So far so good. I met Dr. Kasden for the first...

So far so good. I met Dr. Kasden for the first time on Jan 23rd 2014. I had been contemplating getting a tummy tuck for a few years but never had the nerve to check it out. So, I began searching in Dec, reading reviews and compiling a list of desired top Dr's. in the area. Dr. Kasden was always the # 1 choice on my list, so if course he was also the first of several consults I scheduled. From the moment he walked into the room and began talking I was sold. My husband and I really didn't know what to expect but Dr. Kasden took his time to explain the procedure, other options, and answered all of our questions. Our consultation took approximately 3 hrs. He provided so much education that I could have walked out of there an expert. Lol! Seriously though, he was humorous, professional, and you could really tell he cares about his patients, his craft and even non patients. I was up front with him and told him I had several other consultations to go to. So, he even advised me of questions to ask the other Dr's. that weren't a part of my long list of questions. Needless to say, I've since had the other consultations, but none impressed me as much as Dr. Kasden. Even after receiving quotes from the other Dr's. Dr Kasden ' s staff took the time to review his quote against others to compare pricing. Some of the other Dr's. listed separate charges for flank lipo (included in Dr. Kasden ' s surgeon fee), etc.

So almost 3 weeks and several consults later, I went with my first choice and scheduled my surgery for 3/25/2014. I'm so excited!

I've also began my diet and exercise regime to get closer to my target weight. 188 today and I hope to get between 165-170 pre surgery. I know that's aggressive for a month and a half. But that is my own decision. Unlike other Dr's. Dr. Kasden did not state i absolutely had to lose 20lbs to preform the surgery. He merely encouraged me to be at a steady weight that is comfortable to me because ultimately the results are going to be based on my effort and desired body type. Honestly, I don't desire to be skinny. My only desire is to shape that pouch that had existed on my tummy since I was 18 and had my first child.

Wish me luck guys! I'll keep you posted on my progress :-)
I have had the worst luck so far. The last doctor I saw quoted me 11,000 just for a mini-tummy tuck and I don't want to be skinny either just not have a pouch either . I am excited for you!!!!
I just had a procedure with Dr. Kasden (but not a TT). I'd love to hear about your experience after your surgery!
Does the 6800 include everything? Anesthesia, facility fee? I am trying to get a list of doctors that do great work and aren't outrageously priced. I hope you don't mind me asking..…

5 days to go... :)

It's after 12:00 a.m. so I guess it's okay to say that I have 5 days left until my surgery. I am extremely excited. I haven't made any updates because there was a snag involving one of my flex spending accounts that delayed payment causing me to reschedule my surgery to 4/17/14. Now that is all straightened out, I'm super excited and counting down the days!!

I had my pre-op yesterday and I'm glad to say it went well. Working from home makes it difficult to lose weight so my efforts to exercise and walk daily, i was unsuccessful in losing any pre surgery weight. Therefore, I pray the results are still going to be worth it. After reading so many reviews on here and viewing before and after pictures of women similar in size, shape and weight to myself, I remain encouraged that the results will be satisfactory if not better than expected.
Hi. Yes it does.

recliner and prep

So, I've purchased my supplies and prescriptions and I'm almost ready. 4 days to go before surgery. One problem... I don't have a recliner and couldn't afford to buy one. I've seen where some patients rent a recliner but the rentals I've seen so far are expensive. $99 power week with a minimum rental requirement of 1 month. Luckily I'm resourceful :) I searched on Craigslist and found that used recliners ate plentiful. Some are even free. I wasn't quick enough to secure one of the free recliners but I did manage to find a great gently used recliner from a nice, clean home for $20.
I am excited to watch your transformation! I am scheduled in August with Dr K! He is such a sweet man and so informative! Good luck prayers be with you and I will be checking back with you!!!

2 days left

It's getting real. Tomorrow I start my pre surgery prep. Per my Dr. I am supposed to eat only meat and complex carbohydrates over the course of the day. I am also supposed to drink plenty of liquid. Here goes!
Woo hoo! I'm praying girl!

Finally on the flat side!

