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I'm a 21 year old British student approximately...

I'm a 21 year old British student approximately 5"7, around 50Kg who's always been sad about my breasts. When I started growing around aged 12, I dreamed of this beautiful womanly figure. But by the time I was 15 I had stopped with one boob a B cup, and one a small C cup. At age 18 I considered implants but told myself I'm still growing.

If I was looking at sexy lingerie to wear for my boyfriend, it had to be heavily padded to make me feel better. I once purchased a cute babydoll, only to leave it at the bottom of the drawer as it had no padding and hated the lack of cleavage, lack of boob and lack of anything.

So this year, I've been researching the procedure, the risks involved, the different types of implants and found this site along the way with all the beautiful results and happy women!

I'm hoping I can be a DD (apparently I shouldn't think of cup sizes!) after my operation but I'm worried my expectation is unrealistic. I'm planning to visit a surgeon in Madrid, Spain that I like the work of. I'll see after my consultation in a few weeks. I will add some before photos when I feel confident enough to show them. In the mean time, I'll upload some wish photos. :)

Consultation booked!

I have booked a consultation on Thursday with a surgeon a close family member's friend used, her results are fantastic! I have heard he's very professional, I'm hoping to book the operation for late December if I can book that far ahead.

Before image

These upset me to look at. Why did nature give me such uneven breasts?

First consultation done

I spent ages trying to find the place but eventually I turned up with a few minutes to go. The lobby was very fancy and professional, so first impressions good. I booked myself in and waited so nervously I was sweating!

Eventually he greeted me and discussed all the complications, prices and implants used. He eventually told me I'll be insured for the rest of my life should any problems occur, so all future surgeries will cost me nothing!

He measured my breasts and said I will have a perfect result with the cleavage I want. I have booked a second consultation where we discuss size and type of implant. He says I will have the Areola incision, under the muscle with cohesive silicone.

I find him to be very professional and friendly. I have found the surgeon who I trust will give me the result I want!
Dr Moises Martin Anaya

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My father lives in Mallorca, Spain and I was wondering what the going rate is over there for saline breast implants ? I payed $4,557 for mine one month ago but I am thinking about going bigger so I wanted to know how much they cost in Spain because my husband and I and our daughter of course will be visiting Spain next summer , any info is greatly appreciated :) Good luck with you new boobs , you will love them and wish you had of done it years ago !!!
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It really depends on who it's with! I'm not sure about Mallorca I'm afraid as I will be going in Madrid, they are not short of hospitals so prices are very competitive.
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I agree with your observations on the wish pics. Are you going for natural looking breasts, or more of a fake look?
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Id like a look in between the two. Id like them to look round, but not beach balls.
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You look amazing. What size implants and what type of implants did you end up going with? What size are you now?
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That is my wish photo, I haven't been to consultation yet :)
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Hi lady, you are looking sweet, please how can I get the contact or information are about this Dr? I'm waiting for reply thank
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I haven't visited him yet. I sent you a private message with the details I know.
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Hello good afternoon, I have seen this lady breast is it $3, 000 to it, if I also want to make my own I am have interested, I am waiting for reply thank you.
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