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I'm at the Very Beginning of my Tummy Tuck Journey - Spring Hill, FL

I'm at the very beginning of my tummy tuck journey...

I'm at the very beginning of my tummy tuck journey. I have dreamed of getting a TT for so long ,over 15 years. Now is the time for "ME". I was searching the Internet for something else and this site popped up. That was 3 days ago and I've been on here nonstop. I am so happy I found you all. Your stories have given me the courage to turn a dream into reality. I feel so connected to you all . When you are looking in your bathroom mirror at your belly you feel like you are the only one with this unwanted Burden. It is exhausting , the energy you put into hiding this thing. You have written the things I have thought for so long. Hiding it from you husband , never letting him touch your belly . not swimming or even putting a bathing suit on cause someone might see "it". I want to be done with it.

So What questions should I be asking the PS I meet? Is there anything you didn't ask that you wished you did?


Hi wants a tt! I am searching now too! I live close to you in New Port Richey fl!! I just got done with a consult with Dr fiala by Orlando. He does such a beautiful job!!His results are stella but you pay for it too!!:I had a consult with Dr polecritti in spring hill. I know 2 people that had mommy makeovers by him and they look good and are so happy. The only thing is he is not finished getting his board certification. And that makes me alittle uncomfortable. Have you seen a ps yet?
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I'm so glad to hear from you. No I have not seen anyone I just looked around on this site I want to loose a few more pounds and save a little more $ don't think I would go to that Dr. In Springhill my self either no certification concerns me too. I looked at a few Dr. In Orlando. But wasn't sure If it was too far to travel. Would you mind sharing the price Dr Fiala gave? I am going to look him up right now to see his photos. I don't have insurance so paying out of pocket
He is pricey but you will see his work is awesome. For an extended tt with lipo to flanks outter and inner thighs it is 13, 300. I am also having a consult with dr paul albear in lutz and dr r ambay. I will let you know. Another reasonsble dr is dr loessin with premere center in tampa. I have not consulted with yet. All of this is not covered by insurance. The premere center has alot of loan
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