Upper blepharoplasty

I am a 36-year-old Asian female and was fortunate...

I am a 36-year-old Asian female and was fortunate enough to have a decent eyelid crease, but I had excess skin and fat which hooded my eyelids. Eye shadow never quite looked right after I applied it, and every time I looked at pictures of myself, my eyelids always bothered me.

I had my surgery (upper blepharoplasty) in October of 2011. Recovery was a breeze. My eyelids were bruised for a few days but cleared up within a week. The tape and sutures were removed at my 1 week post op visit. I am now 11 days post op, and my eyelid creases are still settling, but they’re exactly how I wanted them to be. These are not the best pictures, but hopefully when I get my before and after’s from my PS, I will be able to post them on here.

My PS is a perfectionist. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an upper eyelid surgery! He also performed my mommy makeover at the same time.

P.S. To view my journeys, please click on my name and look under “Treatment Reviews.”

I wanted to add that Dr. B uses general anesthesia...

I wanted to add that Dr. B uses general anesthesia for this procedure, and I did not feel any recovery pain. The price listed is for upper blepharoplasty by itself. Since I had multiple procedures performed at the same time, the cost was a little less for me. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions!

Day 19 post op pics posted. Last week, I had a...

Day 19 post op pics posted. Last week, I had a minor infection on the inner corner of my left eyelid. Nicole was awesome and able to schedule me in to see Dr. B almost immediately. I was prescribed some antibiotics, and the infection has gone away. But you can still see a little redness when my eyes are opened. Dr. B says the swelling as well as the scar on the eyelids will go down with time.

6 weeks post op ~ Changed "Worth it" rating to...

6 weeks post op ~ Changed "Worth it" rating to "Undecided." My eyelids look a lot better than before surgery, but I've noticed that since the swelling has gone down, there is more skin on my eyelids than what I would have liked. I'm afraid that as time goes on, I'll still be left w/ hooded eyelids. :(

7 weeks post op ~ Had a follow up appt w/ Dr. B...

7 weeks post op ~ Had a follow up appt w/ Dr. B today. He says to give it time, and he will assess at 6 months post op. So I guess if nothing happens in the meantime, I will update again in April 2012.

Added pics taken at 3.5 months.

Added pics taken at 3.5 months.

6 month post op ~ Well, 6 months came and went,...

6 month post op ~ Well, 6 months came and went, and the eyelid fairy never paid me a visit.....my eyelids look exactly the same now as they did 4 months ago. Dr. B was willing to waive the surgeon fee for a revision, but I would stilll be responsible for the hospital and anesthesia ($1,600). I've wiped out my savings to get my Mommy Makeover and bleph done ($15,435 total; $12,245 went to Dr. B)....and I don't know about you folks, but I don't have an extra $1,600 laying around to get my eyes fixed (again). And that would be extremely selfish of me to spend more money on myself when I need to start saving for my kids' college education. Just my two cents. *SIGH*

Uploaded 6 month post op pics (no makeup) with...

Uploaded 6 month post op pics (no makeup) with different angles.

Dr. B is willing to work things out with me. :)

Dr. B is willing to work things out with me. :)

Let me start out by saying that the problem with...

Let me start out by saying that the problem with my blepharoplasty started out with miscommunication. I should have been more specific with what I wanted. Dr. B’s approach is to leave his patients looking natural. In my case, my results look very natural; however, I preferred more skin to be removed. Most Asians undergoing blepharoplasty prefer the 90’s “westernized eyelid” (e.g. largest crease possible), which may appear to be unnatural. I wanted something in between. Dr. B has done nothing wrong…we simply had a difference of opinion. But the fact that he is willing to make things right just goes to show you what an awesome doctor he is.

I had my revision done on 6/05/12. I'll update...

I had my revision done on 6/05/12. I'll update this review in about 6 weeks. One thing hasn't changed, though...I still think that Dr. B is the BEST surgeon out there! :)

Updated w/ my 6 week post revision pics. For some...

Updated w/ my 6 week post revision pics. For some reason a little over three weeks ago, I had a problem with my left eye again (what is it with my left eyelid???)...it became itchy and swollen. I think it may have been due to my using mascara again or a new makeup remover, but I gave it a couple of days and it didn't get any better. So I contacted Nicole, and Dr. B was able to see me almost immediately. He suspected it was an infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. Problem fixed. :)

It's been almost 5 months since my revision, so...

It's been almost 5 months since my revision, so I'm updating w/ pics. Everything has been going well so far.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

What can I say about Dr. Michael Bogdan that hasn't been said already? He is absolutely the best!!!

