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Cellulaze, my Experience - Spokane, WA

53 yrs. old: 1st day of procedure for front of...

53 yrs. old: 1st day of procedure for front of legs & thighs, arrived at the Dr. office, very nervous, I will be awake during the procedure. Not much of a wait after arriving. The nurse asked if I had ate, I did 3 hrs.ago. so she gave me a granola bar. I took a bite, but too nervous to eat. I am escorted to a room, the nurse gave me a pair of their procedure underware. Then I had to stand, all angles while pictures are taken of my imbarassment, legs. then the Dr. comes in and colors my dimples, to put it mildly, with two different colors. He then put a squared graph, probably not the proper name, and outlines it on my legs. I am then given pills to relax me, and medicate me, time stopped, it didn't feel like they were ever going to take effect. I am then taken to another room, lol, thats all I rember at that point.

I don't remember much during the procedure except feeling pain at times and the nurse would comfort me, she is so sweet and such a care giver. I don't remeber after the procedure, but the nurse at my post op said I just wanted to sleep, and I don't remember the drive home, but I do remember going straight to bed once I got home. I slept for a couple of hours, I guess. My son came over to fix my table top, which is my tv, him knocking on the door awoke me. I felt pretty darn good that evening, still numb and druged up.

Day 2, post op appointment, my son drove me. Pretty sore, hard to walk, not much brusing yet but legs are swollen. Very tired, could hardly stay awake. Napped when I got home.
Day 3, 48 hrs. post op. Looking forward to a shower. Wow, almost passed out in the shower, had to sit, OUCH! and got very nauseated. Now trying to get my compression garments right, yes 2, both wrong sizes. Long story, I tried to save money ordering online, 1st one. too small around the waist & butt, ordered another, 2 day delivery, which was a day after procedure, and they fit great aroung butt & stomach but not tight enough on legs, so paid for alterations. I ended paying double then what I would have spent if I would have purchased from the company my Dr. office suggests. Have your Dr. or nurse help you with the right size, is my suggestion, and purchase from the company they recommend. Under all the ink from the procedure can see some bruising now. Day 2 & 3 legs feel hot to the touch.
Day 4 took another trip to Dr. office to check my garment size, UGH! Walking better, legs are still numb & swollen. They are are feeling better, somewhat sore and they feel hot.
Day 5, Legs hurt more today, still numb in areas, but hurts deep in tissue, not walking as well. Strange cold feeling in legs, feel like I have ice packs on them, & also legs feel hot, doesn't make any sense to me, but documenting it as it is? Red, black & blue brusing is more appearant now even under all the ink. My legs already look better, but, well see how they progress after the swelling is gone. I will try and keep you all informed of my progress, and I will try to remember to take some pictures, I don't have any prior, never wore shorts and would never allow pictures.

Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with getting the garment right - good advice you passed on to the rest of us.

Hoping the pain continues to ease for you. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing over the next few days.


Welcome to the group of ladies recovering from Cellulaze!  I am about 6 weeks post procedure now and will tell you, the first 2-3 weeks are NOT fun.  You will be sore and uncomfortable, but by the time you reach the 3 week followup, you will likely get the blessing to stop wearing the compression garment (which by then you are ready to stop wearing.  Not only is it hot and hard to find clothes to wear over it, but your skin is healed enough you are comfortable not wearing it!)   These last three weeks have gotten better and better.  I can plop down or jump in the car without being careful.  I can exercise.  The bruises and swelling is gone.  And most importantly - the cellulite is totally improved!   It's not perfect, but it is so so so much better!  I'm not even at the 3-6mo point yet!  So hang in there - the beginning is tough.   I'll go as far to say a bitch- but it WILL get better.  The end goal is big improvement of the cellulite.  Imagine the day you get to wear shorts and can't get enough pictures taken of yourself!    Big hug, Laurel

Day 6, had a very rough day at work. Extemely...

Day 6, had a very rough day at work. Extemely sore, getting up from sitting, walking, and back into a sitting position is challenging. I forgot to mention in my earlier post, my legs feel and move like jello, is this normal and will they tighten up? anyone with any answers will be appreciated. The regular bandage is bruising my leg around one of the incisions, everytime I changed it, I had new red bruises the shape of the bandage.I think I was putting it on too spread out, and when I sat it was tightening causing bruising.

Day7, Felling better today, not saying walking and getting up & down from a sitiing position is any easier, but, the pain is not quite as bad. Was very busy at work, lots of walking, up & down etc. Day 7, Pictures taken.

Day 8, not hurting as bad, walking & moving up & down still hurts, but, feeling better. I changed my worth it to undecided, I hope the procedure makes it so I will be able to wear shorts, thats all I asked, I don't expect to look like I did when I was 20 or 30 yoa. Just want to wear shorts again.
Thank you Megan, its nice to hear the other expierences with this procedure. Its a good site, and I really appreciate the responses and encouragements.

Glad to hear you are liking RealSelf. It really is helpful to hear from others who have gone through the same thing, isn't it?! Really appreciate you sharing your experience so others can learn from it too.

It was good to read your pain is easing up some!!

Thank you for your response and your encouragement, I really appreciate it. I do hope it works, they say your skin will tighten, boy, can't even imagine that, but I am praying. I am small stature, but, w/ this leg problem. I do hope I will be able to wear shorts, its been too long without. I Hope you continue to see improvement, and heal quickly.
God Bless you!

Day 9, Can feel improvement, legs arent hurting...

Day 9, Can feel improvement, legs arent hurting as bad, sitting and moving better. Today I even cleaned the back patio & pond, felt pretty good while doing it. I think I may have over done it a little bit, upper legs, knees, calfs and ankles are swollen. My suggestion would be, don't do too much when you begin to feel better. Do a little activity at a time, don't over do it.

