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I have been looking into lipo for a little over a...

I have been looking into lipo for a little over a year now and have finally decided to do it. I found an amazing doctor (after seeing a few horrid, a few okay, and a few nice) He made me feel the most comfortable and I got to see live examples of his previous work not just pictures.

I have always been the chunky one in my family and group of friends. Even though i was the most active. I grew up doing sports and dance i could just never lose weight or inches. I have been at the same weight for the past 6 years and decided now is the time. I am getting so nervous. I went and picked up all my prescriptions and got my garment ordered. the proceduere is scheduled in two days.

I am lucky that my family is supporting me in my decisions and i plan to stay with my stepmom for 3 days after so she can help with the recovery. (take care of my puppy) lol. I hope that 3 full days will be enough for me because i have to be back to work on saturday. Wish me luck!!

So today is the day. I am super excited. could...

So today is the day. I am super excited. could barely sleep at all last night. 2 hours to go.

So i dont remembermuch of the surgery. I was...

So i dont remembermuch of the surgery. I was susposed to be awake but I was too nervous so the doctor decided to put me under. Before i went into the operating room a nurse got my blood pressure and weight and took some before pictures. then the doctor came in and drew all over me and gave me som red stuff to drink. That is all i remember besudes waking up at home. The peocedure took about 3.5 hours i am told and he removed 6 liters. with is about 5 liters of fat... yucky right.
Right now i am really sore. I slept for the whole day of surgery and most of the next day. this morning i am still super sore but i found the energy to shower. i wanted to get outta the garment so bad but now bwing out of it all i want is for it to be back on. i am deffinatly seeing a difference. i am much faltter. i will post pictures as soon as i can.

So i am done with day 6. it has been an...

So i am done with day 6. it has been an interesting recovery. I only took 4 days off work and i wish i had more. it is not painful more uncomfortable. because i have an active job where im on my feet for 8+hours i am super tired afterwards. there is a lot of swelling. thank goodness for the awful compression garment. i have a love hate relationship with it. i hate it when its on but cannot wait to put it back on after my shower. i have one more week before i can start taking it off for more time. the only complaint i have is the swelling. i was not prepaired for it. i knew that there would be some but it doesnot seem to get better. i am really impatient. I will post pictures soon hopefully. i have not taken any after pics yet because the swelling. but once it starts to go down i will get them up.

So i made it to week 2. It has not been as bad as...

So i made it to week 2. It has not been as bad as i thought it would be. The only thing i dont like is the swelling. it is discouraging because i feel like i am bigger than when i started but the doctor has assured me that this is normal. I have my follow up appointment this afternoon so he can tell me for sure and have a look.
I have a noticeable difference in my braline. its down 2 inches which is good but thats it. everywhere else is bigger.
Today is my first day without the compression garment. I dont think i will leave it off for very long. It feels very strange without it on.
I went to work 3 days after i had the surgery which i think i should have teken time off. but i was able to do it it just was not ideal.

So i took 2 week photos today. Not a huge...

So i took 2 week photos today. Not a huge difference because i am still way swollen. I saw the doctor today and he said that it will slowly but surely go down and that my shape looks a whole lot better. Over all I am pleased as long at the swelling goes down.
Dr Stiller

He was very friendly and gave me a few different options. I felt very confortable with him and he seems very confident with the results that he can achieve.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Having mine done with Dr L on Jan 17th... Very excited and a little nervous, too!
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good luck!!! It is not that bad. I dont remember anything of the actual procedure. Make sure you have someone to help you out after and the arnica pills for bruising help tons. I would start taking them now if i were you.
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just wondering...after the procedure did it help you lose any weight at all? or did it help boost up your metabolism?
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weird, stiller did mine too and I have one in my belly button, two in pubic region and one on each of my sides. I don't have any on my back area at all or my armpits. I did abs and flanks also.
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i did not have my flanks done. just my abs and back.
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Where did stiller make your incisions?
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i have 2 in my pubic region and on in my belly button for the abs and i have one next to each armpit and one in the middle of my back. they are really small and they laser them for free. i am getting that done next week so they are not as noticeable.
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You're looking great! I can definitely see the difference!!
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Sorry, can't stop with one comment.... but what areas did you have done?
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i had my back and abs. and i am still super swollen in both my back and abs so it should go down a lot more the doctor said. so everyday is better than the next.
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I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing now that it's been a little while. Did your swelling go down? I have my procedure this Thur!!! Are you happy with your results? Any new pics?
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thurs.. that exciting. I am happy with the results thus far but am hoping that the swelling does go down more. I am not yet at full top shape. its still tender to run. I will not get before and after pics til july. I decided not to do my own til then cuz i do not want to get discouraged. i am more even now so my shape is for sure better but i fell like maybe i should be smaller but that could also be due to swelling.

what did you decide to get done?
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Yeah, I've heard it can be discouraging since the procedure is always made out to be a "quick result" when in reality its quite a process. I will be having abd and flanks done. I have some brutal love handles and back boobs going on lol. Well I will make a review when I get it done :)
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Spokane9443- You look great! You can really see the difference in your back! Your results make me so excited!
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Stiller. Abs and flanks
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Wow my surgery is may third at shape also!
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that is exciting. are you doing it with stiller or lundby? both are extreemly nice. what all are you getting done?
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That's awesome! I just have my consultation that day at 1 pm... Good luck!
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So I have scheduled my consultation with this same doctor. My appointment is May 3, and I am very excited and nervous....

Spokane9443- Do you have any pictures yet?
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thats so exciting. I actually have my follow up apt in a few hours so I should have pics up later tonight. I am still really swollen so I dont notice a big different but friends and family comment about seeing a difference so we will know for sure after i see the doctor.
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Awesome! I can't wait to see.
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I am in Spokane as well and am looking into going to the same place you went. My only concern is that it seems like you the cost was high compared to others.... Do you know if the $7,000 is what Shape normally charges for the procdedure? Also, would you recommend this doctor and how was your post op healing? Do you have pictures??? Just curious, thanks!
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Hey. I also notices that the price did seem a lot more around herer than others have posted. but for the area The price were about the same for the other places that i looked into. they price on the areas that you would want done. the first area is 4500 and each after is 2500. i did abs and upper back. what made me decide to pay this price was i adore the doctor. he really made this experience worth it. i work for sure recommend the doctor. healing is going slowly. I have a very active job and only took 4 days off. i wold take more off if i could. the garment is uncomfortable but it is not that bad. sorry i dont have pics just yet. i will post them in a week or so. i am waiting for the serlling to go down before i take some. but i will get them up soon. good luck with yours. have you gone to a consult yet?
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Thanks for the, no consult yet. I wanted to do a little research before going in. But it seems like this is the place to go. I just wish it wasn't so exspenive... I just had my second child a couple months ago so I want to get as much of the baby weight off before going in as well. I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures :) Thanks
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I'm anxious to hear how it went for you. I am nervous and excited both about having a procedure in a little over a month. I am a little unsure of how much time I will need off of work with recovery time as my job requires me being on my feet several hours a day.
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