Breast Augmentation Scheduled for March 28th! - Spokane, WA

I have my surgery scheduled for March 28TH. I am...

I have my surgery scheduled for March 28TH. I am 35yrs old, 5ft. 2inches, 113lbs and a mother of two teenager boys. I am currently a 34 limp C. I have had a tummy tuck 5 yrs. ago and have always wanted to fix the girls.
I am unsure of how big I'd like to be. I work out approximately 3-5 days a week. I do not want the girls to hinder my lifting or cardio.

My concerns are:
What if something goes wrong and I end up with ugly ladies?
Do I have my P.S. go through the nipples or in the crease?
How long does it take for feeling to return?
How long does it take for the scars to heal?

I would love input on what I should ask my surgeon during my pre-op on March 5TH.
I am excited and nervous! My recovery for the yummy tuck went amazingly well! My surgeon requires a pain pump to be sent home for 4 days. He said this cuts down on pain and speeds up recovery. So I'm hoping this will be just as amazing as the yummy tuck!

Hi Ladies, My pre -op is on March 5th. I was told...

Hi Ladies,
My pre -op is on March 5th. I was told that is when they would help me decide on how many cc.
I have so many emotions going through my mind. Excitement, fear, guilt, and so many more.
I have met my PS once and did like him. Though I am a bit concerned because I can only find one review on the Internet concerning him. So if anyone has a
review on Dr. Jeffrey Karp I would be grateful to read it.
I have not tried on any sizers or the rice? Hopefully, this will be done at my appointment next well.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you tried on sizers or done the rice test yet?

Hi! No I have only had my consultation. I feel so uneducated on this! Hopefully, my pre -op appointment I will be given more information!

My pre op is on March 5th!!! Ladies, is there any...

My pre op is on March 5th!!! Ladies, is there any recommendations for this appointment? Certain questions I should be asking?
I am 5ft.2 and have not decided on how many cc 's to go. I am looking to be a full 34d. My PS office told me to try on bras of the size I want and bring it to my appointment.
Do any of you ladies have any advice? Also, has anyone had Dr. Jeffrey Karl as their PS?

Hi Ladies, I had my pre op and it lasted for two...

Hi Ladies,
I had my pre op and it lasted for two hours. Dr. Karp sat and talked about every concern with me. I am feeling more at ease with him from this talk. We also did sizing and at first a 350 cc sizer was brought out and I told them that I was wanting to go a bit bigger. I then tried on a 420 cc sizer and didn't like how droopy it looked. It was difficult for me to gauge what cc amount with the sizers in a bra. I brought a VS Bombshell bra and tried it on for them. This bra adds two cup sizes. It was a 34 c so it brought me to a 34 dd. I am absolutely positive I want a full d or small dd and am absolutely positive I do not want Vegas Boobs.I hope to Gawd the right amount is put in!
I have my medications filled and will be taking my blood test tomorrow. The mammogram was done a few weeks ago. There is a concern because I have a pre cancerous tumor the doctors are tracking. Both the radiologist and PS said it would be ok to go ahead with the surgery. Also the implants will make it clearer on future films! I also payed my bill!
I am excited but being in school and studying for finals is keeping my mind off of the upcoming date!!
On my way to have my CBC drawn!
Thanks for posting to my story. You have very similar stats. Ive had the same emotions, guilt, joy fear and in the end decided to do it! Have you started getting your post op stuff yet? Good luck!
Hi Katrina! I'm 5'2" and 112 lbs however I started out with 34A and am currently a 34C-ish..Im on day 11 post op so there is still a lot of healing to do. Has your PS given you his opinions on what cc's would fit best to your expectations? Maybe brining pics (if you havent done so already) of how you want your boobs to look might help also :) I had my implants inserted under my breast and they are healing for the moment but it is not noticeable with my bra and I'm loving how it is healing and looking. If you would like, you can take a look at my profile and see pics of post op surgeries; I didn't go as large as what you would like for yours but I am very excited for you!! I hope the pre cancerous tumors will turn out negative and everything will turn out the way you hope. Best wishes :)

Today I went and bought my creams and potions for...

Today I went and bought my creams and potions for after my surgery. I researched and found great reviews on EMU OIL. This is suppose to help with tissue repair and helps minimize scarring. I also bought Arnicare gel and pills. And....Bromelain...this is an anti-inflammatory and helps with the stomach too.
I talked with a Lady who had 500 ccs inserted and she said to purchase bags of green peas help for icing. That the peas conform to the breast and make it easier to ice down your breasts.
I am one week and a day until my surgery! Getting excited and nervous!

Wow! 3 days until my big day! I'm so excited and...

Wow! 3 days until my big day! I'm so excited and also nervous. I finally talked with my mom and told her this is my decision and I will not cancel my surgery....even if she thinks I'm rediculous. My husband is concerned how I plan to "tell" others that I've had a BA. I told him I really do not believe it is any ones place to ask... I think he's worried about what his family will say.
I think this has toned down my excitement for my BA. I am beginning to feel like my BA is going to be some dirty secret within the family.
Oh well. I guess I will have to stand by my decision to do this alone!

It is midnight! It is the official day of my BA!!...

It is midnight! It is the official day of my BA!! It was requested to take 1/2 a Valium, so that has left me a bit loopy. Tomorrow at 7:30 I am asked to take an anti nausea and a Valium . My surgery is scheduled for 8:30. My husband has gotten his call covered for both the local hospitals to be able to take me to and from the surgery center.
I am excited and nervous. It's still disheartening that my husband isn't showing much enthusiasm for this big day. He hasn't necessarily said anything negative, but certainly there has been any positive comments. I'm crossing my fingers that once it's over that he will be able to enjoy the benefits of full breasts.
I will check in ony way. Anyone out there wish me luck!

I have to be at the surgery center at 8:30! I am...

I have to be at the surgery center at 8:30! I am so excited for this! It is the bug day!
I have pre made a roast and meatless soup for my family. I also thoroughly cleaned out our home with our house cleaner and completed all the laundry.

I have set up two chairs next to my night stand. One chair holds all magazines. The other my lap top. My night stand has all the medications, herbal remedies, kindle, and cell phone.
My 14 year old asked me to sit with him and asked many questions. My 13 year old just wanted me to give him hugs and kisses. I know both are nervous for me!
The Valium I took last night helped with getting some sleep. I will be taking another ( as prescribed) at 7:30. My husband and I will still have to car pool the kids to school and then off to the surgery center. I am asked to arrive a 8:30.
I will be checking back in after surgery when I will be coherent enough to type and make sense!
Hi. Im planning a tummy tuck and breast augment soon. Trying to find a doctor...I live in the spokane area so I'dlove a chat with you if you have time. Thanks !
Hi Northwest! Its 5am here and I haven't slept at all. I have to leave by 7:30 and surgery is at 9:30! Ive kept myself so busy I haven't been able to focus on it until last night. Now my tummy is
Good morning! Thank Gawd I was prescribed a Valium last night so I conked out. I am sending you good thoughts! Take a deep breath and smile. Today is your big day! Let me know how it goes! I will check in when I get to the surgery center! God Bless!
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