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Hai there, So I desided to open a new review,...

Hai there,
So I desided to open a new review, since I am not going to Yily anymore. I have payed my deposit and I am ready to go to dr. Aslani. For sure I will be in safe hands, now hoping that his results for BBL and fat grafting are as good as his nosejobs! =) Some information about meself: 26 years old. 1.74 m, used to be 120 lb, gained some weight for BBL so now I am 124 lb. My plan is to get the right shape, then don't diet or sport for at least 4 weeks, so the transfered fat will have time to settle, after that I will get back to my usual weight of 120 lb, but then with a nicer shape, i hope :)


I'm sooo happy you are doing well enough to post... Most gurls get the lymphatic massages so they don't get lumps from the lipo and it helps with the healing process. Oh, you can change your doctor by contacting Kirsty at Real Self she will update your doctor information.. Happy Healing...
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How many cc in each butt check did he put in for you? How r you feeling hoping all is still well
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Good luckkkkk. Hopefully I will see you out there. X
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Updated on 3 Apr 2013: Had my surgery two days...

Updated on 3 Apr 2013:
Had my surgery two days ago. I wasn't nervous at all, until the morning of my surgery i suddenly got so nervous. I talked with dr. Aslani before surgery, and the ting that made me nervous was that he concluded that I did not have enough fat for a BBL if he would only do my lower back/hips/thighs, so he desided to do the entire front of my legs. Ofcourse it's great since I have skinny legs no, but at that moment I was scared that it would great lumps and bumbs, since that had happened with the first lipo I had 4 years ago.
Then I brought my bloodtest and my HB appaired to be wayyy to low, so they had to check my blood again and everything was fine, thank god ;).So I was suposed to have surgery at 9.00 but since the delay because of a new bloodtest and discussion of my BBl options, in the end I had surgery at 14.00.

I had sedation with local anesthesia, which was great! I was half awake sometimes but felt kind of high and i was happy and relaxt, I don't remember even being awake, except one second, though dr. Aslani told me I was talking sometimes. When I woke up, i was in my hospital room again, with the garment on. The hospital is amazing, everyting is new, super clean, a lot of nurses that all take care of you, when you ring they come in 1 second. And they spoke english pretty well. I slept there for one night, since I came all alone and dr. aslani told me it would be more comfortable for me if i stayed 1 night, so I did. I got some food for dinner and breakfast, and after that i took the taxi to my hotel which was a 1 minute ride.
Right after operation I didn't felt so good, I had no pain at all, but I felt so uncomfotable lying on my belly all the time, my arms were sleeping and I have backpain all the time now. So sometimes I just went out of the bed to walk around in the room, to get my back a little bit more relaxt and to "wake up" my arms. I felt a bit light in my head as well.
When I arrived at the hotel I started taking my medication meself and I noticed already before in the hospital that my face was swollen. First I thought it was due to operation, but now I discovered I am allergic to one of the medication, which is a pain killer. I stopt taking it since yesterday night, and suddenly I feel perfectly fine. I have no pain, I don't feel weak or dizzy and I am not swollen anymore, exually i am full of energy, only my back hurts a lot.
Really sleeping on your belly all the time, is not fun! I don't even manage to sleep. I sleep 30 minuts and the I wake up to walk around 30 minuts and then I sleep again, that how my day and night goes right now.

I have barely no bruises, I am a little swollen but not so much, i am starting to get slim already. And now the most important thing: my ass looks perfect. I can't say anything jet, since I am still swollen and i am very concurned about the liposuction on the front of my legs, I am scared I will get lumps or something, I just have to wait a view weeks. As soon as I can connect my phone with internet I will post my pics.

Updated on 4 Apr 2013:
So this was day 3 after surgery, I feel so good, like nothing happened to me at all. I have like 2 minimal bruises. so the bodyjet + laserlipo really works well for the body! It recovers so extremely fast. The second day i was swollen a bit, but the 3th day i already lost 1 cm which means the swelling was getting down. probabaly I am still swollen, but since that 1 cm, i didn't notice any difference anymore. I didn't loose any of the transfered fat, it is still the same as when i just got out of the surgery room.
Still annoying to lie on my belly all day, i walk around quite a lot in my room and around the hotel, but everytime with rest in between because i am scared that even if i feel so good, i should be extremely careful with my new buttocks :) I don't want to lose it. I didn't sit or put any pressure on my buttocks or hips at all! i had to sit in the taxi for about 5 minuts, i was leaning on my arms and feet ;)
I will post my pics now! for some this might not be the result that you want, but it is exactly what i have asked him for. Not a big butt!!! but nicer shape. I think it is a great improvement with how I was before. Ofcourse I can't tell the result jet, since it is too soon. I am also still scared of getting lumps, and bumbs like after my first lipo, so we i will wait till i form my opinion. though this far i am extremely happy and satisfied!!!! thank you dr. Aslani!!


