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I am 36 and in reasonably good shape 5'6"...

I am 36 and in reasonably good shape 5'6" and 140 pounds size 6. I hate my belly after having two kids. I have stretch marks and loose skin below my belly button and not matter how hard I workout, my abs never have toned up well.

After reading reviews on this board, I made an appointment with Dr. K in Southlake. He is wonderful! He made me feel at ease during our consultation and pre-op. And his staff worked to get me a surgery date to meet my summer vacation schedule (I want to be well into recovery by summer). My surgery is on May 5 so I'll post when I'm done

Well today is day 2 post op. I can honestly says...

Well today is day 2 post op. I can honestly says I'm a little more sore today. I have a high pain tolerance but I'm feeling it more now. Dr. K wanted me to get up and walk around every few hours starting yesterday so I think that may be why I'm a little more sore. Already making the muscles stretch and work a little. My abs are already FLAT, and i know there's some swelling, but WOW what a difference. I had my friend get me an old lady walker. I don't use it to walk as much as I do to steady myself with sitting or standing, and going to the bathroom. The nausea subsided early yesterday (day 1 post-op) but I am staying on all my meds on schedule and taking the anti-nausea as prevention. I'll yall updated and good luck to all the TT'ers coming up next week!

Day 3 post op. Not much change since day two....

Day 3 post op. Not much change since day two. Drains are turning more pink with clear, instead of red, and less output. I'm still taking all the pain meds on schedule and I can def tell when they start to wear off. Upper abs seem to hurt all across the top but lower only around the incision. I've been getting up about every 2 hours to use the bathroom. Gas has started to set in. I've added dulcolax to the med routine hoping to soften things when I finally "go". I'm a little scared for the first on. I'm really alert but it does hit me every couple of hours and I have to cat nap. All in all, things are going good, way better than I expected.

This morning is the 4th day post op. I thinkI over...

This morning is the 4th day post op. I thinkI over did it yesterday because I'm a little woozy today. I've had a few more naps today and don't really have the energy I felt yesterday. Last night, I happened to drink a sip of juice down the wrong tube and the coughing commenced. Oh Em Gee!!! I thought I was going to split wide open! I grabbed a pillow and BF held my head and hand close to his chest. I think I squeezed all the blood out of his hand. It hurt SO bad! I've started using ice packs here and there, which help a lot. The swelling is also really annoying right now. The drains seem to be slowing down and are mostly yellow and pink now. My follow up is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. My 5 year old son comes home this afternoon and as much as I have missed him, I hope I can give him the attention he'll need. I think today is going to be a long day!

The end of Day 4 and the swelling is still feeling...

The end of Day 4 and the swelling is still feeling tight. I also noticed I hurt a little more today. I think it may be a result of moving too much yesterday so I stayed in bed a little more today. Still no poop and I'm still taking the laxative, and the gas is pretty bad too. The drains are mostly light pink and lower output so I'm hoping my PS will take them out at my appt on Wednesday. BF went back to work today and I won't see him for a few days, but my friend is still staying helping with house work and getting meals prepared. I'm a lot more alert and starting to feel normal, except for the gas and swelling remaining. Looking forward to a good nights sleep

OK so I must warn you on day 5, something happens...

OK so I must warn you on day 5, something happens with the meds. I have had to the most realistic dreams the last 24 hours! I even swore I was talking to my friend in my bedroom, and I happened to ask her what time it was. The only reason I know it was still a dream was that when I woke up, I checked the clock. I was even waking up and falling asleep back into the dreams at the same place I left off! Really weird stuff trust me!
All in all I'm good. I stopped the Oxy this morning (after the dream issues) and have been taking HC as needed. I've been pretty good so far. It's about nap time and I'm trying to stay rested. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping the drains will come out.

Yesterday was my post op check up. It's been a...

Yesterday was my post op check up. It's been a week since TT and I didn't get my drains out :( I did finally get my binder which really helps with the support. That was my first big day out of the house in a week and I was pretty worn out when I got home. I am still uncomfortable but getting better every day. I've decided to start staying up longer rather than returning to my nest every hour or so. Time to re-energize and get ready to return to real life.

Finally got my drains removed yesterday. The PS...