I had my surgery yesterday. So far so good. I can't wait to see the results. I have apologize, because I'm bit sore and in pain, I'm going to refrain from posting pics and my review until later. Right now it's 3:53 am :(

New pics on the flat side

looking good, congratulations!
wow you look great!! You do not look like you weighed 188lbs...look very smaller than that....if you do not mind me much where you the day of surgery? Happy Healing & Congrats!!!
Thank you for the compliment. Honestly 2 days before my surgery, I weighed 191. I had actually gained weight and was scared it would turn our badly. But my Dr. recommended during my pre op to start a specific diet. 2 days before surgery he wanted me to eat a high protein/complex carbohydrate diet. Then the day before I had to switch to an all liquid diet (popsicles, jello, chicken broth and plenty of fluids). The results from those two days brought me down to 184 the day of surgery. Not much of a difference in my mind but apparently it must have been enough because the results were amazing. The after pictures were from today 1 day post op and the Dr said I was b pretty swollen. I'd have to say he worked an absolute miracle. :)

swell hell

OK so the awe of surgery just wore off. I've been taking the laxatives, magnesium, citrucel, etc and instead of making me go to the bathroom all I feel is the discomfort of swelling
Your waist is so tiny! Did he liposuction the waist as well ?
Yes I believe so.
Girl now that is what I'm talking about!! I love to hear happy results like this!! Anyways he did a very good job and you look amazing.....and you look very smaller than 184lbs... you go DIVA!!!!! Wish you a smooth recovery from here on out...and hope the swelling goes down.... :)))

2 days post op

You look great,and there is more to come, happy healing :)
You're getting there

12 days post op swells

Swelling sucks. Every night my belly swells like a basketball, and my knees and ankles too. Honestly I looks like I have canckles. I've been to the ER, had a full workup, no blood clots, no infection but absolutely no answers as to why I'm bloated like a Thanksgiving parade balloon.
I take Bromelain 2 to 3 times a day 500mg since surgery day and it has helped. It is pineapple extract. I am 4 weeks PO tomorrow and my swelling has been going down little by little. It is such a long process! My legs, hips, and girl parts swelled up so bad, and now it is just my girl parts and under my bb along the incision that is troubling me. You will get better. Just keep drinking all the water you can. Walk as much as you can and maybe try a lymphatic massage twice a week.
How is your salt intake? Try to use only Ms Dash on your food if you haven't already. I heard there are natural pills you can take to reduce the swelling. Also fresh pineapples reduce swelling.
Thank you so much Posh1981. I think my overall salt intake is pretty good because I'm not eating much regular food or if fear of swelling. I'm pretty much on a salad/spinach/popsicle/jello diet. But I think I will definitely try the fresh pineapples. As far as herbal supplements for water retention my Dr. advised against them. His only suggestion was to continue with the magnesium, milk of magnesia, magnesium citrate, citrucel tablets and daily vitamin pills. I'm going to listen but I am extremely anxious.

New pics 15 days post

Feeling great. My drains were so removed yesterday. So far so good. He also said I could start taking showers beginning today. That's a huge plus for me because I hated sponge bathing. It felt like heaven in the shower this morning.

My cousin is a godsend who sent me a full body compression garment today. I tried it on for the first time today and can I just day that whoever made that thing can go to hell! Lol. First let me say I see this type of garment on lots of real self members. How do you all do it? It literally took me an hour to get it on today. But baby! :) it works like a charm. It was the best feeling garment I've worn. I will definitely take the time every morning to get it on and I'll be ordering at least one more.

side by side view before, day after and 15 days post op

side view

Congratulations. You are looking great!!! Swelling can be a pain. I have been eating tons of pineapple and I don't know if it has helped but I sure do like them so it makes for a great snack.
Looking good KAporter!!!!

more before and after

Some before and after pics. I tried on a couple of dresses today. My favorite is the changes I see in the red dress.
You look great! Love the way the dresses look!
Thanks. Funny, I've been going back and forth with myself. I'm happy with the results. Just a little upset that I didn't think to get a bbl and breast reduction along with this surgery. Looks like I'll be back for more in January
OMG you look amazing! I cannot wayt

22 days post op

Top of the morning. I was excited to see minimal swelling this morning so I decided to take a few pics.

I look and feel great. The swelling comes and goes. Usually in the morning I'm fine but by the afternoon after eating I swell a bit. One thingi can takecomfort in knowing is that it isn't fat. As each day goes by a little more of the expectations my ps described are starting to take place. He said the swelling will go down, and day by day i will begin to see the results. He wasn't lying, as I look at myself in the mirror now i can't hardly believe it's me! And to think this is only just the beginning!

