46 Yo and Want Them Curves

The last month I followed RS and trust me I feel...

The last month I followed RS and trust me I feel more determined than ever. I've been talking about this BBL for years but not really able to find a srg ...or that is, I found some on the Internet but it's so difficult long distance and the only reviews i got what commercial stuff from the doctors mouth. Anyway I research a bit in Brazil but kind of gave up until now :-) It's great to be able to follow real persons, ask questions, looking at all ur reviews...thank u sisters ;-) It's a big help.


Hubby took "nice" pictures of me - will post them in the weekend. After seeing those pics I'm more than convinced that this is the right decision. Not often u see u selfs behind without any close OMG I hate the square and handles. Hopefully I'll have positive answers from the srg's when I consult them :-) I lost 10 kg/22 lbs over the last year and w now is 146 lbs which i guess is a good baseline.

BTW can anyone tell me if the butt will be real soft again? and when can u expect this post op? - Hubby's worried *lol*

Good day t all of u out there - and happy healing :-) :-)


Before pics...hopefully them BuTtey can transform a sponge to a nice pear ... :-)

More pics with close

After weight loss I'm quite satisfied with my body WITH close on. Just them curves.....I can't find them !! As u can see I have a small waist compared to my upper body and all that fat on the bag. My thighs are not that big just have this loose skin on my inner thighs......Gravity: GO HOME!

BTW I'll take all the tips I can get in how to pic yourself in the mirror.....have to be the queen of yoga to do this!

Update update....I'm 46 now :-)

Don't want to change my headlines though but don't understand why my profile shows location Spain. I'm thinking about having the BBL in Spain - but girls, I'm from Denmark the cold Scandinavia - anyway.....would LOVE to live in Spain


I've contacted Aslani and just wait to hear his opinion.......so excited!

No answers from dear doctor Aslani !!

why....! I used the RS formula - is it a misunderstanding or am I just being impatient.

Sorry sisters ......e-mail from Aslanis cliniq went to my Spam..


First option and reply.....!

Wow now it gets more realistic. Got a nice email + Q from Cirumed Clinic which explains standard procedure for BBL....that is

liposculpture of the flanks, abdomen, waist, back and thighs
They will also fix the hole u can see that I have on my left thigh using multiplane microinjection technique!! don't exactly now w that is, but if it works I'm so so happy.

Actually the hole developed because I have some inner scar tissue from falling on skiing loooong time ago - it's like a little lump .....and age made it a hole. Can u believe it!? Age is a magic thing when it comes to the body *lol* Glad this doesn't happen to the bubs.....age 80 and just 2 big holes..s what!

Well I'm really really glad to have made this step AND I will continue my research an get other srg options. Which u all the best out there...pre or post u have a big kiss from me


wish.....not which!

sorry my spelling


Now back from a long and the most wonderful holiday in Greece.....just love that place. The sun, the food, the people.......lying on the beach thinking how it would be if i have had my booty done. bin away from RS for weeks have made me think......and think..... and think.......going crazy about this. Today reading all the reviews for and against the PS' makes me confused and a bit frustrated. All u dolls are beautiful and your results are amazing. Me thinking ...why all this research....why try US when there's a fine PS in Europe.....later (about 2 minutes) thinking....oh the best are in Miami and they have the experience and so on. One's for sure ....I want a big butt and curves. All thees questions knowing it's me who has the answers..........HELP!!

Can't wait

to see the doctor's answer. Until now I've made a request to:
1. Aslani, Spain
2. Salama, Miami
3. Mendieta, Miami

one more and I'll stop my research - thinking of Wendell Perry cause he seems to really care about curves and contraction of the skin.........anyone here had a sx by Perry?

Just want the day set soon - it would be so nice to beach-walk with a nice, big, soft curved, smooth, round, big and big BUTT :-)


I got mail :) from Salama so now it's 2 options.....wrote Perry and Mendieta but nothing from them yet!

so by now my options are:

1. Aslani:
A bit short but nice e-mail from them.
Price: 7,482$
Included 1 garment, post op medic, drainage massage (don't say how many), all fees (anesthesia, hospital etc)
Insurance? Maybe I'm covered by my EU medical insurance - have to ask.