Finally got my drains removed yesterday. The PS actually told me I was lucky because he usually leaves them in 3 weeks! I was so happy to get them out! I almost had a melt down the day before because I was so tired of trying to hide them under clothes and look normal. Two of the drains didn't hurt to remove but one really hurt. It was actually placed more up on my flank and that part isn't numb like the front. PS told me to keep taking my muscle relaxers until they are gone. I had stopped them at the one week appointment along with all the pain meds.
I am back to work today but the 1 hour commute zapped my energy this morning. I brought flip flops in case I get tired of wearing dress shoes and I'm thinking I'll call it a day early today and tomorrow. Just trying to get back to a normal routine.
I have a feeling I'll be sleeping well the next few nights.

I am three weeks and two days post op and I'm...

I am three weeks and two days post op and I'm feeling great! I went clothes shopping today and got a couple cute tube tops and a few summer dresses. I have good days and bad but I can definitely see a huge difference in the way clothes fit. I'm not buying new jeans or shorts just yet because of the swelling and I'm afraid it will depress me that I'm not a smaller size yet. I'm so happy I made the decision to have this surgery. I can't wait until I see the final results

I am 5 weeks post op and today was not as good....

I am 5 weeks post op and today was not as good. More swelling which is my own darn fault so I'm not too depressed. Just annoyed. I'm still in that lazy phase after work and don't want to cook and prepare healthy food so I've been eating junk. I need to get back on the healthy band wagon. You gym rats can relate when I say I keep looking at my chin up bar and P90X DVDs sitting on the shelf, wishing I could get back into it. I even went to Costco this week and saw my gym membership renewal for half price. One more week and HOPEFULLY the PS will release me to start back. It's gonna be a long journey but I can't wait for the first good sweat in spin class!

7 weeks post op and I had my check up yesterday....

7 weeks post op and I had my check up yesterday. Everything looks great and my next appointment is in 2 months. I was released to go back to the gym and started spin class last night. YAY!! I only made it about half way through. It takes a lot more core than I remember and I guess my tummy muscles are still really weak. I'm going to slowly work back in. It felt great to get back in the saddle (pun intended) and I felt awesome afterward. Still no actual ab work for several months but I'm ready to start hitting the weights again soon. I've been in the pool several times and I love they way I look in a bikini, except for my booty which lost a lot of tone over the past two months. I can't wait for the scar around my belly button to fade. The tummy scar is easier to hide than the belly button. I've noticed I'm down a size most days, but my wide booty makes clothes a little tight still. My final size will be a 4 now that I'm getting back to routine. I am loving the results!!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kasden is amazing. He is very thorough in explaining the procedure and what to expect. I may be going back next year for a BA. I highly recommend him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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I want that!!!!! this year I'm getting mine!
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You look so great!! Congrats!! :-)
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You look so amazing!! My rear & thighs started getting jiggly & soft after my surgery. I also didn't eat as healthy either. But I'm back on track. It feels so good to get back into shape again!
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Looking awesome!!!
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I am the exact same way. Down 1-2 sizes already but things fitting tighter in hips. Like I said, I traded my tummy for wide load hips but I'm working them off with my trainer...building the booty back up.
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Congratulations! You look fantastic! Hope my results are as good as yours next week.
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How is the swelling? Thats the only thing thats going to bother me, I'll be returning to work 2weeks after my TT. I dont want to look like a oopma loompa lol You look great btw!
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You look really great!! You must be so happy! Glad you found a swim bottom that you feel good in & thanks for sharing! I just ordered mine!
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dang girl! looking good!
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Thanks! I wish I felt like it! Today is a swell hell day. UGH. But on a good note I found a swim suit that hides the scar so I can at least cool off in the water with my son today!
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Hey, girl! I wasn't the one who responded to you. I saw your pics and thought how great they are looking. I will respond to your "wonderings" about your hips. It's temporary. Six months is the magic number. Plus...you haven't been as active. I don'e know if you gain weight easily or not... but any extra hip size will go away when you get completely back to normal. Also, any numbness will gradually get better. My stomach is still not 100% back on sensitivity but such a small price to pay. Hang in there. May I suggest taking a Natural Herb called Arnica Montana. It was recommended by my doc (Preston Area of Dallas). It helps with swelling and bruising. The pill is very tiny like the old saccharine tablets use to be. You can find it in health food stores. Also, the Arnica Montana gel or lotion is great for the little broken veins or bruising like on ankles or behind knees. After about 2 weeks, they are almost gone. Best of all, no side effects to worry about.