Your shape is crazy nice congrats u got what I want
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You look good did looks like he did exactly what you asked for. And looks like you are healing well. Congrats
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what is you pre op weight and height? you look thin...i am also thin and i am worried they wont be able to harvest enough fat for my BBL.
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DAY 4 after surgery day MOOD Feeling perfectly...

DAY 4 after surgery day

Feeling perfectly fine, before I didn't have any pain from the lipo, though now i notice a little inflammation on my legs, however this isn't bothering me and doesn't hurt. Pain until now 1 out of 10. can't even call it pain. But I notice that today it is "worse' then das before.

Well I didn't loose any of the injected fat jet! And honestly I don't think I will, the first and second day after surgery the injected fat felt soft, not strong, like it could dissolve any moment. Since the 3th day I felt it was getting hard, when I was lying on my belly it even gave a quite strange sensation. Now the 4th day my buttocks is hard! Just the same as the non injected parts. I guess that means it is settling, doesn't feel like it will go away. I guess that one of the main reasons why people lose there grafts, is sitting on it, touching it, lying on your side of back, anythign that gives pressure the first 4 days can destroy everything. I didn't sit even for 1 second, I didn't sleep on my back or side, actually i don't even manage to sleep at all ;) my back hurts from lying on my belly all the time and my arms are sleeping, one of my arm even has a problem now with the nerves, it doesn't stop "tinkling" anymore, and I don't have strenght in my hand, that sucks, but those view days are worth it!

I try to eat quite a lot, even if I am not hungry, I guess due to medicin and operation, though I am scared that if I don't eat enough now, my grafts won't last. I btw got 4 different pills to take. 2 of them were painkillers, one an antibiotic just for prevention, and one was something for my stomack. I didn't take the thing for my stomack since I didn't felt sick, and one of the painkillers caust a huge allergic reaction, i kind of passed out, my heart was going so fast and my face was all swollen. So I stopped taking that as soon as I noticed my allergy, I had to wait 6/8 hours before it stopped working though. Then today is my last day of anti biotic, and i took one paracetamol yesterday because I had pain in my head. Don't know if that had anything to do with the surgery though.

love my shape, though i hope i will loose some cm. I was 94 cm on my upper legs before surgery and about 94 buttocks, at the hight of the gaps i was only 89 cm and hips 84 cm, waist 64.5 cm.
Now I am 63 waist, I think this will go down to 62 cm
82 upper hips
89 lower hips
96 buttocks
94,5 upper legs

I hope my buttocks and legs will go down to 93 cm, because now I can't fit my jeans anymore! ;) And I like to be slim, with a tiny round butt.
And my right cheek turned out bigger then my left. Ofcourse I don't like that I prefer my smaller left one, but I guess I have to wait for the end result and then maybe make them equal with some ultrasound therapie only on the right side. My buttocks wasn't semetric before either, so maybe that is why they are still not the same. In any case I will wait and then "improve the result" a bit with other treatments.
I also already notice that my right hip is not going down "smootly" I have a little bit of irreglarity, but this can be swelling, and if it is not, it can easily be fixed with a tiny bit of laser lipo in a view months. I rather have too much then not enough, since you can always fix what is there, but you hardly can fix what is not there, I don't have any more fat left for more fattransfer in other parts, I have no belly fat, arm, waiste, back, hip, leg. just have a butt with some hips;) Maybe a tiny bit on my calves, but I would be scared to do that since I saw some bad result with lumps and bumbs.

if possible i would take the lokal anestesia with twilight sedation, or just do what they recommend you. it is what they gave me. I didn't have general anestesia, so afterwords i felt perfectly fine, not sick or anything and i guess it's better for your health (though i am not sure) I though would be "awake", I was awake but i didn't knew i was, you loose your memory from this sedation or something like that, i was very happy and calm, didn't feel or see or noticed anyting, i don't even remember the operation. i only remember one time that i was looking at a nurse but it felt like a dream and i was so happy and just wanted to talk. mainwhile they were operating me, i had absolutely no clue. when I woke up afterwords, I was in my bed, I felt like I drunk 4 wodka, funny actually, I turned "normal" again about 15/30 minuts after surgery, i think, because i asked the time to the nurse and how long i was there jet. dr. aslani told me i was talking during my surgery, so i was awake, i just didn't know it.