He has good results/reviews - it's short distance from Denmark. Not expensive and I'll save money work wise, hotel and flight ticket. I'll be able to stand up most of the flight (app. 3 hours)

The e-mail was very factual and not very personal if u know w I m... No insurance? The price is low but will go up as I need extra massages, transport, hotel, food etc. and I will be by my self as my hubby can't go with me. He might also be a bit conservative being srg in Europe ....hmmm!

2. Salama:
Got a really kind e-mail from ass. Nancy which made me feel comfortable.

Price: 9,499$
includes 2 garments, 2 post op massages, buppy pillow, abdominal board, Lipo foam, all fees AND insurance. She doesn't say anything about medicine needed - have to ask!

He also has good results and as I see he's more "aggressive". My wish pics is his patient 22, 23 & 38 .......omg if i could have that. For additional 1,899$ I can have 10 days at recovery house which includes all transportation (also pharmacy/grocery), meals and 24 hours supervision. I like the idea having professional around me and if I'm lucky I'll meet one of you RS dolls there.....what a Butt-lifting-Partayyy we could have.....all on our stomach struggle like h...@@ - gonna need thees yoga lessons and I'll show you how to split in a garment...*lol*

Well Salama means more $$$ with the flight ticket and srg but when a total of 10,500 I don't need to think about hotel, food and transportation..........I like oh yes I like that!

I'll update when Perry and Mendieta respond.

xxxx RS sisters ty for all your reviews - I wouldn't be without them it is so helpful - be happy and enjoy your SELF :)


Just read my review........about conservative i meant Aslani not Hubby *lol* Don't want that....Naaaahhh!

Foam an abdominal board

........I know what foam is in word but can anyone explain please!! and what do I do with a abdominal board ?? .......jump on it, sit on it, hit myself in the stomach (or head) with it or just look at it and be grateful that I got it..........It sure is Friday and I'm at work.....shit I'm getting addicted.

Wish pic and nice recovery

Think Salama is my PS

But I might change my mind - looks like I got the time :) this is the mail I got from Nancy. It just seems right.......and expensive $$$

Good morning. I hope this email finds you well and I thank you for sending in your pictures for Dr Salama to review. The following are his comments:

“ Patients is a great candidate for the BBL. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I will liposuction which are her abdomen, back and flanks. I will use the fat to inject in her buttocks and give her more projection and more hips like she is requesting. Injecting under the muscle has a high probability of creating a fat embolism therefore I prefer to inject above the muscle. I will fill out the cellulities to improve it but it may not go away 100%. The compression garments will help with the skin retraction. Necrosis happens with lack of vascularity to fat therefore it sometimes dies. This is something that we can’t control. I can most definitely give her 800 cc’s per side and even more. Seeing as how she is coming from so far away try to have her stay for 11 days in total and that includes the day before surgery as well. Overall I foresee giving her a good result.”

As you can see he is quite comfortable with what he will be doing with your body. The total cost of the BBL is $9,499 and if you would like to add additional areas it will be $500 per area. As for the recovery house that would be a great idea for you since you are traveling alone and from so far away. The stay at the house is $1899 for 10 days but if you have to stay one more day its only $200 additional.

We do require a 10% non refundable deposit to secure a surgery date. We are booked right now up until May and June 2015 therefore please let me know soon if you would like to schedule. If you wish to do it sooner I can always put you on a waiting list to move you up sooner.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All u dolls need a big hug

The last week I've read a lot of reviews from u booty babes out there and I must say ty for being here. I don't know any of u but in some kind of way I feel I do.... Important for me is I'm not feeling alone with all my thoughts :) And to all u post bbl shaking dolls.........CONGRATS!! y'all so brave and beautiful

I will....

