PermaLip 5 mm Silicone Implants on 2/28/13 - Spokane, WA

I've always wanted fuller lips with that sexy pout...

I've always wanted fuller lips with that sexy pout so many of us love. When I heard about PermaLip a year or so ago I knew that's exactly what I wanted. I did the research, learned about the procedure, and looked at a bunch of before/after pictures. I checked with plastic surgeons in my area, and figured I'd end up spending $2000 to $2500. Imagine my surprise when I went in to get my underarms lasered, and the office staff told me they were running an $800 special! I scheduled my consultation on the spot.

I chose PermaLip over the other lip implants because the results consistently look natural. Of the hundreds of pictures I reviewed none of them had "duck face". And of the few personal accounts I was able to find, no one said anything too awful. One person had them settle "crooked", but didn't follow her post-op instructions to massage her lips for a few days. Several people said they could feel the implants post op, but that the feeling went away, and it felt natural after a couple weeks. No one had anything bad to say about post-op kissing.

This is my first procedure, and I'm a little nurvose, but mostly I'm excited. I hope it's a noticable difference, and I hope I don't swell too bad. One of the pics I looked at was of a girl who swelled really bad. Ultimatly I want to fine tune my face by getting a chin implant, and a nose job. For now I think this is a great start, and I have high hopes for the outcome.

I'll post a hi-res before pic in the near future, and keep you updated on how things turn out. I hope this helps someone out there! :)

I had my pre-op consultation yesterday afternoon....

I had my pre-op consultation yesterday afternoon. It was pretty much all general info regarding the potential risks involved with anesthesia and surgery with a few notable exceptions.

One thing I wasn't expecting was a prescription for Valtrex. Valtrex, if you didn't know, is a medication that prevents herpes outbreaks. I guess if you're prone to cold sores it's possible to develop them during the post-op healing process. Doctor Lundeby tries to mitigate this risk by prescribing his lip aug patients a few days worth of Valtrex.

This particular doc actually gives you an IV anesthesia along with local nerve block. I wasn't expecting that since the info I found about the procedure all seemed to exclusively use local anesthesia. I guess the whole procedure is pretty pleasant (as far as getting cut open can be pleasant) since you "go to sleep" and wake up once everything is done.

Also, since this is my first procedure of any kind (plastic or otherwise) I didn't know anything about the OR process. I guess I'll have to wear a paper gown and be nearly naked. I was a little alarmed about that part, but I guess it's ok to wear undies so it's not too creepy.

Other than that, I think the most helpful part of the pre-op consult was that it made my boyfriend less worried. Actually getting to meet the doc and shake his hand really seemed to put him at ease. I strongly recommend bringing your significant other along if they seem overly concerned about safety.

Holy nerds I'm nervous! I've only got three days...

Holy nerds I'm nervous! I've only got three days to go, and as it gets closer I've just been getting more worried! I think it's because this is my first surgery (other than my tonsils when I was 7). I keep thinking about being knocked out, naked save for a stupid paper gown, and in a room with strangers. It's creeptastic to think about. Then I get all worried about what I might do while I'm all doped up. I hope I don't say anything rude, or pee myself on the table. The nurse said that's happened before. O_o

I just want it to hurry up and be Thursday, so I can get this over with!!!

I had my procedure today, and I think it went...

I had my procedure today, and I think it went pretty well. My boyfriend and I waited for the doctor for about an hour in a nicely furnished changing room. While we were waiting I dressed in the required shower cap, medical undies, traction socks, and a robe. The nurse showed up to take my vitals and put me on the scale of shame, and then a second nurse prepped me for anesthesia with an IV attachment in my hand. Eventually I gave my boyfriend one last "before" kiss, and went to the OR. The amount of medical equipment made me a little scared, I have no idea why. One plus was that they had a heated bed, so when I sat down in my almost nakedness it was pleasantly warm! Doc L came in and made a little small talk, then the nurse anesthesiologist gave me some sleepy stuff and I was out like a light.

