36 Years Old, The countdown begins... Cup A to Large C - 355cc moderate profile

I have always been tall, and of a thin build, amd...

I have always been tall, and of a thin build, amd breasts smaller than usual. I had my daughter early in life, I welcomed her just after my 21st birthday. After breastfeeding, I was left with pancakes !! I never really have been in a financial position to consider it in the past, but npw I can, I think its time to treat myself. I have booked in for Dec 5th 2014... its late Aug now... so 3 months to go. Im excited and scared at the same time. No one but my sisters and my daughter & boyfriend know about it. No one at work knows, and until I feel adjusted to them, and confident, I will keep it to myself.

I am currently a 36B, and want to go to a
good size C. I have had the initial consultation with my Dr, and he has recommended 360cc saline implants.


Welcome to the forum. I'm a gold coast girl too . Good luck with everything. You can learn heaps on here...the good the bad and the ugly. Just be very clear with what you want to your surgeon. I thought I was and didn't get what I wanted. Communication is so important. Make sure that you take in heaps of photos of your wish boobs too. Size is deceptive. What we think looks like a c may actually be a dd or more!! Also what profile do you want...just all things to consider. Also consider your height. A 400cc implant on someone short can look big whereas on someone taller it can look small . cheers Shelly xoxo
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Thankyou so much for your advice. Because come to think of it.. I do feel like the initial consultation didnt cover the look I am after at all. Can I ask what doc you went to ? Also more info on what you didn't like about the results ?
Check out my profile and read my story...its pretty interesting lol. Went with dr. Richardson. He didn't really give me much advice regarding my size...I thought I was getting big boobs and ended up with nice boobs but not the look I was after. Also my right implant is off centre. He thinks satisfactory but not for me. I'm looking at a revision now. If you ever want a chat you can pm me and I can give you my mobile or even meet for a coffee :) cheers Shelly xoxo

Unsure if I have made the right Dr choice

I guess the luxury I have at the moment is time. As I cannot take any time off work until early December, I have began to look further into my choice of Dr. This is after a lovely girl from my area on this site that wasn't happy with her results after using Dr Richardson, gave me some good advice.
And I have read some other comments that also reflect what I felt during my first consultation with Dr Richardson. That being that the size and most of the decisions that I would think a professional surgeon would tell me, he left to me. So I am going to call Dr Layt today, I have seen some great reviews on him. If anyone has had any experience with good doctors on the Gold Coast, let me know !!


Hi Shelly, I meant to write to you also, to let you know I think your boobs look great. I know they are not what you wanted, but honestly, they look awesome to me. I have always had small boobs.. and looking at your pics.. i would love to have boobs like yours !!! But in saying that, I do hope you get the boobs you wanted in the end. xxoo
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I have heard that dr layt is fantastic ..
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I think you are being Very wise to shop around and see some other docs.
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Shopping Around

after reading reviews on this website i have been very lucky for the insight. Some reviews on dr richardson were not as good as i would have thought, seeing as this is such a big decision to make, im shopping around. i have made an appointment with doctor layt next week, and early september i have an appointment with luke stradwick. both are on the gold coast.i must say that the initial phone call with lakes office has already made me feel very reassured hey will do a good job. The receptionist covered a lot of questions and really try to understand my exact outcome desired. She was very knowledgeable and was very open with regards to risk send or complications. She even said that she was available to meet for coffee before my official appointment with dr luke, just to go over any questions i may have and this will be completely free of charge.she said for my consultation i wanted to bring in at least 5 pictures of what i expect the results to look like. this way we can see my desired look and then marry it up with his expert advice to come to an agreement on what would be suitable for my breast augmentation regarding size, shape and positioning. they use the implants naturel. i think i want from looking at pictures 350 cc moderate profile round and textured. i have put some pictures of my dream boobs on this post.dr luke can still fit me in early december, so it looks to be at this stage i will definitely have to surgery before christmas. I am getting so excited, googling so many pictures, and i even bothered to sports bras today to wear after the operation. Well they are kind of like a sports crop tops with very wide elastic at the bottom i'm guessing this will make them pretty comfortable after i've been in that much pain. For me my biggest concern and worry is not getting the results that i want. Also it is the thought of what the doctor will do to my body in the operation which kind of makes me a little bit queezy. i have to just stay focused on the result to get through that part. I do have time on my side to research and find the doc said it's going to make me feel the most comfortable. For that i am grateful. I have waited so long for this moment and i want it to be perfect. And spending that much money on a surgical treatment is a very big step for me. I pray all goes well and i can not thank the people on this website enough for sharing their stories and their experiences, they can literally change your life. So on the countdown now.....i will prost again after my next two consultations and give some feedback.

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New Crop Tops ?

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excuse the typo's

I just re read my last post.. and loads of errors.. I tried doing it via voice rather than typing on my phone.. lol.. will proof read next time


I always suggest getting more than one doctor consult. Just in case you haven't seen this already, here are some important questions to ask during your consults. We'll be anxious to hear how it goes!
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Very happy that you are seeing Layt. I can't believe that you got an appointment so soon! Ive been on a waiting list for months. ..jeez I'm calling tomorrow to find out what's happened with my appointment lol! Xoxo
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Hi Shelly, The appt was with Julie, his assistant.. and the receptionist did say he was booked out till Dec for consults... but the appt with Julie will fasten up the process. But I have cancelled anyway, as I can't afford the fee this month, will have to re schedule for next month :( I have Dr Luke early Sept, and he is the one I really want to see, so doing him this month and Dr Layt the following :)

3D Imagery .. Very intersting !!

I went today to see Dr Luke Stradwick and had the opportunity to have the 3D imagery done.
It was amazing to see what the end results would look like.. but also soooo embarassing to see how flat I look side on. Just confirms for me I am in need of boobs badly. I think that I kind of only let myself see my chest on certain angles so in my mind I don't hate my flat chest too much .. but I am so happy that finally something is going to be done :) Dr Luke was amazing, and I have another consult with his receptionist Lisa, and then the final consult with Luke closer to the surgery date.
He has recommened 355cc - moderate projection, Naturelle textured implants.
He said the pics reflect the look of my boobs around 2 years after surgery and they have dropped right into place and looking really natural. Any bigger, he said would not look as natural.. I am happy he actually told me the right size to go with my wish pic, as my previous consult with Dr Richardson felt like all the crucial decisions regarding size was left to me.. I feel like I can trust Dr Luke and he understands the results I expect.


I'm very happy that you are getting the care you deserve hugs shelly xoxo
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Thanks Shelly HuGZzz ♡♡

Getting Closer !!!

Tomorrow, its 8 weeks till surgery...!! Having moments of excitement... followed by feelings of fear. I hope I am making the right decision, the main thing i worry about is the size. I just want them to be exactly what I am dreaming of. I have one more consult before surgery and I think then I will have my last opportunity to make sure I am 100% happy with the size we decided on.


I totally understand your feeling's at this stage, I am having boob job dreams and most of the time they end up bad...freaks me out when I wake up! I go from excitement to fear....when it's years , months away it seems unrealistic..now it's getting so so close ha ha.....we ll be so happy next year with our lovely boobies!
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Exactly! I have had boob dreams already! Some are really awesome and some are really scary. Two months away and it's gonna be intense.
Eeeekkkk it will fly!
Dr Luke Stradwick

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