I will update soon and upload new pics....da... it's difficult when your away from home 12 hours a day. Well Mendieta replied and I'm waiting for a new e-mail saying what's included in prize ...and I mean ALL included - garment, massage, recovery, insurance etc. - don't want to pay 14K just for a good PS reputation and experience. I know he's good really good - like a BBL guru :) With Salama I have to wait until September next year. Mendieta has a special offer within 2 months - but not possible for me with my job...looking for a billionaire? ...well don't look in my direction *lol - you'll just see an a$$$ need to be "adjusted"..!

Mendieta not include.....anything!

Well Mr. M. is out. I got really nice e-mails from his office but the information about whats included was not the paper worth - I mean the price is sky high and no massage, no garment, no nothing. Of course u get all included concerning the srg but after few hours your out. I don't blame them it's just there way of doing it...but not on me..no! I'm going to be Salamafied with the recovery of 10 days. I'm out of country patient and don't want to take any risks. Girls if any of you have stayed there please share your experiences with me - good or bad but honest ** Actually I replied with further questions to Mendietas office but didn't receive anything. Not good manners - I want answers to all my questions - this is a big decision and when I'm sitting in the air over the Atlantic it's to late to change the PS. well sorry girls - got myself heated. Now I just have to make this date for srg.........and beside all this - hubby begins to pull in the other direction.....hmm! Gonna grab some lunch now - maybe my blood sugar needs it - *lol* Next time I'll be back with sunshine reggae!!

What a taste

Daughter gave me one of these the other day - so sweet....and so dam tasty :) good for the diet! She said banana taste was the only no go.

I'll be back soon....

...sorry to let yall down but my father got on the hospital and I almost lost him. He's still in intensive care but is awake now and will hopefully "be out" next year. We're not that close but me and my brother are the only one who's around and able to take care of his stuff. When my dad is "ready" I'll give him a wake up telling him to take care of him self. He's a diabetic, has lung problems, heart problems etc........and he smokes, eat too much and unhealthy, doesn't do any kind of exercise ......and OMG I don't understand how he can treat your self that way and I'm getting sad and F..... angry at the same time. Sorry just had to let it out.....

I miss all you girls AND ....I'll be back ASAP!! :)

Climbed the first mountain

Placed the deposit today and checking my email every minute to see a confirmation on my date from Salama-place. Uuuuuhhhh this is exciting - over the top now. Of course there no reply now as I'm 6 hours ahead in Denmark - right now it must be 7 a:m in Miami. 5 days ago Nancy told me they had May 5'th free and I decided to go for it this morning. don't know where to make my dance - just want to jump and laugh - but I'm at work now, so maybe that's not a good idea - They would go she's getting crazy in there - lets call the doctor.....well I already did *lol* I'll stay at the recovery house btw. So now dolls let me know if any of you are going to Salama in May 2015 :) I will enjoy a few days before surgery and stay at a hotel before srg. Love to all you sisters out there :)

Well wanted this to be on top like an introduction but i can't change it - so here it is dolls :)

I researched this BBL thing a long time ago had some phone calls with Brazilian surgeries. It's about 8 years ago and they all recommended me to have implants as they said the fat would disappear by time!! Well I never went...couldn't make up my mind and it was just to far away both mentally and geographically. Some years ago I started the research again and read about Mendietas body-sculpture-thing. I was really fascinated and determined that I wanted that some time in the future. Thought it was amazing that you could get these results in a kind of "natural" way I mean without implants or any other stuff. Anyway time's passing but It never left my mind. This spring I googled again and found this RS stuff........best thing ever happened on this journey till now. You now girls I'm from Denmark and I've never seen anyone with a BBL for real never heard of anyone Danish girl done that (or Scandinavian). It really helped me to read all the honest stories and made me realize what this is all about - I mean the hole journey, the srg., the pain, the thoughts, ups and down .....everything. And all my questions being answered it's a gift - and a free one :)

