Finally Getting My Body Back! TT with MR and Flank Lipo - Southlake, TX

For my 40th birthday, I asked for a Tummy Tuck. ...

For my 40th birthday, I asked for a Tummy Tuck. After 3 c-sections, saggy preggo skin, and stretch marks my abdomen needs an overhaul!

At that time I was in school, so I had to put it off a year. I finished pre-req's for Physician Assistant school, applied and got accepted, and just recently resigned from my job at the hospital so I can have surgery and recover in time to start school in July.

I am 5'11" and at my highest pregnancy weight I was 216. I currently weigh 175 and am shooting for 169 by my surgery date! I've lost a lot of weight over the past year after becoming a runner and changing the foods I eat. I just finished running my first half marathon on 3/1/14 and I'm a little bummed I won't be able to run for 6 weeks after surgery!

The PS I chose is a close friend of one of the docs I worked for. His wife also had her TT done by Dr. Bogdan, so he has seen the finished product first hand. I like that Dr. Bogdan is conservative in his approach. Originally I was also interested in a breast lift, but after taking pictures and measurements he told me a lift won't get me much for the money. Since I am already a 38 DD, he didn't recommend an augmentation either. Basically my breasts aren't sagging, they are just lower lying on my chest than I would like. If I reach my goal weight of 155, I will re-evaluate having an augmentation (for added fullness and lift) since I lose boobs first when I get close to my pre-preggo weight.

Can't wait to be on the flat side! 10 days and counting!!!


My TT is thursday and I exercise daily and am really fit, I also do and teach pilates. The hardest thing will be for me is no ab work for several months. Small price to pay to have loose skin gone. Good luck to you, it will be here before you know it.
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Don't be too quick to run ... I've seen one girl here who ran at 6 weeks and 6 months later looking at a revision. Too much too soon. Best of luck girl! You will LOVE the flat side!
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Good luck to you! I'll be watching for updates - I'm 42, also active and a runner and I'm freaking our about losing my fitness level during recovery (my surgery is 4/4). I have read about a million of these reviews and I am so convinced that those who exercise have the smoothest and quickest recoveries. Best wishes!
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Can't believe the flat side is only 8 days away!

Trying to begin my final list of to do's as I have just a little over a week left until surgery! Making freezer meals, deep cleaning, planting some vegetables in my garden and pruning my rose bushes are some of the things I have planned. I'm also running in my last race for awhile this weekend. My hubby is running a half marathon, I opted for the 5k since my 10-year-old wants to run too and I didn't want him to run by himself his first race. So after a fun race weekend it will be TT time!


Good Luck on your surgery, I will be having mine on the 26th too. I had a breast lift with modified reduction on the 3rd and loving the results.
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All the best to you for a speedy recovery....I am scheduled for the 26th also. See you on the flat side!
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Thanks Mrs Smith, good luck to you as well. Can't believe the flat side is only a week away!!!

My new friend...

Got a walker today in preparation for surgery. It is HOT PINK! I love it, maybe a little too much... Only 6 more days to go. This time next week I will be in my hospital room settling down for my over night stay post op!


Hi Heidicole, Dr. Bogden is doing my surgery on the 8th of April. I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for you. I'm wishing you the very best and sending you good vibes!
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Thank you and I will try to post a lot so you will know what to expect! I have to stay the first night in the hospital because of how my body responds to anesthesia and narcotics, just to make sure I don't have a reaction the first day. After that, my recovery will be pretty standard. So don't freak out of I am not able to post much the first 2 days!
Love the pink walker!! I was fortunate that my ps supplies one for his patients to take home after surgery, and then I just returned it to his office when I went to my first post op meeting with him (on day 6). I stopped using it around day 3 or 4 post op. You will totally be leaning on that thing the first day or two!!!
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5 days, 1 race, and a million things left to do before surgery!