When I woke up it was in a recovery room, looking at some light coming through the blinds. I had no idea where I was, or what was going on. Eventually I realized the noise I was hearing was a conversation with a nurse and my boyfriend. About a half hour later I came out of the anesthesia and was able to make it to the car. When we got home I took some pain killers and took a two hour nap. When I woke up I felt clear headed enough, but when I tried to go to the bathroom I felt like a baby deer. Luckily that conversation I didn't really comprehend in the recovery room was the nurse telling my boyfriend to not let me walk by my self.

I'm pretty bruised, and swollen right now, but I think I can kinda see what they'll look like in a week or two. We took some pictures which I'll post in a little while. It's kind of a pain in the butt to drink anything since my lips are still numb. I can feel them, but they have that tingly asleep thing going on which makes for fun adventures in drinking from a glass. Last night I started the meds that I'd been prescribed. I'm taking an antibiotic, Valtrex, and some anti nausea trans dermal patch. The patch burned a little, but the other pills weren't too big or anything. I also got some anti nausea med (tablets & suppositories), along with hydrocodone to dull the pain. I think I got five days worth of the antibiotic and Valtrix.

I'm pretty excited to see how I heal over the weekend. I can't really take Monday off, so I hope the swelling & bruising go down to a reasonable level before I go back to work. Overall, I'm happy with my surgical experience at Shape, and I hope I'm just as satisfied with my lips in a couple weeks.

I just uploaded the pictures my boyfriend took...

I just uploaded the pictures my boyfriend took after we got home and I slept for a couple hours. I didn't realize I had little dried blood specks on my face, so sorry about that. And I was so woozy from anesthesia and hydros that I couldn't stand up straight for very long, which is why one of the pics is crooked. :P

I've been a few days, and every morning I can tell...

I've been a few days, and every morning I can tell the bruising is lessening, and the swelling is going down. I did encounter one problem on day two post-op. My implant migrated to she right, and the tunnel in that portion of the lip closed up. At least that's what I thought until I had my post-op meeting with the doc earlier today. On my bottom lip I could feel the implant which was symmetrical. On my top lip I could feel it on the one side, but not the other. I was pretty worried over the weekend. I actually tried to move the implant back over by pinching my lip on the opposite side. I could feel the implant moving slightly, but I couldn't get it to slide back over. Having had piercings close up on me in the past, I thought it was reasonable that the same thing could have happened with the implant tunnel in my upper lip.

At my consult Doc L confirmed that the implant migrated, and the bump on my upper lip was the end of the implant bent back on itself (see pics). Doc L tried to manipulate the implant, but he wasn't able to move it any more than I was. I was sooo worried that I would have to pay OR costs to have my lip fixed, but thankfully the doctor said that he would do that for free. His main concern was that my lip look good for the long term. I'm scheduled to go back for a corrective procedure on the morning of the 6th. I'm happy to be having it fixed, but I'm worried about telling my work I have to be out again. :(

I'm also concerned that the same thing might happen again. I didn't think to ask that when I was with the doctor, so I'll have to wait till Wednesday. I don't have any idea how this happened in the first place. It's kinda a big pain in the butt. I had a little freak out this morning which amounted to me bawling and having a worried pity party. I also called into work because of it, which turned into another days lost wages. I'm lucky enough to have sick time, but I really can't afford to be out a whole lot. Bleh!

I'm still happy I got it done. The bottom lip looks awesome, and I'm pretty sure that the end result will be that both lips look good.

The secondary procedure to fix my upper lip went...

The secondary procedure to fix my upper lip went well. It was more of the same, just with less bruising. This time I tried an Arnica salve that was supposed to help with bruising and swelling. I'm not sure how well it worked since most of the damage was done during the first procedure. I guess the tunnel never closed up, but the implant got twisted in a way that required going in there and removing it. The wound up using a brand new implant, which relieved me a little. I didn't want a defective implant!

