ongoing complications 3 weeks after breast reduction

I had prior breast reduction in 1978. I lost...

I had prior breast reduction in 1978. I lost significant weight after illness and was nearly flat chested. I've regained notraml weight, however my breasts are now 42DD. Insurance has already approved me for repeat reduction. I've had 3 consultations.with plstic surgeons although two of them are wary to do repeat reduction due to increased risk of cutting blood supply to nipples. The first surgeon is confident that she can remove more than 500g from each breast by following same pattern as first reduction. After having met with other two docs I'm feeling confused and frustrated..

If any of you ever have an appointment with a PS...

If any of you ever have an appointment with a PS "TOP DOC" .... DO NOT miss it - no matter what. Even if you have spent the night running to the bathroom every few minutes and you are groggy from lack of sleep....even if you don't have the presence of mind to drive safely, your PS would rather you risk it than miss your DRIVE anyway. Do not miss your appt.!

If you do miss an appt. regardless of the reason, you will be punished for wasting the doctor's time. You will either be charged for the missed visit or you will be required to pay a large deposit ($120.00 or more) just to reschedule your appt and even then you will have to wait at least 2-3 months to get new appt

I learned this lesson the hard way. I really was looking forward to visiting this particular doctor. I wish I would have driven myself to my appt.despite the risk to myself and others..

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, Bellasma. Please let us know how it goes!
Thanks for your note. I have great news. I was able to set up consult with the surgeon I most wanted to see - (I missed first appt.) At first they didn't want to reschedule without deposit but I finally decided to call and apologize. Now I have an appt with her this Friday am. She's very expert at reconstructions/revisions so I trust that if anyone can do reduction safely and still be aesthically pleasing, she'd be the one. I'll write more after appt.
Oh my goodness. I should say not.if they don't care about your safety before surgery. I wouldn't trust them during or after surgery. Sorry your not feeling g good.. xoxo

I had my 4th consult today with the PS I mentioned...

I had my 4th consult today with the PS I mentioned in my Sept 24 update. I'm so glad that office was willing to rescedule me despite prior missed appt.. I am amazed by the differences between each consult and how every doctor has their own perspective. Up until this point I've felt stressed and uneasy aboutich surgeon to choose. Finally, after 4th consult I feel peace and am totally confident now about moving forward with second reduction. I am anticipating sugery within next few weeks. I am comfroted in knowing that the doctor I've chosen has great expertise in breast reconstruction as well as revisions and reductions. This is most crucial to me as I assured that she will address surgical challenges so as to reduce complications that are more frequently associated with repeat reductions. I'm so excited! .
Good for you.!!! Good luck **hugs***

I'm so thankful for this site and for all of you...

I'm so thankful for this site and for all of you who have shared your stories. It's important to have a connection to others who understand.

Newest Update: Everything is in on track. I've had all my lab work and PCP physical and approval, and my insurance has I'm feeling a bit more anxious now that there's a possiblity that my surgery date is tentatively moved up to Nov 8th or 9th. One of the pther patients might have to postpone her procedure for a bit so I'll get her place. If not, my surgery will be end of November.. At this point I've been instructed to get everything in order for the 1st week in Nov. I've already stopped taking certain meds. QUESTION: Do any of you who've already had your B/R have any suggestions for vitamins, minerals or supplements that would help with healing?.

My surgeon is planning to remove at least 500 g per breast so I'll be pretty small. I'm trying to wrap my head around that concept. I haven't been that small since post surgical complications after cervical fusion in 2000. I dropped down to 97 lbs.. After the pain was controlled I began eating normally again and when I gained back to my normal weight, much of my breast tissue "bottom out". Since I'm unable to wear a bra that puts pressure on ribcage, I made a lycra camasole that fastens with velcro in the back - hope it will work.. I am eager to talk with my surgeon about her plan to close w/ staples. Maybe she's using the new surgical body stapler that uses disolving staples. I guess I find out soon enough. She is highly skilled and very on top of all the newest technologies so I can't imagine that she would leave me with ugly "railroad track" scars.

I am anxious, excited, concerned, though optimistic, I'll confirm date as soon as I know for sure.

See prior post. I might have submitted it twice.

See prior post. I might have submitted it twice.
good for u. i keep thinking of how hard it must that u cant wear certain bras. that must limit ur comfort as well. i hope this surgery fixes that problem for u. my doc said not to take any suppliments as they are not guaranteed to be effective but u surely can ask ur ps to see what she says. she may something in mind. seems most surgeons dont want u taking anything out of ordinary prior to surgery. we will all be wishing u a safe surgery and healthy healing.

