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37 Year Old Mother of 4. Two Them Are Twins. - Spokane, WA

After my pregnancy with the twins my stomach was...

After my pregnancy with the twins my stomach was permanently damaged. The skin was stretched out and sagging, I couldn't even see my belly button without pushing the extra loose skin up. I put a lot of work into being active and healthy but nothing I could do my own would've helped the appearance of my stomach. The time was now, I wanted my old smooth, flat stomach I was blessed with back! So I did some research online looking for a surgeon. I had a couple of consultations. When I meet dr. Wheeler I really liked how direct and honest he was. He told me exactly what procedure ( mini or full tummy tuck) was going to work best. He explained everything very well. I had no doubt I had found the right surgeon. Also his staff was awesome! Very polite and friendly making me feel at ease and comfortable. Post surgery was good for me. Of course I did have pain but it was all managed well. My recovery was pretty quick. I was able to go back to work after about 14 days. Each day I noticed more and more improvement. It does feel really tight for a while. I couldn't stand up all the way straight for a few weeks. Now at six months my stomach feels tight and I can stand up very straight. I am so happy with the results! I can't even notice my scar now it has healed so nicely. I did fear having a scar before, now I don't feel that way at all. Since it al looks so good.
Do you have any before pics? Is so can you post them up just so we can see the differece :)
I added one pre picture. The only one I saved. Hope that will work it really is a big difference.
You look great. Glad everything had gone well. I'm 3 weeks post op today from Dr. Derby in Spokane. I love how thin my scar is right now and can't wait for full recovery.

Pre surgery picture

You look amazing! ;)
Thanks for posting a before pic your results are awesome!!
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