Had to change the date, Guess I have a long time to prepare!

I have had 3 boys all by c section and they have...

I have had 3 boys all by c section and they have done a number on my stomach! My sons are 13, 8(he lives in heaven), and 3. With my first son I gained 65 pounds and he was almost 9 pounds yikes! I didn't gain as much with my second son and then barely any with my last one. I have hated my stomach for the past 13 years and I am finally going to go for it! I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I am down to my ideal weight of 110 and ready to have a flat tummy again. Dr. Kasden in Southlake will be doing my tummy tuck! I will keep y'all posted on my progress! Anyone have any tips for me??


Hi Mktay.. Wow our tummies were very similar. I notice you have deeper stretch marks on your sides just like I do! You will be surprised how many SM will go bye bye.. All the ones below should go.. For me the marks I have now are from what was above my BB.. I would never let SM stop you from getting a firm tight belly! It's just special reminders of our babies! The deep ones on the sides of my belly are really puffed out right now. I asked my PS about it and he said they will smooth out, it's just from the skin being pulled so tight. I'm personally not embarassed of them, the icky tummy was way worse for me! I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. :( could not imagine! I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted! :)
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Thank you Lacey3! You are right about the reminder of our babies! My boys are my world and I am so thankful for them. Thank you for your kind words about my son. He is greatly missed :( I love your confidence and hope to gain some more of my own! I will keep y'all posted! So glad to have people to talk to!
You will find this website is so helpful.. Some advice, try to stay away from the negative posts.. Once I start to read one, if they are way over board negative I have to move onto the next.. Not that I don't sympathize, but I soak up negative energy and knew I didn't want to read that since I was already freaked out myself! I compared my TT to my 3 c-sections.. Very similar with the discomfort in your tummy... Being positive and up beat will help you prepare and to recover! It's really not that bad! God made women tough! :) If you need anything, let any of us know, we are all here to support you through your journey!

I'm starting to have second thoughts and wonder if...

I'm starting to have second thoughts and wonder if it will be worth it! I hate feeling like this because I've wanted a new tummy for so long. I just get so confused and wonder if the long recovery is worth getting rid of a little extra skin! I know I will still have a lot of stretch marks left and on top of it a new very long scar! I really need so encouragement!


Don't have second thoughts! I'm 2 1/2 weeks PO and really the only surprise is how long the swelling lasts.. If you look at the stats a TT has the highest satisfaction score.. 98 percent..Since your doing it now, you'll be ready for summer time:)
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Thanks Mia! I'm glad you are recovering well! I have my preop Wednesday so hopefully the doctor will ease my fears!
Aww M, we've all ( or most) been there! I have been there for sure! Totally normal to start second guessing yourself, wondering if it's worth it or not! Are you doing it for the right reason? Is the scar worth it? Is taking some much needed rest for recovery worth it?! YES YES YES! :) The scar, I didn't even think about because for one, I had a scar from my c-sections and for two, who is going to see it? YOU!! And whoever else you choose to show it to! :) I think you must have thought about a TT significantly to schedule a Dr and appt to have it done! Remind yourself why you want it! You want to feel good about yourself, not ashamed of your tummy or continue to try to hide it! Feel good in your clothing! You will be amazed and so happy with your results! You are already tiny! We are Moms and I believe all Moms who have had problems with getting their tummies back, deserve this chance! Do it for yourself! Treat yourself to a rockin ab body! You go girl! :)
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Do to my husbands business, upcoming vacation and...

Do to my husbands business, upcoming vacation and a son entering high school I had to change my date. We have had our vacation planned for awhile and my doctor said I may not be feeling up to it. Don't want to disappoint my boys! So my PS scheduled it in December since starting in July I will be a very busy band mom! It seems so far away but I know it will be here before I know it! I'm still excited to see how everyone is doing as I prepare!


Today is the day! Sending healing vibes your way!
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Dec 30th is around the corner! I know you must be more than ready. Don't back out! You're be just fine. I'm scheduled for a TT and thigh lipo on Dec 19th. Good luck with yours.
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Just wanted to let you know, you've chosen a good doctor. I love dr. kasden!
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