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It is no fun to wear a prosthesis. You are always...

It is no fun to wear a prosthesis. You are always so uncomfortable with it riding up or it is so hot. With a breast reconstruction you can do all the things (like swimming, etc.) that you could not (or would not) do without a breast.

I am very happy with my reconstruction. Just be realistic though. It will not look like your other breast for awhile and you do have scars. I had radiation, chemo, and breast removal. It has been great to have something to put back in place. Overall I am very pleased with my results.

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Dr. Orseck is a brillant surgeon. He has done a great job on my breast reconstruction. I would recomment him to anyone. Everyone that I talked to before going to him said that he was really nice and a great surgeon. He has more than lived up to his reputation so far. After talking with him at the initial consultation I felt so much better after he explained what he was going to do and that it would take several steps to achieve this. I have one more step to go. I am sure that I will be happy with the results.

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You are very welcome. I hope it helps her. It certainly helped me.
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Yes, I was scared a little, but these drugs are just waiting in FDA approval and they are just running trials to backup their data. Does your mom have breast cancer or someother kind of cancer. They have so many different treatment options now. I did chemo first, then surgery, then radiation. Depending on each individual situation they put together a treatment plan that suits that patients needs. It is good that your mom is strong and independent. This will help her in the long run. I know it is hard to accept help but is best to let her determine how much help she needs in order to retain her sense of self. Here is the kind of help I had. My sister came and cleaned my house for me twice a week for a year and a half. This helped me to conserve my energy for work and treatments. Maybe your mom could accept help like that. Tell her I said it was a big thing for my sister to do and it helped her knowing that she was helping me. This past July I took her to Montana (on plane tickets that I won at work) because she had always wanted to go there. We had a ball. That was my thank you.
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Thank you for reminding me that I need to let my mom choose how much help she needs...sometimes its hard to remember, and you are right. Yes, she has breast cancer. She had the tumor removed, is going through chemo now, and will have a  little resting period before she starts radiation.

I really love the help your sister gave you. I have a sister I am very close to also, so stories about sisters always hit a soft spot in my heart. What would we do without siblings?!!

Thank you for all you have shared with me. You are an exceptional person!

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I don't think I am exceptional, just stubborn. I think it's my stubborness that makes me go on when the going gets rough. I don't know where she is taking her treatment at but when she does radiation there is a new cream out that only doctors can get (when I used it I could only get samples because was not even on the market) that really is remarkable. It has milk or something like that in it. I did not have any scarring or puckering. I got several kinds of samples but this one was the best. My skin turned red, but my radiation doctor was amazed at how soft it made my skin. The instructions say to put it on immediately, but I had to go to work after treatment so my skin had time to cool before I put it on. It really was soothing, especially the last week of treatment. I will try to remember and get the name for you if she wants to try it when she starts her treatment.

I have three sisters and we all are close, but it was my baby sister who did this for me. I call her my little watch dog because she would not let me do anything strenous. Sometimes when I was getting close to healing I would have to tell her I need to do this myself to get my strength back. She would laugh and say 'You are so right, I just need to do something else while you do this, don't I!' I would say, 'Yep!'

You are so welcome for the sharing. I hope it helps in some small way. I enjoy sharing with you.
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I would love to know the name of the cream! I'd love to pick some up for her. :)

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It is a topical cream for radiation dermatitis symptom relief. It is called Xclair Cream. It is put out by ALIGN Pharmaceuticals. The web site it www.alignpharma.com. It is prescription only, but you can get her doctor to give her one. Her doctor might have samples. My doctor gave me a lot of different kinds of sample creams. This one was the best for me.
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I will email her this info right now. Thank you soooo much for telling me about it!! :)

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My energy level did get a little low but I work with a great group of people who helped take some of the load off me. Like I posted I did not want this to impact my daily life anymore than I could help. I went through the clinical trials with some experimental drugs. One of them really shrunk my tumor, but the other one didn't seem to help (this was the one that shrunk the blood vessels) and they ended up only giving me 5 treatments instead of 8 because I had an infected toe which threw my schedule off. I was glad I went through the trials because the clinical trials nurse was the big inspiration for me to do the reconstruction. She is so great!!! I know your mom is going through a lot but just be patient with her, it takes a lot of will power to do chemo. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully in a few months I will see the end of my tunnel. Tell your mom to do as much as she can with the amount of strength she has and don't worry about the rest, it will take care of itself.
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Thank you so much, I will definitely pass those words on to my mom. We are all supporting & taking care of her, but I think for such a strong & independent woman as she is, accepting that she needs help is one of the biggest hurdles...but she is definitely doing the best she can & that is all we can ask for.

Do you mind me asking, where you scared to use experimental drugs at all? I think it would freak me out a little bit.

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I like that you shared the importance of being realistic about the results, and not to have in mind that it will look just like your breast did before.

Do you mind me asking what you found to be the most challenging thing after the surgery & if you have any tips for others going through something similar?

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The most challenging thing for me was the scars from all the drainage tubes from my mastectomy and reconstruction. My stomach gave me the most pain (which wasn't that much). I have tried all through my journey to not let anything impact my daily life any more than I could help. It helped that I had great care givers and love and support at home. I worked everyday thru chemo (except for one instance where I had to be out for several days) and radiation. The only times I was out was for surgery and recuperation times. I try to stay positive in my thinking (I say its not my time yet). Every single person, from the doctor who gave me a hug when he told me I had cancer, to the clinical trials nurse has just been so caring and supportive. They have made me feel that I was not alone and that they cared for me. For anyone going through this I offer my support and love because I know what you are going through because I have been there.
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I can't believe you worked through chemo! You must be part super-hero! My mom is going through chemo right now, and the hit it has taken on her energy level is alarming to me. I'm so glad you are on the recovery end of this - gives me hope.

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