Today and yesterday I have been super grouchy. I am stressed and eating things I don't normally let myself have (refined carbs) and feeling blue because I won't be hitting my goal weight of 169 before my TT. We are leaving to go out of town tomorrow for my last race for at least the next 3 months and I'm not even really excited to run in it. I think I'm just ready to get this over and done with. And lately I've really noticed how selfish my kids and hubby can be. Since I resigned from my job 3 weeks ago they just seem to assume that I have nothing better to do than clean up after them. Boy do they have a rude awakening coming! I will not be lifting a finger around here after surgery and will be sleeping lots!!! Anyway... Not a very uplifting update, but it's the reality of my situation!


btw...I saw somewhere that you mentioned running pace...I am NOT a fast runner. Depending on my training I stay between 10:30-11:30 best race was 9:45 but at that time I was running much more and did about 10 races in spring/fall of that year.
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Good! Someone I can hang with! My pace today was 10:25, my best race yet!
That's awesome! Congratulations!!!! :-)

Nothing like a curve ball 3 days before surgery...

Today I got a call that my mom hurt herself and won't be able to come stay with us during my recovery. I was completely bummed and stressed out for the first 2 hours after I got the news, but then my mind kicked in into high gear and I've been coming up with a new plan all day.

So, I have pieced together help from friends and neighbors to get me through the first 5 days. Hopefully after that I'll be feeling better pain-wise and can manage taking care of myself at least!

So, even though I was thrown a HUGE curve ball today, I'm not going to let it get me down! In 2.5 days I'll be in the recovery room!


Thanks for sharing! Good job on the weight loss, and the healthy living choices. And good luck with your surgery! :-)
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Good luck to you. I am getting TT tomorrow and have minimal help. Only husband for the first week and two young kids. I am sooooo nervous right now and wonder if I will sleep tonight. Best wishes!!
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A heating pad would work well...I opted for a heated plug in blanket. That way you don't have to ask ppl to re-heat it all the time. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your results!
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It's Only a Day Away...

Up late cleaning, organizing, packing my hospital bag and obsessing over EVERYTHING! I'm so ready to be on the flat side this last day is going to CRAWL BY! On tap for today: hair appointment! Gotta get all the maintenance type stuff out of the way so I can focus on recovering well after surgery! Wonder if I'll be able to sleep much?!?


I'm super excited for you. I'll be sending great healing thoughts you way! Can't wait to meet you on the flat side.
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Thank you! I'm getting nervous! Only 9 hours to go and I have to fit sleep in there somewhere!?!
Awe hate that your mom got hurt and can't make it. Hope she is ok. You will be fine! You are a runner and I hear that those in good health have better & smoother recoveries. Not sure what your bed/chair situation is but I saw this girls video on YouTube and she kept all the stuff she needed in a rollable storage cart beside her chair. (genius!!) I recently bought one at Target for $17 and have alll my stuff in it...waters, heating pad, sox, snakcs, medicines, kleenex, etc...anything I might need. (outside of shower and toilet) Anyway...maybe TMI but it has brought me some comfort as I HATE to depend on anyone for anything!!! Good luck getting through today can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!!!!
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Today is finally here! I just finished packing for the hospital and mopping floors. Bedtime! Then an early rising so I can be at the surgery center by 5:30 AM! 6.5 hours until surgery!


I said a prayer for you, and I hope everything is going well! Keep us posted!
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Thinking of you and wishing for a smooth recovery!
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Good luck! Hope it has all gone smoothly :-)
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I did it! Went great! Recovery here I come!

I got to the surgery center at 5:35 AM! I'll write a more extensive day of surgery summary when I'm feeling a little less loopy!


Happy recovery!
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Your pictures remind me of my pre-op. I hope your family straightens up & starts picking up after themselves. It sounds like you're pretty active so I think you'll breeze through this. I'm soooo glad I did it. My self esteem has changed so much, it's really changed the way I look at life; not to seem vain but I have a different outlook on things since my tt. I worked out a lot pre op & really surgery wasn't that bad for me, the key is to be up and walking early on, even if you don't need to go to the bathroom, get up & walk around from room to room. It gets easier, I promise. I'll follow your progress. Good thoughts coming your way dear.
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Thank you! I state overnight and the hospital and got up tonier at least 10 times! I never pee that much! Overall I'm feeling good as long as I retmber my meds!