best hospital ever been! And I unfortunately already have been in quite a view! It was so new, and clean, and professional, many nurses, that respond directly, they gave me food, they checked on my. The anestesist was very professional. I gave them my blood test, but there was a big mistake on my paper, which said my HB was too low about 8,5. They are professional since they wanted to cancel my operation! They didn't want to take any risks, which gave me a safe feeling. They checked my blood again and it turned out to be 13,7 instead! which was super good. It is so clean there that i can't believe anybody ever got an infection from dr Aslani his surgery's!

Well I was sooo scared about this, that I even had to "negociate" with dr. Aslani right before surgery. I wanted him to use the same scars as I already had, since I develop hypertrophic scars. I had a view ugly ones from my last lipo. Though Alsani told me he had to make new ones, and that they would be ery small. Ofcourse I didn't believe him because the last lipo my scars were small too right after surgery, but then turned huge. In any case, I don't know what he di exactly but the scars are not equal on both sides, which I actually like way better! I have already had two above my buttocks, that he used again. The he made one extre only in my left cheek right in the middle, then he made two about 10 cm under my buttocks right in the middle of my leg, he made on at the front of my left leg and he used two at the top of me legs which i already had. So in total I have 8 stitches. Now I just will do everything possible to PREVENT scarring. Thank god that these days there are way more treatments for ugly scars then 4 years ago. The 4 that I already have, can not really get worse then before, so they don't bother me, I just hope that the 4 "extra" scars will be unvisible.

I was discuss this with Aslani, I have told him how scared I am for lumps and bumbs, I will speak with him the 10th, and we will see the options.


How is your recovery going? I fly out to tomorrow :) see you there x
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going great, I am over energetic, so that is annoying, since I feel perfectly fine but I have to stay calm to take care of my grafts, this week I ate a lot because I thought the grafts needed a little support, but now I will eat normal since I am scared to gane weight on the lipo area's and lose my nice curve:) I don't have pain, though I am still numb in many places, but I do feel my skin pulling and kind of inflammation, though that doesn't bother me. I am not that swollen, my legs fit into my old skinny jeans, only my hips are to big for it now. I think I became a little to big, i went from butt: 92 to 96 cm I hope it will go down to 93. I have almost no bruises, just one really bad one at the inside of my knee it is black! I am a little worried about that one, but will ask him about it today. for the rest everyhting is fine! I am also worried to get lumps from lipo, my first lipo kind of traumatised me, so I keep on looking in the mirrort to discover irregularity's, I shouldn't do that since it is to early to discover, it could be swelling.
have a good trip :)

Didn't update for a while, though everything is...

didn't update for a while, though everything is fine,I am waiting now till the bruises are gone and the swelling gets down that will be about 3/4 weeks. Then I will add new pictures. I am happy so far, my ass looks very nice, and my overall shape as well. I do have some small irregularities but nothing problematic so far, it could be swelling and even if it isn't he can easily do a small microcannula local liposuction. I just want to wait posting any further, since I know that ones the swelling goed down, you look different! If I would be and stay as how I am now I will be satisfied, though I am superrrr scared to get lumps in a view weeks, due to my bad first lipo experience and due to the fact that i did not want to lipo the front of my legs since they were smooth, but dr. aslani told me he had to because i had not enough fat on my thighs and waiste for the transfer, i really hope i won't get lumpy front thighs back in trade for a nice buttocks ;)

So I can't give a final rate jet, since I don't knwo the final result


I'm glad you are confident in your doctor and love your results.. If you wanna change your doctor just contact Kirsty at Real Self she will change this for you... Your blonde wish pic looks exactly like your results... Now you just have to die your hair and the transformation will be complete.... I'm partial to brunettes though. Ha
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haha thnx :) yes i will tell her t change my doctor! I am blond actually, it looks so dark on the pic, but not that light blond ;) I loveeeee my curves, reallly stare at it all day hahah in the mirror. I just can't enjoy the result et 100% since i am still scared for what comes next when the swelling is gone and the unevenness gets visible.
Just wanted to say thank you for all your updates. They are very useful for girls who aren't able to make it to places like America. So glad that your healing well. Look forward to seeing more pics :) xx
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Day 11 PO: everything is the same, i love my...

day 11 PO:
everything is the same, i love my shape and butt, just gained a bit of weight, because i eat but don't move that much. so when i passed the 3 weeks tha the grafts will need to settle I will watch my food again, and after 4 weeks i will start working out, if dr Aslani agrees on this. In total i gained about 2 kg before surgery and 1.5 after surgery, so 3.5 kg to loose.

