A Little Overdue Butt.............Spain, ES

1 day post op and I can say that this journey has...

1 day post op and I can say that this journey has been well worth it.

The wifi in my hotel isn't very great at the moment so I'll give a pre op bio.. my 'during' experience and then how I am currently doing in a few hours!

A quick insight into me and my pre op physique... I'm in my mid 20's, no children. I chose Dr Aslani to perform my BBL and I will speak about him and his team more a little later. I'm 5'5 and weighed 230lbs (not sure if that has altered). Wide hips and some form of waist line hidden among all the fat =o] but that's mainly it for now...

Stay tuned... I'll update this soon as the wifi is sorted! Also pictures to follow! Pre and Post!
Thank u!!! I love the support. U guys are awesome!
Congrats and safe recovery

Some pre op pics... (1week-1day pre op)

Ok so I took these a week prior to my sx date... Any questions feel free to ask... Ideally i wanted to lose a WHOLE HEAP more but impatience got the best of me... Depending on what u want your outcome to be... Be very strict with yourself and patient at the same time when selecting a date... U need to be mentally and physically ready for this as your outcome will depend a lot on how you 'go in'...
I hate my fat pics... YUK!
Good luck¬°¬° how' s going??? Best wishes luv..
So far so good... U can see a crazy change in my figure.. I'll snap a few in a couple hours.. No pain, just mad discomfort from this binder!!
Can't wait to see your post op pics

Ok.. So out with the old and in with the new!

So I only managed to get a few shots at the hospital.. But the lime green background photos were taken the day after (yesterday) back at the hotel. I've made these updates so complicated but just imagine I'm a day behind!
So I had fat grafter from the abs back and flanks and this is just a quick glimpse to see what wonders Aslani can work with even the biggest of patients. Now bear in mind I explicitly said to him that I had no interest in a tummy tuck as I have no children yet and didn't want any complications... Doctor A did just this a didn't vigorously lipo my ab section as I requested however still managed to make it flatter than before. Anyways enough babbling for tonight... It's 4am... Gona try get some rest... By the way, it's amazingly great having the company of MissDar and her lovely husband (and SDLondon at a distance) you never feel alone! =o]

The pictures that didn't attach to the previous review...

You look great Hun! Cya soon x
Hey SD!!! I hope ur feeling a lot better now.. Less swollen? Thank u by the way... Xx
welcome on the other side !

So officially Day three!

I have my massage booked for Wednesday 6th Aug.. I'm kind of nervous.. Is it going to hurt? Is it physically going to drain any solutions from me?! Either way.. It's protocol that can't be avoided.. Well I think it's important to mention here that I had 4800cc removed and 1400cc grafted into each cheek.. My intention wasn't to have a humongous ass but morse to get that hour glass shape which in my opinion is coming along nicely!

Again the pictures to follow the previous update..

I do not know why these will not upload with the update!?

Third time lucky? (Picture Upload)

U look nice mama
Thanks a bunch love!! Gettin there....
Looking good hun, did you show Dr Aslani a wish pic? If so did he agree to get as close as poss or did tell you if it was realistic?

To all the Aslani haters out there...

I'm not tryna cause a controversy but for all the posts I've been reading about Dr.A not being able to carry out procedures as well as the surgeous in the USA and DR... U can't really make those stipulations from looking at the pictures on the site... Now speaking from experience, those pictures on the CIRUMED site are not only a fraction of the work Aslani has done... I think it's all about personal preference. Me myself... I didn't particularly go in screaming I want a ghetto booty (tho tempting lol) however I did was a sexy shape and to fill out areas on my bum... This is exactly what I got... However bearing in min that Aslani works on many Latina patients, he does know what that physique entails and looking at the portfolio, has the ability to do a BBL to the same if not exceeding the standards of surgeons in the USA and DR. Enough about that anyways... Just a morning rant.. Now for the photo update if I can get this right... My face is a little swollen today but that Anica cream is working wonders with the bruising... A few more days and I'm sure I'll be clearly... No major swelling on legs just yet... I've in fact had next to no pain post sx... I'm really really happy tho!!! Netting up with the other BBL girls today... It's nice having other people to go to restaurants with who have no choice but to stand and eat with u lol

Sorry guys...