After reading other Cellulaze reviews, I forgot to...

After reading other Cellulaze reviews, I forgot to mention: I had 3 incisions, two on my left leg, and one on my right. there was very little incision drainage after my procedure. All the information you read about cellulaze; it states, "a minimally invasive procedure", After having this procedure, I would like to know what they mean by that?

Day 10, I had my upper front and out thighs done, Is it normal to be swollen all the way down my legs and ankles? My right side is more swollen then my left. Is this swelling because I over did it? I was told you can go back to your normal activity after a day or two? Which I could not even imagine, It took me 8 days for the pain too subside enough, so I felt good enough to clean the patio and pond.

Should I still be doing ice? or should I use heat? I have done both. Any suggestions to promote healing etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hi wwjcdo,

How are you feeling? How is the cellulite looking? Would you mind sharing the name of your doctor? I am researching cellulaze physicians in WA and your experience is very informative for me.
Thank you!
Thats awful, I have not heard of such a thing. I know your body will eventually flush the liquid out naturally. I couldn't even hardly touch my legs w/o getting light headed and sick.
I just had the cellulaze done on June 20th, my doctor said I need to squeeze my legs to get the liquid fat out for a day and half. I did it the next morning and became light headed and nauseous. I did it twice, but couldn't make my self do it again, because of how it made me feel. Has anyone else had to do that?

Had the procedure in June, over 4 months ago. Some...

Had the procedure in June, over 4 months ago. Some tenderness to the touch, and purpleish in areas, but not much of an issue. Have pain where the Dr. stopped the procedure (3/4 outer thigh) and there is an obvious buldge and indent below buldge. Dr. asked me if I have fiber myalgia, really??? never had issues until the procedure! Lisa, Drs. assistent is amazing and sympathetic, she did a heat suction on the indented area for the pain, which helped for awhile. I felt ostersized when I was walking out of the office, all the staff just looked at me: no bye, have a good day, nothing! The Dr. said nothing about followups? I feel since there is an issue w/ the procedure he performed, he would like me to just go away. I was so anxious and excited to have this done. A miracle, I would at least be able to wear shorts I thought. I didn't do all the research that I should have done. I've done more research on other items before I buy then I did the procedure and Dr..I should have gone to the PS I know & trust Board Cert Dr. Owsley. Beware, In most states Dr. need no Plastic Surgeeon training, do your research and make sure he is Board Certified. Don't rush it, it's your body. Make sure your Dr. spends time w/ you answering alll your questions and concerns. Don't take unnecessary risks by choosing unqualified professionals to perform your cosmetic plastic surgery. Many patients unknowingly have cosmetic surgery performed by unqualified physicians in a non-accredited office facility.

Only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will offer you the medical expertise you deserve. They have at least six years of surgical training, have passed rigorous testing, and operate only in accredited medical facilities.

When I mentioned to make sure your Dr. is Board...

When I mentioned to make sure your Dr. is Board Certified, I forgot to mention Plastic Surgeon Board Certified. I should have done my research: My surgeon is only a board-certified General Surgeon and a Certified Physician Trainer, he is not Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. I never knew there was a difference, But, there is a big difference! Please do your research!
Hi Happy girl, I updated my review, so you can read up on my progress. As far as the looks, better, but still wont wear shorts. I was told after my procedure by the Dr. final results take about 12 months. Make sure Board Cert. in Plastic Surgery, IMO Dr.Owsley is a great Dr to see, I trust him and he's honest. I should have gone to him in the 1st place.

I was angered while writing my last post. I was...

I was angered while writing my last post. I was having alot of pain in my leg and I hate the lump. Maybe one of these days I will post a picture. The Dr. did offer to give me a numbing shot, but I declined because it was temp. He also offered smooth sculpting, which I did not pay for, which was heat, suction and message, which helped. Ii am blessed my daughter is a message therapist. She has given me two messages on my legs which has helped enormously! The pain is caused from scar tissue which my daughter is working out. I am feeling so much better.

Thank you so much for sharing your story so people can truly see just how important going to a good, board certified plastic surgeon is. I'm sure your review will help many, many people!


yes, there is a HUGE diff in a general surgeon and board cert plastic surgeon! does dr owsley do cellulaze? have you followed up with Dr. johnson? you can call me at *** ***-****

i see where it was dr johnson! he is advertising like crazy!! i had 3rd degree burns from his IPL machine and am scarred from his machine!

L was so surprised today, I recieved a personal...

l was so surprised today, I recieved a personal call today from Dr. Johnson. He wanted to know how my leg was feeling. He said since smooth sculpting made my leg feel better, I could have more done without any charge. I am thankful that Dr. Johnson called me, inquired on how I was feeling and offered treatment for no charge.

I will post my smooth sculpty followups and how it...

I will post my smooth sculpty followups and how it is progressing. I am hopeing the pain will diminish and I will be able to sleep without a pillow between my legs.
Not happy, am done, will have to live w/o wearing a swim suite or shorts. The disappointment, time, pain, money etc. is no longer worth it. :(
Hi How is your results now?
I'm sorry love.. Try n do squarts to help keep the cellulite away then.. I've been thinking about getting it done.. I'll keep doing squarts..
Dr. Johnson

Dr. never spent any time with me, no post instructions from him that I can recall. Always in a hurry, well see at my two week appointment. Nurses are wonderful! Especially the nurse that assisted Dr. during procedure. The more I read on other reviews, It makes me more aware of what my Dr. didn't tell me. I have no idea on what vitamins I should take, any creams or oils on my skin, ice, heat, etc. etc.???

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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