Since my first child I could see that I don't have...

Since my first child I could see that I don't have a lot of stretch in my skin and as my baby grew in my tummy, my skin stretched & stretch marks appeared. I wasn't too bothered ( and still aren't) by the stretch marks, it's all the loose skin I have been left with. ... After my second child, that was it.... I knew it wasn't going to go away on its own... After 15 months of exercising ( I run about 21kilometers a week) I have noticed a huge improvement, however no matter how hard I work ,that loose saggy skin remains!
I knew it was inevitable that I would need surgery... I researched around for months & I found CIRUMED in Malaga my favorite. Good reviews, brilliant website & attentive staff who answer your every question! I had a skype consultation with DR Aslani & sent photos as I live in the Balearic Islands & It's 2 plane rides away!
He was very professional and gave me his advice of a mommy makeover ( tummy tuck & breast lift) & it could be done all in one procedure! It all sounds great! I'm waiting on confirmation of a bank loan to finance part of my surgery as I am also getting married in June and weddings are so expensive I just can't justify it! So I am waiting for that, Monday or Tuesday I will know for sure and I will then book flights & accommodation! Then off I go!
So scary!!!! I will update next week!
Wish me luck!
I'm so glad you started your story here! Please keep us posted! Where will you be staying for recovery?
Thanks! I'm staying in a hotel in Marbella for 9 nights after the surgery! X
Good luck with your makeover, I am sure Dr Aslani will do a great job. Are you having implants with the lift?

I'm all booked! It's happening!

Oh my god! Oh My god! Got the loan & I'm doing it! 6 days to go! Soooo scared & nervous! Eeeeeek!
congrats to you!!!! you will look amazing in time for your wedding... you absolutely deserve it! keep us posted and happy healing!!!
Thankyou! X

The night before!

Hi guys! I'm at the hotel near the hospital and my surgery is scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning.
I am nervous but quite calm at the moment.... I think tomorrow in the hospital I will be crapping myself! But it's time to say goodbye to the belly and hello to a new me!
Thank you for everyone's support! I will update tomorrow night if I am feeling up to it. If not it will be Tuesday
Wish me luck!
Best wishes :-)

1 day post op

Hi guys!
Your probably wondering how I am? I think I'm doing better than some people after such a big operation... But I'm still finding it hard... Cant wait for The first week to pass so I can start to feel a little human again. When I came out of surgery yesterday I was ok.... Moderate pain but it was bearable... Sorry guys but it gets worse... I still have drains in and hopefully this morning the nurses are taking them out along with the cannula which also very annoying!
Going to the bathroom is hell! Having to take all the drains and medicine bags with me, also u have to take my garment off and pull down the pull In pants ( magic knickers) they put on my over my drains.... It really hurts!
I feel dirty and I smell... Can't wait to get a shower or at least a sponge bath! My sister in law is here helping me and she has been great. You need someone to help you!
If anyone has any questions just ask.
My only advice would be to expect the worst! Then maybe it won't be so bad.... I expected the worst and I'm still supposed how hard it is... Don't go into this lightly.... Think about it.
Congrats! Happy healing


Oh my god! Drains came out! Felt like my insides were getting pulled out. It was very uncomfortable! But hey... It feels much better without them.... I know I'm going to swell now but I will keep pulling through until I see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Congrats girl! My surgery w/ Aslani is in 3 weeks
Cool! Thanks! What are you having? X
Congrats you look great !!! glad to hear you are doing good. Happy healing ;-)

Tummy scars! 2 days post op

Its depressing seeing the scars for the first time... All I can hope for is for them to heal and look better quick! As I hate them right now and my belly button looks horrible but I'm sure it will all heal nicely... I will keep updating with photos.

5 days post op

Wow what 5 days can do! I am so happy with everything! I still havevswelling but it's still better than my body before! I've had a few problems with a special tape the surgeon put on my boobs yesterday and my skin has blisters!? So I have tried to peel it off a bit and hope for the best! I don't see the nurses again until Monday so I have to try and control things myself until then.

Anyway... I can almost walk straight! Thought it would take much longer, but I'm doing it! Still painful but better each day and I am now only on antibiotics I stopped taking pain killers 2 days after op. I have to admit I am feeling really good now! Liking the look of my almost new body! Hopefully in a few weeks I will be on top of the world! My only major concern now is that my wounds heal without problems or infection and that I don't get a seroma! Other that that I am super happy! Feels so worth all the pain now!
I still haven't had a proper shower! I am too scared to get dressings and wounds wet, I am quite happy to sponge clean myself every morning until the dressing come off and things look ok with the healing.
Still sleeping semi upright but everyday I am lying more and more flat in bed... Which is great as sleeping becomes easier!
My advice is to take it easy and listen to your body! Do not over do it! You will regret it... And no matter how fit you are before the operation afterwards just getting up and going to the toilet is rather exhausting!
I am very pleased to say my recover SO FAR has been good and straight forward!
One happy girl here!
U look like a Barbie doll ... Awesomeness!
Thank you! I am super happy!
You look great! For 5days aswell :) im going to have a bbl with him in April ! XX

1 week post op

Feeling great today! Breasts are hurtig a little more but I think that's because my tummy doesn't hurt as much now and I can feel them more!? Ha!

