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I have two boys ages 6 and 4. I always had issues...

I have two boys ages 6 and 4. I always had issues with my mid section even at my thinnest. After kids I got back down to pre baby weight, but have the saggy stretched out skin and my stomach protrudes. I have dreamed of this for years and am so ready to have the bod I always wanted! I deserve it! It is mommas turn! :)

BytnarJe I live in the area (Lewiston, ID) and have talked to my husband about getting this done. I would appreciate ANY advice or photos or a review of your doc. I dont know where to start! At shape spa or at the one by Holy Family.. I am feeling overwhelmed. I had a 10 lb baby and have had 4 total. I have streach marks above my belly button ..and sadly I had my first at 17 so now I'm 43 and am wanting my body back. who did you see. what are your results.. any thing will help
Hello tirby! It is sooo worth it!! I went to Dr Alfonso Oliva at the Cowley surgery center. He is the BEST! He is a little more spendy than others, however they take great care of you! They require that you stay over night in their surgery center and it is well worth it! My scar is very thin and completely flat. I havent had a chance to take pictures yet but I love it. I still have some swelling which is normal but it is flatter than ever and my belly button look awesome. I to had stretch marks and now I have very few. You should have a consultation with him. It is $50 and it will go towards the surgery if you decide to do it. :) If you have any other questions, please let me know!
I hadn't heard of that place. Again I am just getting things going. So did you have drains? How do you deal with them if you did. The over night stay does sound like a good idea. I had my 4th child C-section so I know the pain and for me not to big of a deal. Of course that was 20 years ago!. I would like a picture to see if you do get time. How long after the initial consult is it before surgery? Did you get any opinions from other docs or was this the only one you saw? Again sorry for all the questions I just am nervous, excited...well you understand!
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