My Huge Muffin Top and Back Boobs Are Gone!

I did my research for this procedure in this area,...

I did my research for this procedure in this area, and after a consultation, i decided to get smart lipo. Although this place had cost alot more than the others, I would rather spend the extra money and be confident in the work that would be done to my body. They had a very and attentive staff and Dr L was very thorough.

The procedure when great. I hardly remember anything other than a little sting here and there and them asking me to turn over a couple times. I am no real pain, just more uncomfortable right now (and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet) I have 2 daughter under 2 years of age and was ready to get my body back, and smart lipo and a great Doctor were able to do that for me.

Day 2-4: I am still a little sore, and swollen. I...

Day 2-4: I am still a little sore, and swollen. I knew to expect that so I am not too taken back by it. I have my follow up tomorrow so we will see what the doctor says. I haven't had any leakage from the incisions since day 2, and they are healing quite nicely. I hate this compression garment, but can't wait to put it back on when its off while I shower. I am happy I did the procedure, but will be more happy when I get to see my final results, so now its all up to being patient.

Follow Up Appointment: Saw the Doctor today. I was...

Follow Up Appointment: Saw the Doctor today. I was feeling better today than the previous days... still very sore to the touch. Still swelling a little more every day. He said this is normal and should peak at about 12-14 days out and then slowly get better from there. Its still been hard to sleep at night, seems I cant get too comfortable with this compression garment. I also feel this "ripping" sensation if I move or jerk too fast. The Doctor also told me I will feel all sorts of weird sensations, anything from itching to tingling and numbness, which I have. Even at one point it felt like ice cold water was being poured into my skin lol. Woke up sore today, hope it fades off. I havent been taking any pain meds for 2 days, but might give in today.
Wow, your pics look awesome. Congrats!

Day 5: Well I am still sore, but found it a little...

Day 5: Well I am still sore, but found it a little bit easier to get out of bed and was able to sleep on my sides. Dont get me wrong tho, its still hard to get out of bed, just not as hard. Trying not to get discouraged by the swelling. The more I read, the more I understand this will be quite a recovery process and the swelling will be around for a while.
I look at my pictures from the first day and try to keep that in mind as far as a final result, because as of now, I am bigger than before (w the exception of my love handles)... I should change my Title to "My INITIAL Results Were Amazing"
Ok, enough with my pity party. I will take 1 weeks pics and post them then.

1 Week: I am feeling better and better everyday!...

1 Week: I am feeling better and better everyday! Other than a little tenderness and soreness to the touch, I doing really well and getting around with no trouble. I am able to keep up after my toddler and 6 month old. Still not able to work out or anything like that. I am able to sleep on my side now which is nice. I posted pics so you can see how the swelling has affected me after 1 week. Not sure if it will get better or worse from here so we will see.
Please keep posting pics and documenting your recovery
Hi! I actually had my procedure done on June 15th. I started swelling as soon as I stood up from the table. So I have yet to really know what I might look like.

However, I have lost 2.5 inches off my original. Right now, I'm at day 3 after the procdure and my belly button is just about swollen shut. I was actually starting to panic that maybe I'm the only one that saw this mass swelling that is discouraging.

After reading your review, you and I seem to be in a similar situation. I'm trying not to lose moral too. Our swelling will go down!
Don't be discouraged! I am noticing my swelling is beginning to subside now (being 8 days out), and i was even able to go buy a few cute shirts and am excited to see this transformation. I still wear the compression garment which I kind of like since it hold everything in lol. Thats great you have already lost so many inches! How are you doing with pain and getting around? For me, the first week sucked, but now every day is better and better. I even looked at others reviews and have noticed that it really takes like a whole year to get a final result... just every month they would better so I am just hanging onto that thought. Good luck

2 Weeks: Feeling soooo much better! I am still a...

2 Weeks: Feeling soooo much better! I am still a little tender to the touch but able to get around almost as well as before. I am noticing the swelling to subside more and more. I am just excited to start working out to get toned up.
I am. Concerned as I also am slated to do this on Friday..Is this worth off? I'm not real big I wanted this to get the tone I haven't been able to get after years of running and a full year of P90.. I wasn't nervous until I started reading on the internet. Is it worth it????
Glad to say its over and went well . I was shocked at that though it had some pain. The stress before to me was much worse . And I am still very numb so we will see as the day progress on.
How are you doing?

6 Weeks!!! I finally made it to this point and am...

6 Weeks!!! I finally made it to this point and am thrilled thus far. Although my treated areas are still a little tender when poked, I am feeling really good. I will start working out again and am really looking forward to that. I am definitely happy with choosing to do this procedure and all and all it was a pretty good experience considering it was surgery. I am more than happy to answer any questions anybody has....

I forgot to mention: I have lost a total of 9...

I forgot to mention:
I have lost a total of 9 inches and 7 lbs in this last 6 weeks from having the surgery.
You look AMAZING! Your doctor did an awesome job. Its my turn next week and I cant wait!
I also went in for the massage with a machine that sucked on the skin and yes it was very painful. I'm supposed to go back again tomorrow but not looking forward to it.
I wore my garment for two weeks. Then when went in for the second appoint the Dr told me to take it off. T he line under my rob cage had started with the bumps. And the swelling around my belly button has made that almost none exsistong. The Dr told me it was swelling and go away...message ....message...message . Couldn't do that for almost at the end of the second week. Because it was to sore, bruised and swollen . So, I wonder if that was my down fall. He had me come in on Wednesday to do some procedure with a machine that sucks your skin and and the hard spots out. I later found out later this is used for cellulite. I was supposed to go back lastnight for a second treatment . I called and canceled. It was not worth the pain and extra swelling. I was just started to feel better until this.
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