--really? So I started looking into it and found laserlipo and vaserlipo. I was not sure which procedure to go with, but talked to a few doctors, looked on here, and decided to go with the doctor who had more experience, in general, and he does the laserlipo.

It is the morning of the procedure and I'm a little nervous, but will keep you all posted of my progress. I know it helped me in reading posts like this. Hopefully it helps someone else.

So I just got done with the procedure. I'm still a...

So I just got done with the procedure. I'm still a little shaking but feeling ok b/c I'm still numb. I'm actually waiting on my husband to fill 2 prescriptions I might need - Ativan (to sleep) and then Vikatin (pain). My doc said I might not need the painkiller, but just in case.
So the procedure - it is just luke everyone described it. The upper stomach hurt most, but it wasn't unbearable pain. First they took pics and marked me up. Then they laid me down and santized my belly. Then they sprayed my incision spots with numbing cold stuff and gave me a litocaine shot for each. Then they made the incision in all areas. All of this I barely felt. The next part was the most uncomfortable - putting the numbing solution in. Youza - it hurt for like 3secs for each stroke of his wand. Like I said - not unbearable. After this I felt nothing except for maybe a tug here or there. He put the laser in to melt the fat and then he sucked it out. I hated the movement he had to do to get the fat, but what else u going to do to get it?! He started with my abs, moved to my flanks, then my outer thighs with the same procedure. Afterword the nurse cleaned me up squeezed as much of the fluid out as she could and put me in my garment with bandaids and pads over my incisions. I'm leaking pretty good which is to be expected. My belly feels big with jelly - it's weird. I'm not supposed to take the garment off at all this week except to shower, so tomorrow when I do, i'll take photos. I don’t expect good results though until 3 mths. I have to remember -patience is a virtue.
Oh about my doc and nurse, very nice and gentle. If I hurt he asked if I needed him to take a break. They wanted me to be as comfortable as possible. They even had a cable TV and DVD player to watch if I wanted to. So far I recommend Smartlipo center of ohio in Springboro. More to come.

Actually the sleeping pill is ambien oh, I am 27.

Actually the sleeping pill is ambien oh, I am 27.

Any recent pics?
Yes, I'll post.
USE CAUTION - Dr. Ellison of Trust Embody - refuse to do procedure when I told him I was going to be detailing my adventure on RealSelf! In our initial consultation, Dr. Ellison said I would be a great candidate for Smart Lipo or Exilis and promised I would be happy with the results (or he would keep trying until I got the results). He encouraged me to go home and do my research and decided which one I wanted to do. But when I mentioned in an e-mail following the consultations, that I was researching him and the procedures I wanted done on RealSelf, he changed his mind! One of his office staff (Gail) called and left a message telling me "they could not meet my expectations". When I was confused by her message and called her back, she informed me "the doctor would not do the procedures" and advised me to go "elsewhere for treatment"! WHAT IS THIS DOCTOR HIDING that he's afraid of his patients informing others of the results? SHEEZE!
Thank God for RealSelf and bringing the attitude of this doctor to light!

Still so happy with results

Having the surgery has made me so happy. It still a lot of work to maintain the body I want, just like the doc said.... this is not the easy answer for getting the skinny body and never having to work out again, but it does give you (or at least it did me) that extra edge. Will post pics shortly.
Thank you:)
So do you have to work harder than before? That's what I have read and that scares me!
How many places did they go in? I'm doing all 3 and want to know if I'm going to have three scars or one that they navigate from one location to other. How big are scars?

updated photo

Also mbeale04, if you want to chat on the phone I'm more than happy to. Is there a way to exchange numbers privately?
Ok I will talk to them and see what they think in my case. Thanks so much for your reply.
David M. Ellison, MD

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