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Full Tummy Tuck & Lipo to the Flanks! - Spokane, WA

I'm 25 yrs old. Mother of 2, ages 5 & 3....

I'm 25 yrs old. Mother of 2, ages 5 & 3. I'm 5 foot and 150 pounds. I just had my consultation on 5/20 and scheduled my TT for 6/14! Just 3 weeks away! I'm so excited, it's all I can think about! I can't wait to love my stomach again. After 2 kids (both c sections) and a 60 pound weight loss (in the last 3 yrs) it finally feels like the right time to take this plunge! I have wanted this for 5 yrs. My PS wants me to lose 5 pounds before my surgery which I plan to do & hopefully a little more. I'm going to work by booty off in these next 3 weeks to get my weight as close to 140 as possible before surgery!

Got a call from my PS office and my surgery date...

Got a call from my PS office and my surgery date of 6/14 is not going to work for them, so it is going to be 7/26. Bummed & glad at the same time. Gives me more time to get into the best shape I can get into before surgery. This site has helped me tremendously. I have learned so much! I deffinitly think that this added knowledge is going to help me get through this procedure/healing process with much ease!

Something I forgot to add in the above post is how I found my plastic surgeon...She is the 4th doctor I have seen. I liked another doctor as equally as I like her but he was about $1,000 more than my doctor, so that is why I decided to go with Dr. H. I also have a friend who went to her for Breast Augmentation & she was very pleased with her results.

My PS said this is going to be a 5 hr procedure and she will provide me with a binder and prescriptions for pain relievers. I've made a list of things I need to get before my surgery...this site has helped me with that list...milk of magnesia, prune juice, protein bars, protein shakes, maxi pads for incision, puppy pads to lay under me on the bed or recliner, maderma cream for scar, extra strength tylenol incase I still have pain when my pain meds run out, and comfy lounge wear. I'm wondering if I should purchase another compression garment? It sounds like some when rotate between a couple of garments. Is it necessary to have 2?

My surgery date was moved up to 7/5. I'm...

My surgery date was moved up to 7/5. I'm thrilled!!! Six week countdown starts now! If anyone thinks I'm missing something from my "things to get before surgery list", please let me know!! I will greatly appreciate it!
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Hi. How was your TT? Would love to hear your experience.
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Good luck on your Tt the pain will all be worth it and trust me it's not that bad I had my tummy tuck with lipo last Friday you can do it. Happy healing
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I cant wait to see your results we are almost the same height and I think are belly's look alot alike. You will love your results cant wait to see the after pic's and when you go in I will have 9 days to go ! good luck..
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Proud mama...dont worry about the horror stories on here. it will be uncomfortalbe for a while, but Im sure with all the children you have had...well I would predict is worse than this surgery. Im on next day post- op and Im already gegttin betgter...hard to walk (granny style) the worst is gettin up to go to the bathroom. Jus eat healthy until your surgery and stay positive if you need someone to talk too hit me up on here or private...

Best wishes...HUGS Sommer
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Would love to hear your results and reviews of your procedure. I live in Lewiston and am wanting the same thing done.
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Lets jus say its not the greatest thing in the world. I actually had regrets last night. We jad tp drive 40 min home and because i have a queesy stomach from just about anything theydidnt want to give me pain killers ontheway home for fear i would vom. By the time i got home I was in so much pain the regret started to form. Itell you one thing though. the first day is way worse... I feel pretty good , not standing up straighth wat so ever, but have been walking around my room for fear of blood clots..I hope Im not scarin you, ou will do awesome. It willl jus take time. Best advise i can give at this point is set an alarm every 4 hours to take your meds so the pain doens catch up with you! Good luck girl, and you will be in my thoughts. When is your surgery??? What are you all gettin done?
Best wishes...:)
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I am still in the process of gathering information. I will probably do this next year.. In the winter time when I cant go outside anyway. that way I wont feel so bad staying home. Thanyou and PLEASE keep me posted.
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I see em....dude mine has gotten smaller the past few years, I started working my ars off at the gym and my tummy did get smaller and everything else ..but still hangs. :( This was my only option, oh and Im also getting lipo to my outer thighs...i kinda wish i was doin my inners now, cause those are my problem areas..:( you can take a look at my pics. Welp, this is just incentive to work harder on those areas once all said and done. I cant wait to be in a 2 piece next summer, perhaps pasties or my bday suit. bwahahaha PS you are a very beautimus woman..your gonna kill all the boys...or your man..either way you are gonna rock that chit! :) keep in touch, my surgery is on monday, totally stressin out. I had a major headache this morning took some tylenol and now I still have a freakin headache. I hope Im not gettin sick :( cross your fingies!
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Hey! I added pics today--let me know if you think our bellies are similar. :)
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Woohooo...congrats on getting your surgery date. I bet you are super cited theymoved the day up. One recommendation I would make I havnt had my surgwery yet..I am now 6 days away and I heard from many people to get cough drops. Reason being is that when they stick the tube down your throat it will be scratchy after wards and you may want to cough...well we all know what happens when you cough...you can feel it in every inch of your abs, so cough drops may help. I got some for myself just incase, may also help with the extreme cotton mouth from pain meds as well. Just a thought :)Welp good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts as your surgery gets close :)
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Wow! We are belly twins! Cool!
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I have not been able to find anyone with a belly like mine. I so want to find one too just to so that I'll feel better about doing this procedure at the size that I'm at (I feel slightly too large). I just want to be sure I'm going to get the best possible results!! Will you be posting photos?
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I will post pics. Sorry! I am terrible about pics and the Internet! I become completely technologically-unable to get them to "show up"! I will see what I can do... :)
I was scared about results too, and
I felt too large, but then my dr said that I should lay down and pull my shoulders off the floor--whatever I can "grab" is coming off. Well, I can grab it all! :)
So, I figure, let's do this!
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I would love to follow your results. ProudMommax. I am having a hard time finding reviews for the TT procedure for Spokane Dr. I love in Lewiston Idaho and WILL NOT be getting anything done here. PLEASE keep me posted
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Wow Congrats! You'll be sooo glad you finally did this for yourself :) I sure am and I have NO regrets what-so-ever! I'm 13 days post op and feeling awesome.

Good Luck to your new tummy!!! Keep us posted :)
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Thank you so much! You look great! I'm excited to follow your updates :)
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