I went to get my dressings changed and had laser with Jeannine. All went great and I feel so much better! Scars seem to be healing well! I have to say I never expected so soon after my surgery to feel so good! I know I will never look back! I feel sexy again! Even love my scars.... How weird is that?!
I think I will definitely return in the future to Dr Aslani maybe for a little BBL ( if he can find any fat left on me!) lol!
Ecstatic! Finally feel like me again after having my children!
Your results look great!
congrats you look great! did you have MR with your tummy tuck?
Congrats! Results look great only a few days in!

Not feeling good today 10 day post op

I arrived back to Menorca Last night, after traveling all day and getting on 2 airplanes I felt swollen and uncomfortable....also exhausted! Had a bad nights sleep and today I over did it! I haven't rested enough and I feel awful! Tummy swollen especially at the top of my abdomen and I'm hoping it's not a seroma starting.... Last thing I need! My breasts are very sore and bruised, also I have lumpy bits but I think that's just from where my fat was injected in and It's swollen.
Will update pics tomorrow because I really can't move now I'm too tired!
Looking good I'm heading to aslani in may hoping all goes well excited and scared can't imagine myself with a new body. Your looking good how are you feeling? I have 4 young kids and could probably do with a tt but I'm hoping the laser lipo helps improve that jiggly bit and I won't need tt.... Xx
I am feel I good today, the swelling is starting to get on my nerves and I just want it all to heal quick and for me to look perfect! Haha but I have to be patient, lol. DR Aslani is a great surgeon, you wont be disappointed xxx
I'm sure x

Day 11

Hey guys! Feeling a little better today but I still feel swollen! Hope it doesn't last! Here's some pictures I took this morning x

Day 14

It's been 2 weeks since surgery and it's getting easier although I wish I could walk straight by now! And I can't... But it's to be expected it's just that I am so impatient! I'm only a little hunched over and I'm sure I'll be fine soon! A little bit sore but all is good! Can't wait to start and work out again and get back into my running! Any questions please just ask I am happy to help!
Hey your looking great! Already in your jeans and they look fab! How you finding the swelling? Have you measured and lost any inches? X
Hiya! Swelling minimal at The moment but I can still feel it... I'm more swollen at night after a Long day... Not too much to complain about though to be honest. I think the arnica helped with that and drinking 2 litres of water daily also. I didn't measure inches not important to me but I can see a huge difference in my waist and love handles.... I feel better and for into jeans I haven't worn for years so I am happy! Xxx
That's great babe! Well happy for you! X

17 days post op

Hi guys!
Feeling a bit emotional today! No idea why!? My incisions are healing nicely and moving around is getting much easier now. My only concern is my left breast is hurting, painful to touch at the top & it aches....wouldn't worry if it was both breasts but as it's not the one I do wonder if there's anything sinister going on in there!? Or is this normal?

I will update next week when I'm 3 weeks post op and with photos!
see ya!
Just had a read of your review, you look fab especially in those tiny jeans!! I had a breast lift before and your scarring looks great! I looked like i had been bitten by a shark lol had a revision surgery but still nowhere near as good as yours.. You look amazing xx Dr A is the bomb :)
Thank you! I feel better each day! I'm so pleased you say the breast lift looks good! It was worrying me with those awful incisions and my left breast is very sore. I just hope I recover and can get back to normal ASAP! You should put more photos up of our breast lift of before and now it would help a lot of us! I hope you surgery goes well I wish you the best of luck! DR Aslani won't disappoint, he's great. I think I may have a BBL in the future when I can afford it! X
It is very normal to be so sore.. I have feeling back in my nipples but they still hurt sometimes .. I had mine in 2009 and i have had 2 children since.. I will post you some pics but i have no before pics. I have lots of skin that needs filling (thanks kids) but i dont need another uplift.. I will be having some bigger implants in as i only have 190cc which is very small you can barely tell i have any.. Take it each day at a time hun.. I remember after even just having a c section i felt like i would never heal.. But u cant even tell i had one now.. Thankyou so much im very excited.. Iv been eating lots because i want a nice big bum so i have put a few pounds on .. Just excited now. You should deffo do it.. So nice to be able to share such an amazing experience with the girls on here.. So nice to see people feel so much happier in themselves xxx

19 days post op pictures

Feeling good, healing well!
Looking amazing for 19 days post op! Xxx
Thanks im feeling better and positive today! I have one area on the incision that is becoming sore and inflamed but apart from that it's good! And breasts are healing nicely too!