I do have a few pics that I need to upload, but I just haven't gotten to it yet. There really wasn't a lot to see. Of course the bump is gone, and everything is more "even". I was worried my upper lip was going to be larger than my bottom lip, but now that the swellings gone down a little it looks like they're going to be about the same size (which is what I started with and what I was going for, see before pics).

One think that did surprise me was the amount of stress this procedure would cause. I've been so emotional over the last few days. On the 9th and 10th, I kept thinking that my upper lip was too big, which started me thinking about how I'd be a big lip freak, and what a mistake it was to get the procedure in the first place. Then yesterday I tried kissing my boyfriend with my numb lips, and I just lost it. I had no idea how much comfort I take from those little physical gestures, and when I couldn't feel his lips on mine (they tingled like they were asleep) I started bawling. They're still tingling, and they have been since the nerve block wore off. I can tell they are getting more feeling, but it's a really slow process.

I think getting back to work really helped me get back into a good head space. I think my lips look great today, and I can see the beginning of that little upturn on my upper lip. I'm pretty excited that it's visually healed, but I can't wait for the nerves to catch up. I guess the nerves get stretched and bruised during the procedure, and it can take two or three weeks for full sensation to come back. Also, the limitations on moving my mouth are starting to get old. After almost two weeks of not opening my mouth more than an inch, I'm starting to go nuts. Funny things happen, and I want to smile and laugh. Soon enough I guess, but it's hard right now.
Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