Well I'm not getting any younger and now I'm going - doing my BBL thing. Want that ass to shake *lol* Well I can shake it but it's just like some skin waving in the air when I'm doing so ;-)

I'm ok with my body and I don't expect miracles and trying to be realistic about this. I just want some curves and projection. It's like my dimensions went wrong from the minute I started my teenage and later became a woman. I've done all the working out, dance, karate, kick boxing, weight training etc. through the years and I liked it and still do, but there's just a limit - you can't sculpture yourself all the way unless you want to be all muscles and I DON'T. I like the softness that goes with the female body - tight but soft :) And when it comes to my butt.... it's just to small compared to my upper body.

It's almost 20 years ago when I had my breast argumentation and it was the best thing I ever did to my body. I had nothing there at all believe me. The little I had was deform so they had to use (loose) the skin from my body - I didn't have enough under my tits so to speak. That's why I'm still able to go without a bra ....some day they must drop I guess :) Well in spite of this experience and because I've been thinking of this srg for a long time, I'm sure I'll be happy about my decision. I really hope I will because I know it's a lot more than a breast argumentation in recovery matters and so.

You all supported me here and I really need it now more than ever after I made my mind. And I will do everything I can to help and support you sweeties out there - we all deserve the best!!


I'm on

The calendar. So strange to see "my name" there.....woooohhh!!

Update and recovery help from my RS sistars

well it's time for an update. I'm living in a bubble these days - I lost my dad 1 week ago, he never recovered and they called from the hospital last Friday. The funeral is next Thursday because I have to wait for my brother to come home from Sweden. It's so sad and I just do all the practical things now without thinking or time to feel the "normal" things. I'm not good at this so enough og all the sadness here - just wanted to inform you.

I also want to ask all who might be able to help me about recovery. I've decided for Serenity Recovery Retreat as it's payable, looks nice and you have all the caring and transport you need. I wont be able to get a private room though and that's ok if my buddy is one of you happy girls here ;) But can't be sure. Can anyone recommend good places to stay near Salama Cosmetic Clinic? Just want something to compare with. I'm traveling alone and don't know anything at all about Miami FL, so I guess a recovery house is the best. Hugs to all of you.


It's Christmas and I'm going to enjoy - I've decided when this week has passed a new time begins. I'll keep the good memories, laugh and cry when I feel for it and be glad that I had the chance to say goodbye to my dad - not everyone gets this opportunity. My mom is going to help me with the flowers and all at the funeral and I really appreciate as she divorced my father long time ago and I would never expect her to do so. Me end hubbys small family will celebrate the Christmas at our place and it's going to be great. We're training our cat these days to do the walk with Christmas decorations round the belly and he's quite good *lol*

Thank you sweet sistars for all your support - it really means a lot to me *XO*

My mom is going to help me with the flowers and all and I really preacheate this as she divorced my father 45 years ago

Happy New Year to all

HNY!! RS Babys. 2015 will be the best I'm sure :)

Had a little thing the other day getting so d.. nervous and having crazy thoughts about this srg in May. Going "What the f... are you doing to your self ...!" and "Is it worth it?" Right now it's YES, but my mind was freaking out you know like when your pregnant and thinking about giving birth (mothers know what I'm talking about) - it's like "what am I going to do.....!" and "Is everything going to be ok"..."Will I be ok?" and all that stuff. I'm ok now and maybe it's a good thing having these thoughts - anyway it tells me that I care and have concerns. And yes it is a drastic thing to do this BBL and with the flight and all but I'm on it ;) u see I'm having this discussion with my self - like a f..... schizo - Girls please tell me it's ok **XO


Well I'm calm now :) Maybe I just freaked out because I've been alone with these thoughts for a while and all that sadness concerning my dad and all. I've reading comments here for an hour now and actually it helped me (of cause it did) ;) It's very supportive and again I realize that I'm not alone. Thanks to all of you. I'm less than 5 months post now and looking at the flight prices going down *lol*

My biggest concern now is how to get all the preparation stuff here in Denmark!! It's seems like it's much easier to get in the US. Anyway I'm planning to go 2-3 days before srg and spend some time in Miami. Also I hope to find a srg buddy. It's almost 3 weeks without friends or family. So if you're having a srg in Miami start May this year I would be happy to hear from you sis **

Fit for "Fight"

Saturday this girl was out on a 5 km run....... today her legs is like - can you say muscle pain!!! And this girl know that the only way to get this any better is to go out there again - and again and again. See you dolls!!