Boobie pics!

Forgot to add pictures of the breast lift! Here they are, healing well!
Hi there could you tell me what hotel you stayed on. I've been looking at tryp and vincci
Hey there! Yeah I stayed in the San cristobal in Marbella as the clinic cirumed is a 2 minute walk from there and I could see them whenever I needed. It's not a great hotel but was fine for lying in bed all day! Lol
Ah I see well I'm In malaga lol. May can't come quick enough


I need advice and help from you all!
I have a few issues with my incisions... My right breast at the bottom of the vertical incision is oozing and looks a little infected. I have been putting iodine on and trying to get air to it hoping it will heal over!
My tummy tuck incision looks fine apart from right in the middle above my pubic bone is very sore to touch and red also looks swollen ( almost like a blister)
What do I do? I am waiting for advice from my surgeon but would be good to hear from you guys, especially if u have had this problem....

More photos of incisions

You look awesome!
Bet your so excited! I had my op Malaga too, but got a taxi with radio taxis ( cheapest rate) at 58€ to the hotel in Marbella and I was then close to the clinic, have me piece of mind! I got bus back to airport which was fairly easy! X
Yeah the taxis are so expensive. I'm definitely having to a I spend 100+ euro on them. But it will be worth it xx how are you getting on.? Are you still planning on a bbl?

5 weeks post op

Hi everyone! A quick update to say I'm doing great! Feeling good even though I have a bad cough and I warn really hurts to cough!
I can move around a lot easier now and it doesn't hurt much at all ( apart from sneezing or coughing). My incisions are healing now after my stitch issues but are taking their time! Still a but worried about them but hopefully soon will be a distant memory!
I just received my pre and post op pictures from Dr Aslani and I can't believe the transformation I've made! I will put the pictures on here... The post pictures were taken 1 week post op. I will update again in a few weeks! Thanks! Xxx
Looking good x
Wow! Ur pics look great! Ur looking amazing!! :-)

Feeling sexy again

Starting to feel sexy!
Even though I'm still swollen and sore....
Wow! Te ves muy sexy!! Has quedado estupenda
Gracias guapa estoy encantada!

2 month post op

Hi all!
Everything is good and I am very happy with my results... My tummy is looking good and I have started running again! Hopefully lose a few kilos before my wedding in 6 weeks!
I'm a little disappointed in the shape of my breasts, they look a little deformed but hopefully with time the shape will get better... If not I'm sure there's something DR Aslani could do to rectify it.
So I feel almost back to normal now... I must ask when I can do abdominal crunches again.

Thanks guys!
Any questions just ask!
Night and day difference. You look amazing! I assume he cut around the nipples? Do you still have full sensation in them and do they work like they used to? At some point I want my larger ariolas cut down to a smaller size but I'm scared about the side affects. I had BBL done 4 weeks ago and lovin the new body but these huge nipples pop out of my bras, swim suits, etc... would appreciate anything you could warn me about :)
Hello! At the moment I get tingling in my nipples but can't feel them as I used to, I'd say they feel sensitive too. Everything is great! You have to give your scars around the nipples time... Mine looked awful at first but they are starting to settle down now... I will update my review soon with more pictures. :)
que bien se te ve!!!!!!!!

Almost 6 months post op

Hi guys sorry its been a while, been very busy! Got married! Everything was perfect! I feel amazing with my new body, the scars are still very large and red but i feel good and very Happy with the results! What do you All think?
Jade 1988 How do you like your body now? Your abs are beautiful!!! Did your breasts drop like you wanted? I have my first consult with the Dr I want to due my surgery on Tuesday!! Im havethe same ssurgeries you did after 2 sections and a life saving surgery. ... Anything will be better then my tummy now
Thank you, i have been working hard in the Gym! Breasts still Look a bit strange with the scar retraction, but i Will have scar revision surgery next year and hopefully get that fixed.
You would never tell by looking at your pictures!! Im hoping for results as good as yours!! Keep updating on your revision ;)

Training hard

Training hard and seeing results????????????
So happy!
Spain Plastic Surgeon

I have to thank this man for his brilliant work! I am very happy! Only 5 days post op, so it's early days and I've a few minor issues with the dressings, apart from that I feel very good and I like my new body already! I just hope to heal quickly now! Xxx

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