Microdermabrasion NEVER AGAIN - Spring Hill, FL

Went for my 1st microdermabrasion (vacuum)...

Went for my 1st microdermabrasion (vacuum) treatment. It was awful. I took before, during and after pics and Im still going 3 days later. I have normal skin, rarely any break outs, minimal lines (Im 34). I have always wanted to do microdermabrasion. I wish I never had. I did the micro and a peel. The micro did not hurt durign the process; the peel was almost unbearable. My skin felt burned for about 11 hours after. I was red and itchy. My face exploded with red abrasions. It has been 3 days. My skin looks awful, it is painful, it itches, and is very dry. I am very irritable because of the uncomfortable feeling I have on my face from whatever that microderm did to me. I will NEVER do it again. I will not reccomend it to anyone either. Also, this is not the first cosmetic experience that I have had. I have been doing botox for a few years love it. Never any issues. I get facials a couple times a year and never have any issues... Microderm is where I will draw my line. Overall experience: POOR. Painful, miserable, locked in my house because my face looks horrible. I had nice, clear skin before this... Now I look like I have acne. DONT DO IT

I agree. too many chemicals at once… and I will still never do that again. most likely the peel I have been thinking of trying the microderm again at a more reputable place. I would like to have it done on my chest area. anyone have any experience with the chest area? also…. yes!!! spring hill sucks. Im from Tampa and I cannot wait to get the heck out of here! lol
It's like coloring your hair and getting a perm all in the same day. Too many chemicals used together. Stay away of places who try to do as much as they can, just to take your money. Good luck! BTW...I used to live in Spring Hill, FL back in 1992. Didn't like it much!
same with me:(
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