2 Days Post-op

I already love my results and can't wait to see them get even better with time!

Dr. Bogdan told me he removed 1000 cc's from each flank and 5 pounds of excess skin and fat from my abdomen!

I'm posting a few after pics that were taken tonight and show some evening swelling. I'm in love! ; )


hows the pain for you at 4 days post? i think I'm going to try to switch to extra strength tylenol.. the oxy is giving me terrible headaches. I'm actually pretty mobile, and standing up not to bad. hoping for a BM soooon.
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Take a dose of milk of magnesia and you will fill so much better. Ask your doctor when you can start aleve and that is how I was able to get off the pain meds
Wow you really look great girl! Do the drains hurt or feel extra uncomfy, they look like they really do?
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4 days post-op!

Today has simply been a great day! I feel amazing and almost like I didn't just have surgery! I had my first BM last night before going to bed and I slept in my bed the entire night --- Getting up only twice to pee. I took a shower and did full makeup and hair today and even cleaned the house some. Honestly this recovery had been so much easier than my c-sections because there isn't a newborn to nurse around the clock and interrupted sleep from a crying baby!

I really wanted to go for a run today. Obviously I didn't, but even the fact that I wanted to surprised me! One funny thing that happened during my overnight stay in the hospital, was that my heart rate kept dropping below 50 bpm when I was sleeping. So the heart monitor alarms kept going off. The nurses had no clue what to do so I had them call the respiratory therapist that had put the monitor on me in the first place. She came in and was surprised how low my resting heart rate was. Then she asked if I was a runner. Yep! That explains it. So she changed the lower limit of the heart rate alarm so I could finally get some sleep that night!

Happy healing to all my TT sisters! Hope you all are well!


What a fantastic outcome for 4 days post, i also feel amazing...if it weren't for this cg i could forget i had surgery. Something similar happened with me morning after surgery, a student nurse checked my BP and it was 90/40 something. She checked it again then checked it manaully and I assured her i feel fine and I always have low BP, usually 120 or something. I heard her talking to the head nurse who told her 'don't worry, she looks pretty fit' Nice to hear!
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Your recovery is amazing!! It's hard to know beforehand how your body will handle it. Glad in your case it seems to be going so well! :-)
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Looking good!! I can relate with the low resting HR. During surgery my HR dropped to 30, they gave me meds to increase. During recovery my HR fluctuated 40-80 back and forth cause of the meds. I warned them of my extremely low HR, upon admitting vitals my HR was 47 and that was w/ me being nervous for sx.
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Day 4 post-op pics


You're looking great! Please take it easy...I was having a remarkably easy recovery until yesterday and now I've taken a couple steps backwards. It's not worth it! Your incision looks so good! It's going to heal nicely! Congrats!
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Damn... 4 days post op and you look like that! I'm so jealous. My cousin lives out in Southlake. I love Southlake Texas, it's so gorgeous. Happy Healing Love. Wish I had results like that :'(
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You are disgraceful! being so well and looking so amazing after only a few days! For shame! And what a great result you are going to end up with. I hope you continue to heal well, maybe don't try to do TOO much TOO soon? Enjoy your beautiful new contour :-)
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What the heck?!?

Today out of the blue, I began having a runny nose. I wiped a couple of times and noticed BRIGHT YELLOW liquid started running out of my nose. Think nosebleed, but bright yellow! I was racking my brain to figure out if this could possibly be related to my TT at all. I called my PS just to double check if he had any concerns and he said he'd never heard of nasal drainage like this after a TT. It finally stopped and he told me to rest today and that if it stated back up to call him. I'm resting on the couch per his orders and hoping it was just a sinus polyp draining or something allergy season related! So weird!!


