I Am So Scarred.... 6 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore - Spain

I have very sensitive eastarn europe skin, i am...

i have very sensitive eastarn europe skin, i am 34, i actually was quite happy with my skin except that i had oily skin and visible pores on my cheeks. but I had very firm skin.

My doctor mentiond to try this new fantastic treatment. Its now six weeks...and i see my face aged 5 years, the skin is loose with e crepey texture, it has lost all its vitality, fresh and tight look. My former pronounced cheeks are hollow now and my jawline became uneven( as if my face has sagged down 1 cm). I have bleakheads all over and huge pores where i never had before, as well i have this little lines on my cheeks which others report.

I'm so depressed that I am crying all the time. What the hell have I done.

I asked for my settings and the gave me: energy 15, level 8, passes 8. is this a too high setting? Please let me know what can I do...? Will my skin ever will become what it was?

Hello I wish I found this website before having fraxel and not after...I am 34 and got only one fraxel restore dual procedure to treat a small surgical scar on my nose and a couple of small and not deep acne scars on my chin and lower cheeks aera..I now have orange peel texture with tiny dots connecting into lines, fine lines on my chin, bad texture with poor elasticity...I am devastated. My doctor who is the top laser specialist in the country denied my concerns and told me that no side effects like these could occur. He told me to let it heal and that my skin would get better... I would like advise on what products to use to help my skin recover. Do some people with similar damages have seen improvement over time? Please no horror stories..I've read them all and I am stressed and upset enough.. Thanks
So happy you have healedlitschi!! Completely? Did you have orange peel texture (like crepey orange-peel texture, orange peel texture holes)? I have the orange peel texture going on....it i awful, you're right :( Any advice is truly helpful/much appreciated!! :)
How are you doing after your second treatment?
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