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I had body jet lipo done yesterday on my stomach...

I had body jet lipo done yesterday on my stomach and flanks. I'm a 35 yr old and weighted 136lbs. I had my procedure done in Spain and my Spanish language skills are lacking so I felt a bit lost on numerous occasions. After drawing on me and taking my photos they took me in to theatre
The first thing to know is that its freezing. After they spray you and you lie down on the bed I was so cold, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering! It wasn't the best start.

I can't remember much about the procedure as I was put under general anesthetic as the sedation didn't work. I just recall waking up, feeling very disorientated and in pain. The doctor and nurses were great especially after a few hours when I tried to eat and drunk some water and I was violently sick all over the side of the bed. I finally left the hospital after 10h and slept through the night. The pain isn't that bad. I can walk around but it looks like I've shit myself. I'm so glad I didn't have any further areas done. If I had known what I know now I wouldn't have gone through with the surgery and I don't even know its worked yet. If you are thinking of surgery just note it is a massive step and a serious operation. I will update you in a few days I am too scared to taken compression garmet off at the moment.

I am nearly 2 weeks now and my weight is still higher than normal plus I can't fit into any of my clothes. No pain but really bad swelling and lumps. I would give anything to have my pre body surgery back. I had the procedure done in Malaga, and would highly reccomened you don't go through with the surgery or if you do have it done in the UK, carrying your case back to the airport is a killer and recovery on your own is difficult.
Did you go to the Circumed Clinic? How do you look now?
Yeah, be warned though that the actual operation is in Malaga though not Marbella. Honestly I look terrible had my 3 months evaluation last week and I think I look worse than before the whole thing. I don't care about the money I would just like to have my old figure back. I have lumps (which may or may not go in the next 3 months 40% chance they will go) and a weird line plus wrinkly skin and I seem to be bigger than before although my weight changes excessively (over 3kg in a weekend?). If you are thinking about having it done then think again

4 months on

Yes 4 months on and I would still rather my pre surgery body. I have a really uneven appearance, lumps, wrinkly skin. I'm in the gym an hour every day and have no results. My stomach is big. I look ridiculous I'm a bikini. Just wait my surgeon said who I don't think cares, doesn't even examine me, I've waited 4 months. Then he says he may have to do a revision as if I'd let him touch my stomach again!
Reading your post makes me nervous too! I am sorry for what happened to you....Was your body drained after the surgery? It looks like the fat was not lipoed correctly and the injected water remained under your skin?! Did you get the opinion of another surgeon in the UK? Thanks for your feedback.
I cant believe this. Thank you for sharing. I saw this . clinic online and was seriously considering them I've even got a mail from them as they are so close to the uk. This has fully changed my mind. This is the 2nd time a real self review has opened my eyes. I'm beginning to see this as a sign to just not mess with gods work.
Thank yo for sharing your images. This is a major wake up call, that even when you go to a nice clinic and pay a higher price, it might not give the best result. When looking at your pre-surgery image, I do understand why you wanted lipo to begin with (don't get me wrong), and I think it is horrendous that you ended up looking like that. I hope something can be done!
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