I chose this provider because I had laser work done there by a tech there. The atmosphere is really relaxing, and the tech put me at ease on my first visit when I was so nervous I was shaking (I'm a wimp when it comes to pain).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Is there anymore update / pics how are u getting on?
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since it's been a few months now, can you post after pictures? how do you feel about the results? I'm thinking about getting the procedure done, I have a consultation appointment coming up and I'm stoked for it... but some of these negative results have me a going back and forth on whether or not I should go through with it. I read a lot about the implant migrating to the mustache area, does yours feel stable? Do you still smile and pronounce your words the same as before?
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Hi. I'm getting my lip implants in 11 days. I'm extremely nervous because I'm reading about possible changes in smile and stiffness when kissing. Can anyone tell me approximately when I can smile again and also will my partner feel something different when kissing him? I'm estimating seeing him about three weeks after surgery. Will that be long enough for him not to notice?
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How did yours go I'm thinking of getting mine done to?
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I was just wondering if you lost any sensation in your lips at all? Or if it changed the way you talk? These are my biggest concerns. Thanks.
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thanks for the update...was worried about ya and was praying everything was well and the correction was done. Sounds like everything is back on to the road of recovery and heading towards a good direction :) it does suck not being able to kiss our men...drives me crazy too...definitely do not look forward to that...stay well...hope to see some new pics of your lips when everything has settled :) take care...happy healing :)
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Hi fitmom- when are you getting your permalip? I still want it really bad, my lips seem deflated these days and botox injections above my top lip just aren't cutting it. Wilsos situation has been a scary and frustrating thing. Is that
  • Reply
Woltabs, not Wilson.... dang auto correct!
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Anyway , does that kind of thing happen often, or was the implant defective?
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Thanks for the good thoughts! Aside from having to have a revision, I think the loss of that physical intimacy was really the worst part. Well, I say that now after the bruising and swelling have gone down. :P Good luck with your surgery. You have to be getting anxious by now! Hopefully everything goes well and you're able to avoid any nasty issues like implant migration. :) PS: Google arnica and get a salve! I think it really helped the bruising, and the other girls (my PS's office staff) who had lip augmentation swear by it. I wish I would have used it for the first surgery.
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I don't know the rate of migration overall, but I do know that I was lucky number one for my PS. I think I'm the odd woman out, but it was very correctable, and to Doc L's credit he handled the whole thing like a champ. He looked downright embarrassed, and was so apologetic. It was such a relief when I found out he was willing to eat the additional cost.
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Im sooo glad your doctor fixxed l it. You seem in much better spirits now. :-)
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My PS put me on it started two days ago to get in my system beforehand along with Bomelain and Ester C too...fingers are crossed that all helps with me healing...getting very anxious one week Tuesday :)...i have a review up and plan on posting close up of my lips now and will do after pic and healing couple days afterwards and so on :)....can you feel the implants..i know asked morgan too, but everyone reacts and morgan really help calm my nerves since you two have just recently had yours done and cant thank you two enough :))
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Surgery March 19, next Tuesday :)) already had one surgery with my own fascia but my body re adsorbed it or either i talked it off :) loss the fuller pout but still bigger than what god slapped on my face and called lips for me here i go again and hopefully the last....never heard of Botox in the lips...paralyzes; how can you talk or have movement of your upper lip....i get botox every 4mths and have no expression/movement as a result...maybe you meant to say collagen, restalyne, juvederm, perlane, or sculptra those are the only fillers i know for lips and have had all at different times to see which one work the best prior to my first surgery; anywhoos save your money their all a waste, unless you want to see what your lips will look like bigger before deciding on surgery except botox for the forehead and crowsfeet....Woltab is a trooper, it is scary, but it was something that could be corrected and she has a good PS who cares...i try not to think or get too anxious about the negatives and try to look on the positive side and have faith...Woltab lips are going to look awesome she just had a bump in the road and is back on track :))...I'm glad women are honest on here good or bad it helps me make a firmer decision and really think vs. jumping into something head first without reading the safety sign
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Oh no, :) I dont get botox in my lip, I get it above my top lip. One shot goes directly in the center of the skin between my nose and top lip, and one shot on each side of that about halfway between that injection and the corner of my mouth. It rolls my top lip up so I have a little shelf ...but it doesn't last. I only have trouble with things like drinking from a, and I drooled alot when brushing my teeth, but that was only the 1st time I did it. Now I get it every 5 months when I get my forehead and between my eyebrows done. I just want something better. I have learned so much and am really excited for all of you. I cant wait to do it next. Good luck Tuesday!! :)
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LOL...interesting....i hear ya on shots not too got tired of all the injections in the lips...Im very excited to get my surgery over and done with cant wait...counting down the days :) I will post pics of before and after :) feel free to ask anything ....thanks keeping my fingers cross
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Ive been praying for you. Im glad things are getting better. if anything maybe this whole thing has proven how tough you are, and you made it through even though it was super scary. Hugs from Savannah Ga
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Thanks, SD! I don't know if I'm tough, but I did make it through the to the other side...eventually. :)
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Hi just checking on you and pray they were able to fix your upper lip ;)
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hope everything goes well today w your fix today:)
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Thanks, Hun. I was actually sitting here feeling sorry for myself. I'm pretty bummed to be going through this again. I guess I should be focusing on how my boss is awesome and not too upset I'll be out again, and that the fix it surgery is free. Both of those factors could have gone the other way. Lol. That's life I guess.
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Hang in there ...any kind of surgery is emotional...Thk goodness your boss understands :) look at the brighter side ... Keep your spirits up and stay postive ...praying for ya ... It makes me nervous,but still going through with my surgery ..all I can have is faith and hope everything goes well and if not get up and get it fix...what some of us women put ourselves through lol so far it's been worth it
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how are you on brushing your teeth and drinking...did they give you anything(such as a the toothpaste swabs or syringe to getting nutrients down) or recommend....did they tell you not to talk or make much movement while healing the first week?
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I used disposable tooth brushes for the first two days, but on the third I could get my normal brush in there. I was pretty great brushing normally after brushing with those mini things. Points to the boyfriend for putting up with my stink breath. :P As far as eating, I wasn't hungry for the first day, so I had a protein shake and called it good. After that I just had mushy things or really small bites.
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sorry to hear about your implant migrating...fustrating and upseting :(...glad to hear hes going take care of it for you..keep us posted and good luck on Wed. :)
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