Hey sister!! I've been running KURAZEE with work last few days so trying to do a quick catch up. How are you feeling? Did you figure out the yellow funk? that is bizarrrrrro!
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I am forcing myself to take it easy today !!! I'm similar to you in that I've run a business, take care of kids, cook, clean, and do just about everything under the sun. It's hard to force myself to slow down!!!
I know, believe me! Did you see my latest update and what I'm going through? It's rough, emotionally and physically. That's strange about the yellow drainage!!! Hope it's something not related to TT!

Adios amigos! 7 days PO

Today I said adios to my "frenemies" drain one and drain two. Thank you Lord Jesus they are gone. The right one burned like fire when he pulled it out and I thought I was going to pass out! The left one didn't even pinch or anything. They are bi-polar those damn drains!

I am trying to wean myself off the pain meds, only taking half a pill every 3-4 hours. For some reason my pain seems to want to hang on longer than other people's because this isn't pain that Tylenol could even touch. The sorest spots are my flanks where I had lipo. Do not let people tell you that lipo doesn't hurt. It hurts like hell! I don't even have visible bruising, but the skin and tissues there are so tender!

After my visit with the PS, hubby took me to Victoria's Secret to buy some celebratory fancy panties. I didn't last long shopping and was surprised how tired I was after getting my drains removed. Now, I need a nap!


Never figured out the yellow funk! I had my first post- op today and got my drains out! I am feeling pretty good, just tired lately. My mom is feeling better so she decided to come up tonight to help for a few days so I can get some much needed rest and she can clean and get things back in order! How many more days til your TT? So excited for you!

Fancy Pants in celebration of Drain Out Day!

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Oops, forgot photos!


I seriously love your results. You look amazing :)
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Thank you! And these pics are all 4-7 DPO! I need to do an update, but life is a little crazy right now!
Yaaaaaaa!!! Love reading your review and thank God all went well!!!!
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Maxed out!

Yesterday was my 2 week post-op appt. I am now Binder FREE, and only wearing a Spanx type garment for light compression (and to protect my incision which is still a little tender.)

Afterwards, I went shopping! 3 days of going through my closet revealed very little available to wear. Some of my clothes are now 3 sizes too big! I'm thankful I've had very little swelling and never really went through "swell hell" as they call it. I bought a maxi dress at Target for $30. I have NEVER been able to wear maxi dresses! At 5'11" I am seriously one tall drink of skinny water in a maxi! It feels comfy and awesome!

My only complaint right now is that my abdomen is so achy. Not muscle achy, touch sensitive and nerve pain achy. The skin has reawakened and it is pissed! Wearing a seatbelt while driving is complete torture. It's not excruciating pain. It's maddening pain. I described it to my plastic surgeon as a million tiny paper cuts that someone keeps touching over and over constantly. Then I thought of an even better description. You know how when you first put your clothes on, your skin feels them, but then quickly acclimates to the sensation and you forget they are there. Well my skin never acclimates. Every second my abdomen is firing that signal to my brain saying, "you're wearing a shirt, it's touching me, it's still touching me, hey, did you know you are still wearing a shirt?" Over and over and over. Never stops. He nodded his head and said that this exact thing is the basis for Chinese water torture. Great... Plastic surgery and torture equated!

So basically I have internal swelling that is causing the nerves to continually fire and the only way to control the pain is to control the inflammation. So I am taking 600 mg of ibuprofen 3 x day praying for some relief. I did take a hydrocodone tonight just because i couldn't take it any longer and that at least helped me care a little less about the pain! Praying for some relief soon!

Oh, and I also bought a bikini, but those pics are going to have to wait until I get my spray tan next week! This Norwegian bred girl is pasty!


You look stunning!!!
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Oh my gosh - your description of the nerve/skin re-awakening experience is frightening. Thanks for the warning. Did your doctor give any indication how long it might last? It sounds unbearable - I feel for you (and me I guess in another week or two). Hang in there - you really do look awesome - one if the best results I have seen on RS.
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Thanks 71beach! Well I escaped the external swelling everyone else seems to get, so maybe this is my version of "swell hell?!?" I'm on day three of the ibuprofen regimen. Hoping for relief soon. He said 3-4 days...