PAIN, the numbness is going away and suddenly is start to feel some intense pain in the front of my thighs, it is a reallt strong, but very short pain, take like 5 sec. and then it goes, and then view minuts later it comes again on a different place... too bad because I actually thought I was lucky ;) since I didn't bruise to much and I had no pain until now.

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So i am 2 weeks PO now, and I feel fine, no pain...

So i am 2 weeks PO now, and I feel fine, no pain at all, and bruises are dissapairing except one. I do notice that i am way more fat now! maybe because i didn't move enough or something, but it get harder to fit my skinny jeans, and not only the butt part, but my calves just really got big and my upper legs are 1 cm bigger then pre op as well. I guess i gained weight, can't wait to loose it again, cause I really start to feel a bit uncomfortable wearing my clothes!


Mimu I think ur result is absolutely great what a change u look totally different, u hardly had any fat, what a change !!
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Yes ur story is really nice, I haven't been on her for a while, but it is good to read ur experience, this is very encouraging, thanx

Hey everyone, my review started so well, and now i...

Hey everyone, my review started so well, and now i got lazy with updates and pics. I am sorry for that. It's just this whole operation was a big thing for me, I stayed two weeks in Malaga alone for recovery, and then went back home. My problem is that I don't fit ANY of my clothes, and that is a bit frustrating, my buttocks is pretty round, but for what I wanted and asked for it is a bit too big, the left side is okee, but the right side is bigger, that looks weird when I put on jeans (can't close them though). My "lumps and bumps" got worse then before the surgery, and I feel a lot of hard lumps in my legs, I know I have to be patient, though it is a little scary, what if it is all scar tissue?
I also think that laserlipo is so much more invasive then regular lipo! When I had regular lipo 4 years ago, i didn't have any bruises or pain after 7 days. I was able to wear my normal clothes and go out and do everything I do normally. Now it is completely different. I am 17 days PO and my legs are bruised and feel numb, I also feel irregularities and hard parts where my "love handles" used to be, which really never occurred after the first lipo. The only thing i can do now is wait and hope that it all smoothes out. Though I am quite upset that my legs have more lumps then before. That was my biggest fear. And since my buttocks is to big to fit any of my jeans and even my skirt don't look nice on my anymore, so actually I look worse now with clothes on and because of the lumps also worse without clothes even if my overall shape got a slightly nicer curve. I am not even feeling close to being satisfied.
I will update pics in a view days. I just need to try to focus on other things now, because if not I only make it difficult for myself to deal with the recovery period.


Ohhh I LOVE your results!!! This is exactly what I would have wanted!!!
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do you know how many CC's of fat you got transferred to your hips?
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Hips I really don't know, I don't think so much, maybe about 50 cc, i look quite curvy, but that because he took away my love handles, when i touch the transferred part, it doesn't feel like a lot of fat.

Small update: Sometimes I get a little...

Small update:

Sometimes I get a little concerned, just because that is how I am when it is about my body. I guess it's because my first lipo of 4 years ago was soooo disappointing, it really broke me down at that moment, I felt so stupid that I payed money to get bumps and lumps on my thighs.

Well my right buttocks cheek is a bit bigger then my left. My left is absolutely perfect, I do would like to have an even better buttocks, but I am sure there dr. Aslani did the best thing possible with my already existing butt that I had before surgery. My butt was already asymmetric. It was not bigger then my left but it was hanging a bit lower then my left. Therefor I guess it was difficult to see how much fat to put while I was lying on the operating table. My right is bigger then my left now, and i must say I don't like it. It is too big for me, I can't fit my jeans and even wearing skirts or dresses my buttocks looks too big, this even shows more then before because dr. Aslani took the fat from the front of my thighs, which means that now I am absolutely very skinny everywhere except my buttocks. I feel that my butt is too big for my body. Though I must say it is round! And I think many of you girls that apply for a BBL would be very happy with the roundness and fullness of my butt. I absolutely love my hips and new curve, it is very sexy and feminine and he did a good job on my front thighs, I barely notice any lumps, which was my biggest concern when he told me he had to lipo them. The scars he made are also very good. He used 4 incision holes on top of the scars I already had and only made 3 new once, they are super small and I am sure they will heal nicely and small and barely visible over time.
I didn't lose much of my grafts, though my buttocks is "falling" back in a more natural shape, which is logical since swelling is gone.
Now I will just wait a view more weeks, then I might want to lipo my right buttocks a bit and use the fat to fill in a dent that I have on my left leg due to lipo (this dent I already had from my first lipo, only I think it might have gotten a bit worse then before, or at least more visible since I have less fat on my legs now)
I will update pics soon.