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I highly recommend DR RICHARD GALITZ. My upper Bleph is PERFECT ..... They are located in Aventura Florida.
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Hi there, I had similar problem. Hooding on my upper eyelids. You should be glad your doctor was conservative. My eyes are still settling but I feel you my PS took too much skin. Your revision looks fantastic!
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Hi Sunshine555, sorry to hear that your experience didn't go too well. I, too, am glad that my doctor is conservative. Every time I go to any Asian place (store, restaurant, etc.), I see the older ladies with their obvious eyelid jobs and am thankful that mine doesn't scream "she had plastic surgery!". I hope yours get better as time goes on.
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Hi again...so I had mines done 11 days ago and I already feel like I need a revision done! Especially on my right eye. The scar is kinda bad and lumpy and my lid is not drapping over. Which is not good because it doesn't hid the scar. I told my dr. about it and he keeps telling me that theres alot of swelling still. The incision on my left has a nice straight line so it looks nice. Ether way, it think there's still alot of skin that needs to be removed and I wanted a semi-epicanthoplasty, but he did a tapered look. Not sure I like my eyes very much:( I'm envying yours though. Your eyes look perfect!
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Thank you. I'm sorry that you are not feeling happy with your results so far. My doctor told me that swelling can last for up to 6 months, so you may have to wait longer to see how your final results will look. My eyelids healed unevenly for a few weeks, but eventually they caught up with each other.
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I am so impressed with how you look that, I'm almost speechless. I'm so interested to get my eyes done but I'm not sure if I can spend a week in Tx. I'm happy for you to find this amazing dr that worked with you until you got this amazing result. And there seems to be no sign of incision. He's fantastic. Thank you for sharing your story and pics with us.
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Thank you very much! I feel so lucky to have found my doctor. Yes, you are correct that there are no signs of an incision. Dr. B has a special method of sewing the sutures underneath the skin so that the scar is not noticeable when it heals.
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Wow...your eyes look great! I'm getting mines done in 2 weeks and I'm so scared of the results and trying to get back to work in 10 days after surgery. Yikes! How did your eyes look after 10 days?
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Thank you! After 10 days, most of my swelling had gone down, so I looked normal for the most part. I'm sure you can return to work in 10 days without anyone suspecting anything. Good luck with your surgery!!!
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Your eyes look great! :)
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Hello there, How are your eyes doing after the second surgery?
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thanks for asking...my eyes are doing well. i will post some updated pics soon. btw, how are your eyes doing? do you like them better now that more time has passed?
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you look amazing! are you still happy w/ the results now that it's been almost a year? have you noticed further changes during the last year? thanks!
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thank you! well, it's been only 2.5 months since i had my revision surgery, and i am happy with the results so far. i'll try to remember to update my review at 6 months post revision.
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I agree
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I absolutely agree with you regarding the pain free post surgery. My recovery has been great although my crease is becoming lower than what i would have like as the swelling subsides. I can't wait to see your photos!
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How was your surgery? Pics please :-)
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thank you for asking...the surgery went well and was pain-free as usual. i don't know how dr. b does it, but he is such a professional at pain management! recovery-wise...both of my eyes were super swollen this time (think of rocky balboa at the end of one of his fights where his eyes are swollen shut, but minus the bruising). my kids told me i looked like an alien (thanks, kids...haha!). but to be fair to dr. b, i will wait until my eyelids are more settled to post updated pics. :) how is your recovery coming along?
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May mom has been advising me on foods that I should avoid while healing. Did you avoid any such food (shellfish, beef, soy sauce, etc.)? Also, Dr. B said that it was not necessary to treat the scar in the eyelids but I was wondering if you did any treatments? Your scar healed so well...actually, its non visible from the pictures. I would like to have great healing results as you did. Sorry for asking you so many questions. Your post has been a tremendous help in my journey of finding a great caring doctor. I had a very bad experience with my previous surgeon.
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hi there! i'm so glad that you are having such a good experience with dr. b. i did not use anything on my eyelids.....just a little aquaphor in the beginning. dr. b said my scars have healed very well...they're almost invisible. :)

haha...asian moms are so funny!!! here are their old wives' tales: shellfish will make your scars itch, beef will make your scars dark. i didn't deprive myself of any foods. so don't worry about it!
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you know what's funny this time around? my mom is STILL telling me to avoid those types of foods! moms....gotta love them! :)
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Hello there,

I had my surgery this morning and everything has been great so far...very glad I chose Dr. B. Good to hear that you and Dr. B are able to work things out regarding your revision. :)
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that's great that you finally got your surgery! :) feel free to post a review w/ pics when you get the chance! happy healing!!!
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Hello there, how are you? I am ready to schedule my surgery for April and am very excited yet nervous about the swelling that will be present after surgery. Do you have any photos of day 1 or around the time within the first week after surgery that you could share?
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sorry, i never saw this post....day 1 was pretty gross, so i don't want to post that pic...i still had the tape and thread...i think the thread was removed at 1 week post op. good luck on your surgery, and please share your results! :)
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