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I have decided to do my breast augmentation with...

I have decided to do my breast augmentation with Dr. Aslani for his experience and the confidence he showed me when he talked about the procedure to get a more natural and sexy result with his method of combining implants + fat.

I've always played sports and now I'm more looking for a fitness body, I started to lose some fat in all my body ( also in my breast).

I felt the need to have surgery for entirely personal reasons, I have no problem with my body or low esteem, I love go to the beach, and wear nice bikinis in the summer, and I want to feel comfortable with my body.

In my case I do it only to be more happier and feel more sexier.
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Sorry another 3 days to go . Getting close. Good Luck. Please keep u posted. Thanks
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Good Luck. Hope all went well for you. Sending healing thoughts your way xox
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Hi great to read your review I am from spain and I have eyed the same surgeon. Will have my consult soon and I am hoping for fat only breast augmentation. Most I have found here is on buttocks and , although I admit his results seem very impressive, I guess that is a very different game. Keep us updated, thumbs up.
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Your breasts are gorgeous! Think hard before implanting. Look around the realself site and you will see that there are many women with major health problems that they believe are caused by breast implants. I am 58 and am on my fourth pair. I have had implants for 41 years and had capsular contracture with all of them. Breast implants last on average 10 years. You will need to have them removed and replaced every ten years. I have autoimmune disease, hair loss, arthritis, brain fog and more. Many other women on this site are going through the same experience and now we are explanting in hopes of healing. Many of us are deformed but happy and healthy after explant. Just think hard about it before you dive in....it is a lifetime of future surgeries.
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Good luck
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