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Hi, I had one 1/2 hr session on my belly for the...

Hi, I had one 1/2 hr session on my belly for the first time last Saturday. My daughter 27, also had a session on the same area.

People say it's painful, but that was not my experience. It was a bit uncomfortable but nothing worth writing home about. Later that night I leaned on my belly and it was soar, that's when I noticed the bruising. It has been sore for a few days but not intolerable.

My daughter had no bruising, and actually said her belly felt tighter already. I had made 2 appointment for this week but will be canceling one because it's still a bit soar, but will be going back Saturday. I was told it takes up to 4 sessions to see a difference. I will definitely be sticking with it for at least 3 more sessions.

I think the pictures look worse then I felt. I will say again the treatment itself was not painful but a little uncomfortable....later that night, it was soar, like a hard workout.
I will keep you all posted of both myself, and my daughters progress......stay tuned!

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Wow, your bruising does look sore, hopefully the pain's not as bad as it looks! Looking forward to seeing how you progress over the next 3 sessions!

Hi again, Just a quick update. When I called to cancel one of the appointments the receptionist told me to make sure I ask the women giving me tha valeshape to lower the vacum volume...this shoul help eliminate the bruising..... Just thought anyone out there afraid to try it because of bruising.... Try this suggestion! Till next time.....

Oh that's good, so hopefully you won't be as sore after your next session! Please do let us know how it goes and if lowering the volume helps.


Quick update

Canceled last Saturdays appointment because I was still a bit sore ...
Def, going this coming Saturday and will post ASAP!
Ummm, now where did you say that you were located to get a $39 deal on a series of treatments like that? What's the name of the place?
Use Or like I've seen them for as low as $39. I just bought three treatments for $99 on life
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