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Dr Quaba-spire Murrayfield - Edinburgh, GB

I have had my consultation with Dr Quaba and I am...

I have had my consultation with Dr Quaba and I am very impressed - but terrified!
I am hopefully going ahead with my BR at the end of Sept. I'm a 30JJ and hate them and I have been wanting a BR for many years. But I'm terrified!!!!!!! If anyone has info on Dr Quaba, good or bad, can they let me know ASAP. Many thanks.
Edinburgh Plastic Surgeon

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terrible surgeon - i had surgery with him with bad results. I complained but nothing was done and I - naively - wondered why the hospital (BUPA at the time) did not do anything as this would obviously affect their reputation. still trying to get to the bottom of things, I have now discovered that Mr Quaba did NOT offically report my complaints, as he should have done, to the hospital but instead kept it to himself. ruined years of my life and cost me thousands in fillers to repair the damage. disgusting man
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I whole heartedly agree with you. I had surgery with little or no result in Sept 2012 have since been to 3 more cosmetic surgeons all suggesting I need the same surgery that was previously performed by Mr Quaba. I also wrote an official complaints letter that he kept to himself. I had a complication after surgery (cellulitous) with my leg after having fat removed from it but he denied it had anything to do with the surgery. This needs to come out in the open. These lies and deceit are not acceptable coming from a so called professional doctor.
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Welcome to the community.  Thank you for starting your review with us.  Pre surgical jitters are a part of this process and we all experience them.  

Looking forward to your updates as you go through your process. 

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