Excuse all the typos... Until I get home I'm updating my experience from this shitty phone so a few of my updates I read over after and I'm like WTF?! Lol
Your recovery is coming along well! Your journey is encouraging me to take the steps to embark upon my own! I am anxiously awaiting more pics!
Aaww that's really beautiful to hear!!! I guess this is the positive side to what this site is for and it makes me so happy that I made te decision to share my experience as I wasn't keen on doing so initially. But I say so go for it!! Just do your research and prepare urself in general.. Do what makes YOU happy.. So far my experience has been nothing but positive.. STILL no pain and smiling more and more each day! I'm shocked myself!
Woohoo well done your ass definitely looks phat! Must be great having the company of other ladies also! What hotel you staying at?

Still no pain?!?

Ok.. I am starting to worry now because I should have felt some form of pain by now?! My he other girls have had their ups and downs but me.. Jus a slight discomfort from the start till today but due to the tightness of this binder!!! That Nelsons Arnica cream is a GODSEND.. Imu can litterally see te difference in a day.. My chest bruises are clearin so so quick! LOVE IT!! Now I know I still havnt given the chronological run down of my surgery from A-Z and I really want to but I'll have to do it all from my laptop as soon as I'm back in the UK- I'm talking everything from what went in my suitcase to what time I arrived at gatwick airport and nearly got refused for an oversold flight until the smell of my room as the CIRUMED hospital and the akward cab rides I've taken on my tummy!!! But that will all come later.. In the meantime, Ill just update u with the current projection image and them after my lymph massage and stitches removal 2mro I'll post some full body pics!! Whoop woop!! POSITIVITY!
OMG what a bum. You certainly do look good
Looking great big thumbs up
Can't wait to see the after photos

Before I update you...

Just a quick thank you to my thank you messages.. I think it is lovely and so encouraging to hear how my review is being recieved by others.. Thank you for the two "thank you's" I recieved this week.

Moving on quickly... THE STITCES ARE OUT!!! Whahoooooo!!! Again no pain at all.. Just a mild 'waxing' sensation when the pull off the circulation strips (red- see photos above!) Now I'm going to post some photos... My iphone 4S is shitty and the results are WAY WAY better in person but I'm sure u will get the gist!

TO ALL THE BIG GIRLS.. PLUS SIZE BABES.. BBWs out there.. Aslani IS he man.. He can do what u think can only be done across the Atlantic.. I can help but harp on.. It's only cos I was in the same predicament and still shocked to this day that I found love 2 and half flying hours away!!

Anyways.. PHOTO TIME!

Ooh one more..

Till I'm back home!
Baby what a good review....i love u i Miss u :( thnx for beeing there for me the whole jurney hope everything in your lief workes out as you wish...you deserve the best!! And love ur new big asss :) say helo to ur bf
Keer my english sucks man :o i said lief i.s.o. Live damnnnn babe u need to teach me
Or is it lief?

Home =o]

Morning/afternoon barbies and kens!!!!
I'm back home now! I miss Malaga.. I miss Aslani.. I miss Lucia and the Cirumed team.. I miss SD and her wise words and I MISS MissDar!!! But I've brought home a brand new and slowly improving body!!
The flight back was ok.. FULL.. But the crew were awesome and talked to me the whole flight in the galley.. Yep.. Talking is what I do best.. But I'm gona take a quick nap then a shower and I'll upload some fresh new pics in the undies no garment!
Looking very nice and curvy
Hahahahahahahahahahaahhaah yeah you talk so loveley my friend!! Miss dar missess u more

Drumroll please.........

So I removed the garment to show RS what I was left with.. Not perfection but something that I can say that I am very very happy with and can now work on myself... The bakery on my back is almost sold out and I'm not left with one stubborn roll! My butt is full and the back dimples show a little more.. My belly (still very swollen) is also flatter but that is now between me and Mr. Gym to negotiate on.. So all in all I'm super duper pleased.. What ya think?

Really need a better camera..


Hi doll. Just ran into your profile again. How is everything? Are you ok and recovering fine? Would love to see new pics :) Have a nice weekend!
Your pictures look incredible. How did he do your skin ? I have been told that it takes some weeks or month to retract, but yours already looks back into place. I admit that I do not want a very big bum. You have done so well,but I definitely don't want so much. I love your waist
Hey how are you getting on with your recovery? X
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