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For Spots Use Bleaching Cream Instead

IPL doesn't last -- every reputable derm will tell...

IPL doesn't last -- every reputable derm will tell you this. It works just great at first and seems to even out the skin tone and lighten up the brown spots. But as soon as you hit the sun again the spots return. It's much more effective to use bleaching cream for spots. As for broken capillaries -- use a v-beam laser instead, which is much more effective. I had four IPL's with one derm then switched derms who explained things to me properly.


LOVE IPL! However, I also use the Obaji system which includes a bleaching cream which takes FOREVER. The IPL really helped the process along.
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My doctor gave me IPL as well after the Fraxel Repair Laser because of hyperpigmentation. I was sooo impressed with the IPL but it wasn't 100% effective but amazing results on the areas of my skin where it did take well.
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Fraxel left me with a full face of hyperpimentation and hundreds of broken caps. Cosmelan, hq, vbeam did nothing. IPL is the only thing that has helped me. we are using a very low setting , 14, due to my hyperpigmentation.
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