35 Years Old, 2 Kiddies, 1 Belly - Spain, ES

English is not my mother tongue, but I will try my...

English is not my mother tongue, but I will try my best.

Despite I achive to lose all my pregnancy weight, I always have this horrible belly that avoid me to use a bikini, this year I decide to stop wishing it, and just doing it.

After to searc in internet I decided to meet my doctor, the first experiences was weird because I was very nervous and I forgot to ask one million questions, but I came back a second time and I was feeling the same nerves but at least I had the answers.

My problem was the belly, flanks and back, I dont know why but my bra rolls looks better in that pictures, I guess is because I was taking the picture with my arms up. During my meeting with the doctor he told me that he avoids problems using ONLY general anestesic, I wasnt happy with that but after using google for a while I understood why.

The day of the intervetion.
The night before, my mother called me just for letting me know that I was in time for saying no to this thing, because how can I be so crazy of going through this surgery with two kiddies in the house, that I could die...thanks mummy I love you too (Did I mention that my mother is a doctor and she works with surgeons?) after this encourraging call I took an sleeping pill that the doctor gave for the night before, pity that I didnt have more because after this call I needed at least 2 or 3.

I arrived at 8:00 to the hospital, with no breaksfas, and I had to wait until 13:00, my mother of course though that I was dead during all this time and my whole family was nervous and taking pills, alcohol and sweets meanwhile I was just playing scrable with my telephone waiting my turn.

At 13:00 the nurse moved me to the recovery room, I met the anesthetist, she checked my historial, and everything ok, we went to the operating room, the other nurses gave me a shot that make me feel like in my craziest night, I wanted to sing the best songs of Beyonce or Riahanna, but I was wise enough for keeping my mouth close. After this, the second shot and bye bye.
I woke up at 15:00 more or less, I had some nauseas, but another shot and it just disapeared, little bit of time on the recovery room, I was just fighting with my desire of closing my eyes and have a nap.

When the nurses put me in another recovery room, I could go to the toilet for doing my first pipi, I could go walking with the help of the nurse (I can walk by mself but just in case, give me your hand, like a little girl) and the first thing that I did was to check my body with garment on it of course, no big changes just a big big inflamation just up on my botton (It looked pretty bad, like a second belly on my back, no nice no no) but I breathed and just let it go.

I had two painkillers in vein, the pain was manageable if I didnt move, and I didnt want to move.
At 18:00 more or less, the nurse gave a peach juice and 4 cookies with no fat, no sugar, no nothing, but it tasted like heaven to me.

At 21:00 a friend of mine came to the hospital (my hubby was working in USA, and I was in Spain, little bit further for him to pick up his fatty)

I arrived home, I kissed my girls, I kissed my aunt who was taking care of them (poor thing didnt have any pill for keeping the calm and she drank 2 beers, two much for her, she was little bit drunk)
And finally went to bed.

The night was bad, coul be worse, but also could be better. I awoke like 6 or 7 times because the pain and the need of going to the toiler.

I will continue, thanks for reading me and I am sorry for my English, trying to improve.

9 days

9 days and still inflamated, my back looks terrible without the garment and I am cover on bruises.

My nights are very pleasent, the garment is bothering me because in the middle of the night I feel pressure on my body because the swolling, the pain is more or less ok.

I have a little bump on my belly, I had it before, I hope that this will disappear with the time. My size is the same than before.
169cm and 57 kg

I look more or less ok with my clothes on, but the back is really awfull.

May be next days I will feel happier with the results, right now...I am not.

I will post pictures without my garment, right now I feel more comfortable with it on.

Thanks for reading me :)


My nights arent pleasent at all, i dont know how to edit it...ays

10 days after the surgery, not very happy

I dont see a big difference between the before and after, I tried to convince myself that after a tumescent lipo you need to wait little bit longet, but I see some reviews with fantastic results after one week.
May in 15 days :(

20 days

I need to be patient, may be I will see more changes but I arrived to the conclusion that I wont see drastic changes.

I dont feel any pain, sometimes I feel my back very inflamated. I am trying to control my diet, since the surgery I came back to my previous weight and now I lost one kg more, now I am in 56, my ideal weight is 54, who knows may be I would look better if I arrive to this point. I am following the paleodiet.

27 days later

Well here I am again, no news as I told before the changes are no very dramatic I can see an slightly difference when I look the firts pictures, but right now if somebody asks me if It worth it...to pay this amount of money, plus the massages, plus the garments...no really.

Tomorrow I am going to start one of this hyperproteic diets, these famous french diets, I hope to lose some fat.
I am 169cm and my weight is 57kg, I will tell you girls if my body improves with this, plus exercise.

Before and after

Some pictures for comparing, not the best.
G. C

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I see your before and after next to each other, very similar. That is not what you want when you pay lots of $$$ but at least it isnt a 'bad' job that requires correction. Once I heal fully I can give you my doctors information. He is in California (not Spain) but very low cost and extremely proficient, which may make it worth it. He did my sister and she looks great. I have a little loose skin but that's my fault not his - years of dieting and gaining weight. You have a very nice figure just as you are though :)
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It is hard to tell in the pictures since they appear to be taken at different distances. But it does not appear that their is a lot of difference but u do look good.
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You are a sweetie. No not big difference, only on my bank account :(
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Lol. A while back I did three session with a noninvasive fat killing laser, I do not remember the name. All I seen was the loss of money in my checking account.
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So sorry you aren't seeing the results you had hoped for. That stinks! Still he must have fine something since you had pain. The flanks don't look better to you?
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not really, I mean not the big thing...who knows may be I have to wait more.
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My body looks different every day - sometimes I like it and sometimes it scares me! I think it takes awhile before we know what will be the final result.
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How r u feeling. Have the results u wanted starting to show?
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No results...yet. I will upload more pictures, may be I am not objective. Thanks ColoradoMaiden.
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I'm sorry you aren't very happy :( how are you feeling? Have you had you follow up apt yet and talked to your doctor? Sending you good happy soon healing and the results you want thoughts! Ha
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Hi Michelle98033, I am resigned, each body, each surgeon, each case is different. I feel some improvements on my weist, but may be my expectations were to unrealistic. The rolls under my bra are still there and my belly is smaller, yes, but still is a good belly. Thanks for your support.
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Oh I forgot to tell you that I talked with the surgeon seven days after the surgery, for him everything is ok I just need to give it some time.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your journey with us! How are you feeling today?
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Hi Eva, thanks for your support. I am more or less ok, dealing with some issues that I will share with the community on my next post.
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Hopefully it's nothing serious, appreciate the willingess to share with everyone, I will watch for your update. Take good care, get lots of rest. 
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