Scheduled Procedure for the First Day of Summer: June 21st - Spokane, WA

Hi everybody - I am so thankful for this site....

Hi everybody - I am so thankful for this site. Lord knows how many times I've read the stories and experiences shared by many and found their personal journys extremely helpful in preparing me for my TT,muscle repair and Liposuction proceedures.

I'm scheduled for surgery in 6 days. I'm 47 years old, married, and I have 4 adult children with 4 adorable grand babies. This is really selfish, but now that my husband and I have raised our kids and are empty nesters, I've decided to focus on my health and me.

My husband and I workout together and I have lost weight. Yes, I feel great about my weight loss accomplishments but my tummy...... OMG.....It just hangs there! So unattractive. It hasn't really sunk in that I'm going through with this life changing experience.

I've met with my PS on two different occasions and I feel very comfortable with her and her staff. The only concern I have is the traveling. I live 2 hours from the clinic and I'm dreading the drive home. I've read so many helpful tips on this site and I've taken the advice of many to heart.

I just rented a hospital bed. I know, know, know that the first couple of weeks will be "very" challenging! But, I feel prepared. Again, I can't thank those who took the time to share their personal stories. I'll keep you all updated.

Tuesday's the big day! My husband are driving to...

Tuesday's the big day! My husband are driving to the clinic Monday evening which is two hours away. My procedure begins at 7:15am on the 21st. Tomorrow, the PS wants me to clean out my system and on Monday it's a liquid diet. Not sure how I really feel yet but, I know that soon... I'll have a flat tummy. Hooray!

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm feeling anxious but...

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm feeling anxious but it's a normal emotion right now. I've had nothing to eat today except for clear liquids my stomach has started growling and it's only 5:00. I'll go make some tea soon. I took pictures today and I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was for me to hold the camera and to take a picture! Literally- took me 15 minutes of inner conversations to snap the darn picture! FTL.. I did it and I just can't wait to compare the before and after photos. I've kept my tummy hidden for years and I'm super excited to be rid of it. I'll be in touch all!
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Hope everything went just fine. I wish you a fast recovery new hot mama!
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hoping you are doing well
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I am sending warm thoughts and hugs your way for tomorrow.

You will do just beautifully and we will all be here waiting to hear from you.

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Tomorrow is the big day! Thinking of you...

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Thanks so much Angie - I can't even tell you how anxious I'm beginning to feel. I think I have everything ready for my return home on Wednesday. I'm sticking to my liquid intake today . My stomach has started growling about 20 minutes ago. I'll go drink some warm water. That seems to help! I'll be in touch:)
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Hey cherrie_k.....omg...your day is coming up so must be sooo excited. Im sure your nervous being this close but im also told that the pre surgery nerves are really just a nuissance because the surgery goes by so fast. Well ill be following your comments so good luck and happy tuck:)
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Hello tinkywink- thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I have to admit that I'm beginning to get butterflies in my stomach. It's a liquid diet tomorrow and then it's my TT! I'm feeling like I have everything ready for my recovery. I'll keep you updated and thanks again for thinking of me:)
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Thinking about you and hope you are doing well.

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Kimmers- are you the one who wrote the Tummy Tuck guide?
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Yes that is me...

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And now you're paying it forward by sharing your story here. Thank you so much! Hopefully you'll sleep through a large chunk of that drive home and won't remember it much, anyway. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Not much longer now!

If you get a chance, check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide. It's a great read and she's right around your age.

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