Can't wait to see pics!!
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This is a very nice result !
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Sorry for deleting my pictures + update

Hello everybody,
I am sorry for deleting my pictures, I will put them back on this week!
I didn't write for long time,because my result didn't change that much. And I wanted to wait at least 5/6 months, before saying something about the final result.
I must say that, my shape is curvier, the fat transfer to the hips really improved my shape. The liposuction of the front of my legs went quite well. I have some small irregularities but I think when I start working out again it will all look okee.
My left butt and shape turned out great. It is a bit more round then before and the hip curve is good. My right side unfortunately is a different story. Since I had a liposuction already 4 years ago, the fat tissue right under my buttocks wasn't strong enough to carrie the extra weight that the dr. put in the top and side of my buttocks. the havyness and pressure pushes my buttocks down, which made my buttocks droopy. Besides it turned out to big. I definitely need a revision surgery, which actually is not so bad. Many of plastic surgery's have to be done twice to get the optimal result. None of my friend whether it were breast/noses or liposuction, had a good result in 1 time. I am not that worried, since my problem still is fixable. He shoudl take out a bit of the fat injected in my buttocks and place it in the buttocks crease, in this way the overall buttocks keeps it's round shape but just get's a bit smaller/lighter on top and the extra fat injected under my buttocks will give it more strength to push my buttocks up. I will talk with dr Aslani this week to see what the options are for a revision. I also want to have fraxel laser performed on the left side, to see if the fraxel improves my striae which I already had and on the scars that I have. Further I want to discuss with dr Aslani if a treatment on cellulaze on the left side is an option to smooth out some irregularities that where caused by my first liposuction from 4 years ago.
I keep you all up to date and will post all my pics!


Hello hun, thank you so, so much for posting this review. Yours appears to be the most comprehensive review on Dr Aslani I have found on the site, so it is much appreciated. I had my telephone consultation with Dr Aslani last week and since then, I have been near-obsessed with this procedure, I am so looking forward to booking at the end of this month. Thank you again for your review xx
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Hehe I understand the 'obsession' part. If you want I can send you some pictures. You should be very clear about what kind of buttocks you want, because some want it very big and others like me just want to improve the shape. Aslani can do both, though SoonBbl says here fat didn't take. I think she was unfortunate, your body needs to create new blood supply for the fat cells, maybe in her case her body didn't do that so the fat died. I do believe that in her case it doesn't matter which doctor did the operation. I have researched soooooo much before doing the surgery about the best technique and the coleman technique, and results of other doctors and their techniques. Aslani definitely uses a good technique + the laserlipo gave pretty good results as well. Good luck!!!! Are you going alone, or you have support?
Don't doo itttt. Fat melts.
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Update almost 10 months PO

Hello, I've noticed that more people in Europe are interested in undergoing this procedure. Don't go all the way to America, if you do good research you will notice, that every doctor even the 'best' have positive and negative reviews.
My fat survived, I just had a bit of fat transferred, I was/am very skinny, so Aslani took the fat from the front of my legs. About 300cc each buttocks he told me. My buttocks and 'shape' is more curvy and more round. I am not 100% satisfied but that has to do with the fact that my buttocks was already uneven before having surgery, (due to a previous botched liposuction) now it appears more uneven then before, I had hoped that he could have created more symmetry. I will schedule a consult with him, to see if i can have a small revision.


