REALLY Worried...upper and lower bleph incisions are getting thicker as they heal!

I have to say although I'm worried I lived my...

I have to say although I'm worried I lived my doctor and wonder if I'm worrying about nothing? This is what lead me to this group. I did act hypersensitive under local and 4mg of Xanax. I woke up toward the end and pain was excruciating feeling the last of the procedure. I felt terrible for stressing the team out after remembering I was begging them to stop! I had uppers and lowers. First fear is I think my lower incisions might be too low??

My eyes are big though and have always been shaped differently then others, assuming maybe it was cut much lower then normal for a reason?? My skin did not like the stitches and he had to pull skin away to get to them which opened the line up a little (bled after). It's only 7 days after but scars are bulky, thick and red. I'm afraid I will look like this forever. My right eye has felt like a piece of mascara fake is up under there (it's not) and hurts to keep open and waters allot. Really scared. :( I went in post op and he said more ice. Has anyone seen cuts this low and what can I do for thick scaring? :( Thank you ...

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0 Comments my eye isn't scratchy and flooding with... my eye isn't scratchy and flooding with tears trying to protect itself anymore (thank goodness)!!!. I have almost gotten over the light sensitivity as well which is nice. HOWEVER..Its been 10 days now and I feel the incisions are getting thicker, almost like RIDGES now, and I feel like a freak.:( I'm so worried that these will heal this way. Terrified actually. They say more ice and no touching but I don't know how that would take away a thick ridge of scar tissue. I think my lowers are too low also and would like feedback if it appears too low to you. I go back in to see my doctor this week and I want to be prepared as to what to say or ask if there is something I should do to make it better. My doctor used a tool for the procedure not laser. I will try and post new pictures in a minute so you can see todays. If you look at my other pics you will see how low my lower bleph incision is. I always thought it had to be under the lash? I'm so confused and really worried. Is this all normal? Thanks everyone... 10 days out and praying hard


who did this to you?what does your doctor say? if there are revisions to be done,he had better step up to the plate and do the right thing.....if you need to contact me in private,my email adress is
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Wenry, Thank you so much for sharing your results. I hope that you are able to get the end results you are looking for. I naturally have lines under my eyes that sit low like your. Every time I have read an article about eye surgery, it states that incision are made close to the lash line making it as inconspicuous as possible? May I ask who you doctor is? Did he do all 4 lids for 2500 dol? Perhaps if they offer laser therapy, it can be added to help tighten the area, and thereby lift the scar? Canthopexy plasty can help tighten the corners offering some lift as well. Keep in mind that one (plasty) is more intense than a pexy
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(Sorry adding to my previous statement as I hit the enter button by mistake). a

Going to PS today after 2 weeks. There are so many...

Going to PS today after 2 weeks. There are so many issues here I think? I haven't heard from any doctors like others have on here. I'm border line freaking out feeling disfigured and mamed but Im also a drama queen at times and I'm not sure if its too soon to freak out for good reason. In my guy I don't think this is a good job but it could be ok I the future after healing??? : (


I no exactly what you are feeling! I also had upper & lower bleph in feb 2013. My lower scars are similar to yours & I am also horrified that they will not heal & I will always have a giant scar under my eye!! My Dr. Is also avoiding me & if I hear just give it time one more time I'm gonna freak out. We are in the same boat & I woul love to hear more about your recovery as I will tell you mine. You are one of the 1st women I have found I'm my situation.
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Hey sorry to hear you are having such a stressful recovery! I am on my 9th day post op and starting to worry about my upper incision not healing so well too. I am trying to be patient at this point as I am early in the recovery process. I was able to find the product that catmobile recommends at for $49. I have ordered it. Hopefully they have fast shipping! Good luck with your recovery. I pray it all works out in the end.
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Wenry, I can now see more clearly what you speak of in reference to your scarring. I would go in for a consult with a specialist for a second opinion before I have anymore surgery done. Keeping in mind that there is a limited amount of skin to work with in that area. I live in Houston also and Dr. Soparker is known as the premier go to guy when it comes to the eyes in this area. He is an oculoplastic surgeon, so eyes are his specialty. I actually went to see him approx. 10 yrs. ago because I wanted to have some work done on my eyes. He refused to do any surgery at that time, stating that doing so would make my eyes look worse not better because I did not have enough excess skin to work with. Now, of course I can use a whole lot of help in several different areas, but I have health issues to contend with. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you. Best wishes to you.
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Getting better but nothing like what I expected...

Getting better but nothing like what I expected and I'm still worried I will be left with large puffy scars. It's now 18 days out. Eyes are odd shaped.. But I do notice in my before they were slightly as well from one another. Hoping the swelling will keep going down and scars incision area stops bothering me. Opinions?


You should use efflumidex eye drops, but just use on the scar, dont use in the eyes..
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I found the scars will me, many days I couldn't "see" beyond the thick red/pink bulging scars, but I'm 4 months post op from upper & 8 1/2 weeks post op from lower & 1 week post op from a revision on lower....sigh.....many months of bruising, swelling...but the docs are right..."Time"....patience...even with all the interferences of more procedures, my upper eyelids are looking pretty good. I still have days & will for awhile, I'm told, where I wake up & my uppers are "puffy" from all allergies, sleeping too flat, or just fluid...but put a warm compress on for a few minutes & they go down.....I've heard 6-12 months for things to truly settle....since I've had 3 procedures in a will be awhile, but I do feel like there's a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Good luck!!
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