Brazilian Butt Lift is Worth It! At Age 42 I Finally Got my Booty

My booty has been flat ALWAYS...I remember in high...

My booty has been flat ALWAYS...I remember in high school having to pass out papers and all the boys laughing at my 'pancake butt'. This was 25 years ago, a booty was like, in most cases, an arm or an earlobe; it wasn't what it is now... I always said one day I'd get my booty. Thoroughout the years I heard, 'it's not natural', to it's so dangerous', etc, when talk of augmentation came up.

Two years ago I got implants, which made for a lovely 'shelf', in skirts, but the reality is that it was a deformity without clothes, kind of like fraud, and I am out in the dating world- ouch...

I went to five different plastic surgeons who all told me that I was TOO THIN, and that I'd have to gain sooo much weight-two even told me I was too old (42). Not one to give up so easily, I finally went to South Carolina, had a consultation, and a month later, got 750cc in EACH cheek. I finally got the bubble I wanted, and although I'll probably be paying for this for a long time, to me it's worth it- we're not talking about a little sag, or some little booty quirk-we are talking a deformity...

So ladies, and gents, SHOP around, bargains are for other things, like shoes and stuff. This is literally your life...

As far as recuperation, what I do to heal fast is easy and free! I get my booty out of the bed- the day of surgery, and walk!!!! Walk, walk, walk! Wish it wasn't so cold and I wasn't so bruised, because I'd love to be taking my walk in my little boy shorts all over the place!!! Experience and expertise pays!!!

update plz
I really wanted Dr.Robert for my butt lift but he has Retired!!! Pls help me find another dr.
This doctor Robert is a pervert and an irresponsible. The state of SC currently has a number of injonctions on him. Like he would leave the surgery and allow his nurse to finish it up. Or would put patient under anesthesia and not start the procedure until hours later. Go check him out at the SC medical board disciplanry actions. What a shame! And to think that I almost went to him. Ladies please do your research.
Dr. Roberts and Dr. Brumer

They know their craft!

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