Hey so happy to see a positive update hun when you looking to have revision x
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Hello, thank you so much for your reply. Please feel free to take a look at my review, I updated it again today. I mostly want to improve the shae of my buttocks, but I would also like to increase the size as my buttocks are extremely flat, as you will see from my photos. Dr Aslani recommended 750cc for me, but I am considering maybe 800-850 for the desired look (I am very tall, almost 6ft, and broad so I believe this would look good on me). I have read SoonBbl's review and I'm not sure about her credibility, mainly because there are no photos to back up what she said. I'm not going to allow this to affect my own decision. I don't have support, no. I have decided not to tell my mum as she was extremely worried about me during my breast augmentation last year. I think I will take Jenny's advice and tell her after the op. Of course, that means that I will be going it alone, which is very scary! I would love to see your pics if possible, and to stay in touch with you as you've been through it before! Would you be so kind as to private message me and I will send you my e-mail address? I have tried PM'ing you but there isn't the option on your profile. Thank you xx
Oh that's weired, I didn't know that people can't pm me! I will write you a message now. I went alone as well, didn't tell anybody. You can do it :)

Just read my entire review and just wanted to mention something

I will go back to have a small revision, not for the roundness of my butt, but because my right side is a bit bigger and is lower then my left, as i mentioned before. Just red that i mentioned, hard bumps after laser lipo on my waist, well thats all gone! I don't have any hard parts or bumbs on my waist, it is very smooth and soft. Only thing is that I got a little skin discoloration where he went to close to my skin. But remember, I was VERY skinny, it is super hard to lipo a skinny person without leaving any marks. I remember my waist was hard and hurting when someone touched it for quite a long time! view months, but now it is all gone. remember that lipo doesn't seem a very hard procedure to undergo, but it takes your body a while to recover completely, I had 2 already and for both it took about 5 months before all hard/hurtful places were gone, but it never really bothered me because it are just small places.


Sorry girls, for letting everybody wait for my pictures. So many peopek have send me private message for my pictures that I have decided to put them on probly tonight or tomorrow, I will leave them on for 1 week, so you all can see my transformation, then I will remove them again. After my touch up with dr. Aslani in March (to improve my liposuction deformity from 5 years ago with other dr. ) I will upload pictures again to show the final result.
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Awww thank you ! Can't wait to see
Really looking forward to seeing these hun :) xx

Pictures, I will leave them on just this week, use them for own purpose, please don't repost

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more before pictures

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Pictures about 1 hour after surgery

I was still feeling 'drunk' from anesthesia, this is taken in the hospital. Wearing the same suit as the before pictures.


Hi mimu thanks for the pictures your shape was totally transformed. You looking forward to March are you staying in Ibis again? xxx
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One day after

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after 12 days

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6 weeks post


Hi there did you have your surgery yet haven't seen u about x
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Did you have your treatment in malaga or Marbella? Has anyone had their bbl in malaga?! Please let me know!
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Wow! You look amazing!! Your new shape is streamlined and beautiful, congratulations! This has made me even more excited about my surgery :) How many CC did you have? xx
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Soon I will update again

Didn't update for a while, I had my small revision. I am still waiting for the final result, so I will update when i hit the 2 month mark. Everything is fine, I had like 1 small bruise, no pain at all, it was hard to stay calm, at least I can work at home behind the computer, so I wasn't too active.
To everyone, I never had any real pain in all these surgery experiences, but of course, not everybody is like me! I red some stories about people that do experience pain, so don't compare yourself with me, not every body is the same.


Hi, I am thinking to get my BBL done at Circumed clinic. Could you please advise me about your experience, has the fat survived, how is your overall body shape like now? How much did you spend on the surgery? I hope to hear from you. If you have pictures it would be great to see them :)
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Hey. I had pictures on for a long time but I took them off, due to privacy. I know it helps people so i might put them back on later. All the fat survived. I am 13 months po. But maybe that is also due to the fact that he did not transfer so much fat. My shape changed a lot, i am more curvy, my legs are more slim and my butt is more round. It is an improvement + the scars he makes are minimal you don't see them.
Oops sorry, logged in with my new profile. I made it to stay anonymous for different questions, not about BBL. but now it doesn't make sense anymore ;) It's mimu.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is very nice and friendly, takes good after care, answeres yuor question, and spend a lot o time for you, I always get answeres straight away, and I didn't have to wait long for my procedure. He did a great job on the liposuction, and he is a master in fat transfer, he was able to transfer fat to my buttocks even if I am very skinny and almost all the fat stayed. I also needed some small places with fat transfer to fix my previous liposuction that went wrong. He didn't do it the first time, because in his eyes it was not so bad looking (I am a perfectionist) and because it was very difficult to fix. I went back, because I told him it still bothered me a lot, he at least tried to fix it, but of course couldn't promise improvement. I have to wait for the result.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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