Pre-op photos (request from another user)


Thank you! You will have some great results as well!
I spoke too soon! Swell He'll arrived yesterday! I gained 8 pounds of water weight in 2 days... It's not pretty. And I'm still in skin/nerve/pain. Ugh. Recovery sucks!

Incision pics

Another RS user requested pics if my incision since I had an extended TT done. I had a ton of skin removed, so that's why an extended was done. My scar length does not bother me at all because honestly I'm rarely fully naked to see it and my underwear and bikini cover it completely. And, as it fades, it will become less noticeable! I have not begun scar treatment yet because my last few scabs recently fell off.

Also keep in mind I am really swollen right now (gained 8 pounds of water weight in 2 days!!!) So my butt looks awful in these pics because I'm swollen where I had lipo on my flanks, etc... Not pretty! Oh well. Recovery can be very cruel!


You look amazing! And your scar looks great and it hasn't been that long since your!
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Thank you!
You look amazing hun! Happy healing ;)
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1 month PO

I haven't posted in awhile because frankly week 3 and 4 were hell for me. My last post touched briefly on the pain I experienced while my nerves were regenerating and it was awful to say the least. It lasted two weeks and the best way I can describe it is that the skin on my abdomen felt like it had a sunburn on both the inside and the outside. Little things that we take for granted like riding in a car were like torture to me. The vibration of the road, the seatbelt grazing my incision, my clothes skimming my skin while walking were all more that I could handle at times. I stayed in a lot and prayed for relief. Luckily I had pain killers left so each day when I couldn't take it anymore, I'd take one usually around dinner time to get me through until bedtime. Then at bedtime I had to take a Valium to help me sleep through the pain of my irritated skin each night.

My PS said this isn't uncommon as the skin wakes up, but that my case seemed to be one of the more extreme examples of the paresthesias people can experience after plastic surgery. Some feel ants crawling on their skin, pins and needles or quick bursts of electric shock. I drew the excruciating sunburn card, lucky me!

Week 3 I also experienced 10 pounds of weight gain in 3 days due to swelling! So between the painful skin and tightness of my skin from the sudden swelling I felt like I was going to burst open at times. I rested a lot, purposely laid around and tried to not hate myself for choosing this journey!

Finally as I closed in on week 4 and a few days later my 1 month anniversary, the pain in my abdominal skin began to subside and I lost 8 pounds of the swelling I had accumulated to that point. It's amazing the difference this week!

I'm back to being mommy, wife, friend and just plain old me. I laid out, cleaned my house, planted some flowers, worked in my garden and just got to be me. Finally.


You look amazing! Not looking forward to the swell hell :(
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Swell hell was NOTHING compared to the pain I endured as my nerves regenerated. Hoping you don't have to endure much of either.
First you look amazing...How much did you need or use your walker. Where did you find it. It's pink and cheerful. :)
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6 Weeks PO --- My first run!!!

I finally have made it to what I consider the "end" of recovery. I went for my first run since surgery this morning and was able to run 3 miles. Not bad, but I ran super slow (for me!) I ran a half marathon just before surgery, so a 3 mile run is usually my warm up. I didn't want to over do it and regret it in the morning, so I took it easy. It felt great to sweat and have the usual "mind games" playing in my head as I talked myself out of stopping to walk numerous times. Running is almost all mental, so it was good to put some of my mental toughness to the test!

During the first quarter mile, I felt some pain in my lipo areas as I was running --- running is very jarring. Each step it got easier and by half a mile in, all I had left was a tingling sensation that went away by mile 2. In fact I think it was good for my body to have to endure some of this because my lipo areas have taken forever to heal and have been the only residual pain in this whole recovery. My body just needed to work through some of this and I know it will help me recover even more fully. Now to get back on track with my nutrition and get off the remaining 15 pounds I want to lose!