I'm feeling so stressed lately. After having...

I'm feeling so stressed lately. After having jumped through so many hoops over past several months just to get everything in order for repeat BR - including pre-op paperwork, ie: copy of recent Mammogram, new ECG and a "pre-op" physical with my PCP's with his okay for surgery and I was getting excited because for awhile it looked like my surgical date might be moved up to 11/9 ...instead of 11/29, but NO such luck.
The waiting is definately increasing my stress - especially since Christmas is less than 4 week after my sugery and we will have a houseful of guests during the holidays. I'm concerned that I won't be physically able to get all preparations done due to post surgical limitations . I'm also a bit concerned that I might have a few healing complications since this is a repeat reduction . I just hoped to have surgery complete well before holidays so I could take time to rest and heal.
I am excited about having the reduction but admit that waiting week after week is hard, especially as we prepare for holidays.
Having to clean and prepare for guests so soon after surgery is probably going to be even harder. I'm thinking that I'd better schedule lots of time to rest during and after festivities. I kind of hope that the next 4 weeks will fly by and I'll be through surgery sooner than it seems. Wondering if anyone else has this kind of pre-surgical stress. I'm open to suggestions.
your date is coming up soon!!xoxo

Only 17 more days now until 2nd B/R surgery. ...

Only 17 more days now until 2nd B/R surgery. Thanks to my incredibly well organized and highly skilled surgeon, I feel calm and very confident. Mostly I'm just feeling anxious to get it over with so healing is sufficient prior to influx of dear family during holidays.
It's going to be weird to change nearly all my clothing. No more XXLg size just to fit bust area.Yeah! :-)


REPEAT BREAST REDUCTION SUCCESSFUL. I am already 10 days post op. Overall, I am VERY pleased. I have had a few problems but am optimistic that they will work themselves out. I'll also include more specific details along with post surgical pictures - hopefully on 12/10. Wow. I didn't expect to be so happy.

I asked Dr Hathaway to take as much off as she could yet still maintain feminine look. The male surgeons I spoke with said that if they removed as much as I wanted, it would look freakishly out of balance - but the opposite is true. I'm actually quite petite overall with virtually no hips or rear. Now that the big ole DDs are gone, I have longer leaner figure - friends and husband describe as very youthful and cute -at age 58. I can't wait to get my new pics posted and explain more about ups and downs during this process.
How are you doing? I am glad your surgey was a success!
Glad that everything went well for you. Cant wait to see the post op pics. Happy Healing!!!
I am so happy for you, can't wait to see the photos. I am just 11 days post-op and feeling better every day.

These are post op picts at 12th day - concerned...

these are post op picts at 12th day - concerned about bruising and hematoma on left.
U r looking great rest and relax when u can. Hope ur bruising is better soon.
Question did ur Venus congestion come after ur first reduction????
Post up pics finally. Concern about deep dark bruising and possible left hematoma See doc on Wednesday

My left breast is not healing properly. Last week...

My left breast is not healing properly. Last week surgeon removed additional 80 ccs of blood from breast. There is new bruising,, lots of pain and swelling. Also have pain in left groin since day after surgery. Has anyone had this happen?
yes the brusing is as bad as mine was. poor thing. i hope it gets better for u soon! gentle hugs xxxxx
Thanks for your post. It took about 5 weeks before excess fluid in left breast stopped building up. Fluid would pool at bottom of breast and my surgeon drained it every week. It's finally stopped and has left some scar tissue which doctor says might be reduced by massage with bio-oil.
Dear Sassycharly, Thanks for your post. Re: venous congestion. It occured at least 30 years after my first reduction so may or may not be associated. I wonder if it could have been caused by having lost so much weight after cervical fusion that most of my breast tissue was lost as well. Years later I went through menopause and regained significant weight. Seems that most of the fat in my breasts settled below nipple line. My breasts "bottomed out". You can kind of see that in my "before" pictures shown at top of review. Are you having venous congestion too? Prior to second surgery my breasts often became very cold, turned red, then blue and purple - just like bruise on bilateral. For next few years my breasts will develop of new circulatory "system" and only time will tell if venous congestion returns. Keep me updates. How are you doing? Bellasma
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She was recommended by 3 previous patients and also comes highly referred by many medical professionals. I like her website and the ability to listen to her special presentation on breast reductions. Dr. Hathaway ROCKS! Her experience, skill and absolte attention to detail are TOP NOTCH.

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