Enjoy that bikini this summer!!!!!!!!!!! I still do at 62! (Face lift is next) lol

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Thanx for the update on the hips cuz I sure don't like mine now! Glad to know they will go away in time!
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I posted more photos today at 28 days PO. I personally don't think the photos are much different from day 17 but I know how I liked to search through profiles and look at results so I added photos for others.
My 4 week post op appointment is next Monday and the PS told me to leave my steri strips on until then. I've peeked a little and the scar doesn't look too bad underneath. The steri strips get discolored and leave that gray tape stuff so the incision looks worse in the photo than it really is underneath.
He said he was going to do something different with my incision line this next visit. So I'm not sure if that means silicon strips or cream or what but I'm hoping the steri strips will be gone. I still have little scabs where the drains came out too, but they are healing slowly.
Every day is an improvement and I've already dropped a pants size just from losing the pooch. I can't wait to get back in the gym and tone everything back up to match my tummy.
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That's funny that you said you don't think there is a difference because I just updated pics and said the exact same thing on mine that I didn't think there was much difference in my day 25 and 36 pics. There is a definite difference in yours though! It looks like less swelling and more curvy. You look like you are swelling in your hips like I am and it's driving me crazy! My small preop clothes fit with room to spare in the waist but now they are snug on my hips where that wasn't the case before. I didn't sign up to trade my muffin top for wide load hips...hopefully this too will pass! You are looking fabulous and btw, what kind of panty is the black one? I want some of those!!
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HAHA well I have always had hips. I fact I even had an hourglass shape before the surgery just not as pronounced as it is now because of kids and life, etc. But yeah I am definitely wider in the evenings swelling out sideways and a little on the lower front. Of course I've been eating more sodium than I want to so I need to watch that. and this Texas heat....lawdy!!! Definitely need more water each day. I am 5 weeks tomorrow so I know the swelling will be around for a while. And the panties are maidenform I think from Kohls. I usually get VS but these were cheaper on one shopping trip so I bought a few pair. Glad I did, they are highere on the hip and hide the scar!
Now if I can find the perfect pair of black bikini bottoms!!!
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Thanx I'll be making a trip to kohls. I overpaid my cc bill and now have a $65 credit that I just have to spend. No sense having them refund me...might as well shop!

I know this heat is CRAZY this early! I don't want to even think about what august may bring us! Drink that water! I do a gallon a day and when I'm working out and running it's even more!

I go for my 6 week post op tomorrow to get cleared and have an appt with my trainer Monday! He put me on a 7 day cleanse that I started this morning...hopefully it will flush out these hips! Take care and stay cool!
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You look flawless! I understand. I love my TT 12 years later!
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You are looking really good, congrats on the new tummy!
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back to work at 2 wks how is it are you feelin ok at work wut kind of work do you do if you dnot mind me asking cuz im scd for a tt on may 27th and i go back to work in 2 wks after my procedure i keep thinking that imma be really tired and sore i sit aalot cuz im a receptionist so i just wanted to ask.
thank you
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and by the way you look awesome nice flat belly
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Not sure how I missed this question so sorry I didn't respond until now. I bounced back quickly. My Dr said I was one of the quickest recoveries he's seen. I was healthy going in and I tried to stay moving after about the 5th day. I mean I didn't over do it, but I didn't sit around either. I rested when I was tired and I listened to my body. I have an office job but the first two days back knocked me on my butt. I would take a muscle relaxer as soon as I got home and take a long nap. Then get up and help the kids with dinner and bed times. I came in a little late for the first few days and left a little early. Just worked my way back into the routine. Good luck!
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You're looking great...How is the recovery going?
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Thanks! Going really well. I'll post more pics tomorrow morning. I had my drains removed yesterday and I feel so much better. No more hiding and pinning them, and trying to find clothes. I am wearing a size larger than I did prior to TT, to accommodate swelling and the binder. I can squeeze into the previous size but it's not comfortable yet. I am back to work today but super tired. I'm working back into a routine slowly but surely
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You look amazing gurl!!!
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FABULOUS results!!! Your tummy is so pretty!
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