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Otoplasty Evolving Wrong - Spain

Hello. I had my otoplasty done 9 days ago. I took...

Hello. I had my otoplasty done 9 days ago. I took some pictures after five days and some more pictures just today. As you can see, my ears have a bit of 'telephone' effect, and the right ear is curved, mostly at the top of it. Both are swollen but the right one is more than the other; I dont know if it is curved because it is more swollen or just because the surgery was not good.

You tell me please. I went to my surgeon a week post op, but since I was wearing a pretty tight head band both ears were closer to the head and less curved, so he said they looked fine. Tips please. Thank you.

I would try to relax and not worry about it for at least 6 months. Your ears are going to come out a little more as they fully heal, and they might end up just the way you want. IF they don't, I think some of what you're talking about with the word "curved" might be the prominence of your earlobe, which can be corrected pretty easily on its own, and could create a continuous line from the top of your ear down. But seriously, wait it out for a bit and try not to be too obsessive during the healing period, they're going to get better!

Hi. Three and a half months later, my left ear is...

Hi. Three and a half months later, my left ear is pretty closed to the head except for the lobule which is too prominent, I do not like it, It should draw a straight line from top to bottom. The left ear is too prominent on the top, and also the lobule is prominent. Can this be fixed easily? My doctor said that I should come back in six months and that he will correct whatever is needed...shouldnt he have done it ok to start with? Thank you.
Hello again! As part of my revision otoplasty, my surgeon corrected my earlobes. It made a huge difference for me. That being said, I'm not sure I would have done it alone, if it hadn't been part of a full revision. It was, by far, the most painful part of the procedure, and took the longest to heal. Basically he took a chunk of skin out of the back of the lower earlobe, and then resewed where it meets the upper jaw/neck. If your surgeon takes out enough, it will absolutely produce a final result, but the stretch/flexibility means that the healing process is quite painful, at least it was for me, and I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance.
Hi, how long did it take to heal? and, is the result final or not? Thanks. P.S. My protruding earlobes are not so obvious when you look at me from the front view, but they are obvious when I have my face slightly turned to the side, left or right. You see the tip of the ear, then almost nogthing, and then the earlobe that looks like an earring or something. Was it the same with you?
This was a while back, but I want to say it took about 3 months to stop being sensitive/painful at times. It fully healed exactly as it looked when the bandages first came off. My whole ear was under-corrected, thus why I got the full revision, so I didn't quite have your issue, but I think I would have had exactly the same thing if he hadn't done the earlobes as well.
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