Hi! I am 8 wks out and wondered if you are still having swelling in your bladder area…so below the bb?? Mine is still SO swollen!! :(
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At night (especially if I cleaned house or have done a lot of walking that day) I notice swelling under my belly button, mostly around my incision and my pubic area. I wear my binder and night to help the swelling go down, so I'm nice and flat in the mornings. Today during my run, I wore my binder and had it on for most of the day, so my swelling hasn't been that bad. Compression really helps!
Thanks, girl!!

Gelzone Wrap --- scar therapy

I've been using the Gelzone sports wrap as scar therapy since week 4 PO. I like it because it stays in place, is thin under clothing and gives compression at the same time! It does get a little sweaty and itchy, but for the money this is the best option for me. My PS recommended it and I'm glad he did! So far I have noticed that my scar is perfectly flat. Waiting for the color to fade, but that will come with time.

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Love my flat tummy!

Pics at 6 weeks PO.


Dang girly your tummy is way flat!!! Love it!! Are you wearing a cg with the gel zone wrap?
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At night I wear my surgery binder with my Gelzone under it. During the day I wear my Spanx body suit and sometimes my Gelzone wrap. I don't always wear my Gelzone 24/7 because I feel like my skin needs a breather. I wear it 12-16 hours per day probably. The Gelzone stats in place by itself though, so I wouldn't have to wear my Spanx, but I do just mainly for continued compression.
The Gelzone thingy looks like a great idea, I haven't seen that before. You look super trim, girly. Sorry to read about your weeks of extreme discomfort, especially after you were seeming to breeze through the process but I'm sure the end result will be worth it!

9 Weeks Post-op!

Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks post. Life is back in full swing and we are in the middle of selling our house which means lots of cleaning every day. I notice swelling each night which starts about dinner time, but resolves by the next morning. It is still painful sometimes, and gets worse if I eat lots of bread or refunded sugar/processed foods. I have not returned to exercise and have only run once during my recovery. My plantar fasciitis has been excruciating since my first run at 6 weeks PO, so I'm taking it easy for now.

I have a follow-up with my PS this week for follow up pictures! Happy healing everyone!


You look awesome! Love your BB and hope mine looks like that soon!
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Hope that plantar fasciitis resolves soon, I feel for you as mine is playing up too! Love your updates.
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Happy to see the updates! You are healing so nicely. I love how your belly button turned out. It doesn't look like a "tummy tuck" belly button at all. I have my pre op today. I'm so excited/nervous.
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Learning to EMBRACE the swelling!

The first pictures were taken at 9 weeks post op. The last two were taken at 9 weeks, 3 days after a long day of walking around Six Flags having fun with my kids. Talk about uncomfortable! So, when people on this board ask, "when will the swelling go away," I feel like saying, "never!" But, in reality I'll say... Eventually. Every person is different and thankfully this kind of swelling is only transient. So, EMBRACE the swelling and stop wondering when it goes away. Maybe at a year post-op I won't have anymore swelling. But for now, I'll put my binder on and get some much needed rest!


Do you recommend getting flank Lipo at the same time as TT and BA or waiting until after? I was going to do it all at once but I've heard some bad stories about doing Lipo and tt at the same time.
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How are you now? Would you do it over again knowing what you know now?
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Dr. Micheal Bogdan

Dr. Bogdan is a top-notch PS. His credentials alone speak for themselves and the man is brilliant! He is conservative in his approach, and achieves very realistic, natural looking results. I mean not everyone needs a J-Lo booty, I mean, seriously?!? He will be honest with you what will look good on your frame and what is healthiest for you. Having said that, he is also a magician! I am amazed at my results and had no idea this body was just waiting to have a skilled PS put it back together! He isn't the cheapest doc in town, but you definitely get what you pay for! On post-op day 3, my doorbell rang and he had sent me flowers wishing me happy, quick healing and a speedy recovery. I cried. I needed a pick me up that day and in all of my narcotic fog and drain pain, the flowers made my week! I'm so glad I had this done and so glad I chose the doctor I did!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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