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It was painful and it it wasn't done properly. One...

It was painful and it it wasn't done properly. One is bigger than the other,and also longer.... i am confused i can't go where with my eye brow looking like visible u don't have to look hard to see it, and i couldn't call it black very black omg i'm going crazy, please i need your help.

john black

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hey mine were like that too, but i am going through laser tattoo removal and they are almost gone, so that is what will have to do
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Hello I also take laser tattoo removal treatments if you want to contact me to exchange the experiences it would be great. Best wishes
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Vanesia, while it's been a few months since you've posted, what is the final outcome of your brows? Have they lightened at all? Ordinarily they lighten and shrink down about 3-5 days after the procedure. I am assuming you posted these photos the same day as the procedure? you may have had swelling, making them look much "larger" or "thicker". Often times in this forum we don't hear back, and it's frustrating for others who are concerned about the final outcome. I would agree that the color is too dark, black is NOT an optimal color choice for brows, ever. And I would say the shape is way too dramatic, and the bulbs are too close together, arches too high. Perhaps you might think about consulting with a new tech who can soften them and fill the arches in a bit. It always makes those of us who pride ourselves on good work disgusted to hear these stories. Often one is after a low price rather than a great outcome. My fees are determined by my experience and the many many procedures I have performed with great results. One must keep this in mind. If only to save a few hundred dollars, it's not worth it in the long run.
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Hi first of all all Asian Afro carribean skin will naturally will pull pigment DARK! So your technician didn't consider or know about this? A bit late now we know, but we need to find a reputable technician to reduce this down. Rejuvi can be used to fade down the pigment. Provided it's a reputable medical grade pigment and not a body tattoo ink? I really hope not. You haven't mentioned how long ago you had it done? As it will soften as time goes on. You could try in between time using a thick foundation on a fine brush to thin the shape down to camouflage it. I wish you were closer to me! But I'm in the UK, and often do dark skinned clients. I want this information to be known that brows, lip liner and blush will heal dark so tell your friends and spread the word!! So no one else makes this mistake!
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I feel sorry for you dear. My friend is having this problem as well. My eyebrow are tattoo too but fortunately it done good. You should consult to expert laser center if you want to make it fade or off..Goodluck!
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I hate hearing and seeing stories like this. The one thing I NEVER do is use black on brows...never!!!!!!!! You can do some home remedys to help fade the, real lemon juice mixed with sea salt ( thick consistency). Gently rub over brows , you will feel a slight burn, let it sit on for 30 min. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Other option is tattoo removal via laser, but be careful when choosing. I wish you the best of luck. Mary owner at Permanent Makeup By Mary, Inc
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Hello Mary How soon after h 1st treatment can you try home remedys?
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what can i do to fade them?
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If you click on the links above it will take you to forums with in-depth discussion about this. There are women who have experienced the same thing as you, as well as some permanent makeup artists who have shared in the forums. I think you will find them very informative.

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I'm so sorry you don't like the way your eyebrows turned out. I thought they were suppose to lighten up a little after you first get them done. Is that not what your permanent makeup artist told you?

Here is a forum you might find helpful:

What can I do to fade my permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo?

Here is a review from another community member who had a similar experience to yours:

“I Hate my Eyebrow Tattoo, They Look Awful!”

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Hi Megan, yes normally in White skin permanent make up can lighten by 30-40% but this is dark skin! And it naturally hyper pigments. A scratch on this kind of skin will scar darker than their normal skin. So caution must be exercised with the chosen colour, 2-3 shades lighter as they will pull darker themselves.
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Thanks for sharing that - much appreciated!

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