Vitamins and Momondo

Well girls now I bought my Vitamins - only C, Iron and multi vitamins. I talked to Nancy and believe she's right in her recommendations. Since I don't have any health problems and my blood % is fine I started with 25 mg Iron suppl. The pharmaceutic told me it would be to hard for the stomach and liver if you have 325 mg for a longer period. So my plan is:

3 months pre:
25 mg Iron suppl.
1000 mg Vitamin C
1 multi vitamin tablet (100% cover)

1 month pre:
325 mg. Iron
1000 mg. Vitamin C
Multi vitamin without Vitamin E

I know this is not much but i guess it's enough :) I also have 2 Imedeen tablets every day for my skin - I've done that for 8 years now. Don't know yet if it contains anything that's "not allowed" but I'll check it of course. Want to thank yall for good advice about pre med. and supplements but I'll try the European style and pray!

Momondo became my friend. With the travel agent there I hope to catch a cheap flight to Miami and right now it looks dam good. I'm planning to stay from May 2'th to May 19'th. I'll stay at RH from 4'th to 13'th. So u see I have 2 days in normal condition to shop and enjoy some holiday before the BIG DAY and 5-6 days with a fat a.. (hopefully) bumping around and try to enjoy .......what!? *lol* Well I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to post pics and updates grls!! I just don't know where to stay and would be grateful for any kind of help - should I get a condo, Hotel, Motel and in which area?? - could be nice in walking distance from Victorias Secret *lol*.

A cup of tea

...gave me this :)

Wish pic

I stole this wish pic from Newboo - o oh plz don't tell *lol*

01/30/15 - Body measure

As almost everyone I know I also gained some weight through the holidays ;)

Currently I'm
5'6 and 152,1 lbs,
Breast: 39.3"
Waist: 34.6"
Hips: 38.6"

Please tell me if this is the right way to put it - I'm not use to these units :)
W 152,1 lbs
5' 6.5"

I think it's an ok base considering the srg. With no srg I would probably try to go down to 138 lbs that's my ideal weight. Who knows about the future maybe my new ideal weight will be exactly where I am now.........could be soooo nice as long as it's heavy on my behind {popo}*lol*

Tests, tests and tests

Provided with a document from PS I went to the jungle og lab tests explanations, medical health expressions - Google became my biggest friend and I concurred Wikipedia ....yeah! With some translating I found out what was blood test, urine and other tests. The letter from PS just list them up in a row without any explanations. And yes I know that another doctor know how to read it, but I also know what to say and ask for when I book my doctor. In my dreams they'll build a walk-in lab in Denmark.... It's just so complicated in this country. ANW when I'm done I'll know if I'm pregnant (like it would be a possibility*lol*), have HIV, can't stop bleeding, have infections, heart problems ....- that's great and I'm positive. Had to ask Nancy about EKG - I don't understand why it's necessary, most PS ask for it if you're 50+ y.o.

My best wishes to all my sistas out there especially to the dolls forbidden sitting on there new big bootey - happy healing.

Enjoy the weekend grls! **

More wish pics

...know it's not achievable but it's nice to dream....)


Had the answer from Nancy:

Dr Salama and the anesthesiologist both requires everyone to get an EKG regardless of age. You can have a heart condition and not know it therefore that is why its required.

And of c I respect that - and I have a good heart *lol*
Dr. Moises Salama

Nancy has been so sweet I feel completely safe though I only had e-mail contact by now. I'll review post op :-)

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