One of my friends told me about the benefits of juicing, so for the past week I have been juicing it up in the morning. I'm not sure if it is contributing to the weight loss but I'm slowly losing weight with no exercise yet. This morning I weighted in at 175 :) Now you have to remember that 1 week before surgery I was a whopping 191. So 3 weeks later I can feel pretty good weighing in at 175. I can't wait to start exercising again!
WOW! you look great! your waist is so tiny in that red dress now! I hear ya about the swelling. So annoying. And congrats on the weight loss! We gotta maintain these beautiful new bodies of ours ;)
You look great!! I'm amazed at the weight loss. I stocked up on healthy food yesterday so I can try to start losing weight before my surgery. I have more than enough time.
you look Great ! The swellling will pass best of healing xoxo

Just posing 4 weeks po

I love taking pictures! Look at those curves! I have to tell you I'm feeling great. Although I did overdo it a little on Friday by wearing 6 inch heels to accompany the black dress.

I'm not to sure about the bulge in the bottom portion of my abdomen. I had so much post op coughing/sneezing on a daily basis that I wonder if I could have ruptured an internal suture. I see my ps in Thursday, so I'll ask him then. I keep reading questions and responses about this subject on this site and I must say the its not comforting.
Thank you. That red dress in Dec was me with 2 types of swimmers on. Spanx and a slip slimmer. I'm so happy to be able to wear it without a cg or slimmer and have those sexy curves! I'm definitely going to maintain these results. Once I can start working out it will Hey much better
Thank you! Good luck with your surgery.

bikini time

It's been about 5 weeks po and I have to say, that each and every day I wake up and see myself in the mirror I become ecstatic about my surgery all over again. I still see my Dr. weekly as we've started scar therapy. I've had to purchase a silicone Scar kit in order to minimize the look of the Scar. My Dr wants me to use a cream sold at his office but I couldn't afford it. So for now I've begun using the Scar Away brand silicone strips. They're not bad. After 3 days of using them I do see a difference in the texture and color of my Scar.

I tried on my itty bitty, teeny weeny, bikini today! I love the fit. For some of you it may not look good but I'm overly satisfied. A year ago I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this because of the excess fat and apron of skin. But today I'm singing praises!

Thank you Lord for bringing this solution to me and making it possible for me to begin feeling happy with my body!
looking great! im very happy for you


Yay, so... six weeks po and the dr has released me! I may now... drink wine, exercise (both cardio & weights), have sex ;) etc. I'm super excited and cannot wait to start shedding these pounds. Although it looks like more, the surgery actually only took off 6 lbs of weight. The remaining weight loss was a result of recovery after surgery. At this stage everything is feeling pretty much back to normal. Hardly any swelling daily, no pain and my Scar looks great. So, I want to maintain the results and continue to mold my body through exercise. Who knows, maybe in a few months I'll be down to 150lbs. I'm thankful to Dr. Kasden and his body sculpting genius because I'm finally motivated to keep this look up!
Looking hot!!!! I just had to move my surgery to sept. Because I FINALLY FOUND A JOB YAY! So just a month later!!!! Keep the posts coming!
Wow! Nice flat tummy and beautiful curves. You are one sexy lady! Congrats on being released!
Still looking good lady....

2 month post op update

I have to admit this entire ordeal has been a journey. I've now reached the 2 month mark and my waistline is noticeably smaller, defined, shapely and curvaceous. Last night my husband told me I was model like. I'm blushing, because it made me feel like a million bucks. I'm satisfied with the results. I haven't lost any weight. In fact I still wear the same dress size I did prior to sx, except now I no longer need to wear shapers to flatten out my rolls because I don't have any. Smiling
OMG you just made my day!!!! I am so excited I have just under 3 months!!!!! And your results have assured me I made the right decision I will email you this week. I have so busy training!
Love your new look. Your hippie like me. I have a natural big booty also, so our new waist line will be awesome. Congeatulations
Thank you. Lol you are right. I have hips for days! Although I wish I had you booty. I love your curves. After having this tt sx, I'm hooked. I'm already thinking about my next body sculpting move. (Breast reduction, lipo of my inner thighs & back, and also a bbl)

Boot camp

So I started working out with a fitness trainer 2 weeks ago to help remove syne of the weight u recently gained. In June I had several traumatic events that caused me to have travel, eat unhealthy and and gain weight. (Stress eating). As a result I gained back weight to equal my pre surgery weight. But the weird thing I noticed was that the weight wasn't going to my abs. So I didn't notice it at first. It wasn't until I stepped on the scale that I noticed the gain. I pin pointed the gain to my thighs, butt and back. All were areas that helped enhance the appearance of my new found curves. So, after 2 weeks I'm happy to say that I'm losing again. 11 lbs so far. Whoo hoo!
Wow what dramatic results i will be ecstatic if my results are half as good as yours :)
Omg you look great my surgery is august 21st

5 months post op

So, I haven't been successful with losing weight because I stopped working out with the trainer. In fact I've gained some weight since my initial post op weight of 170. I'm back up to 185, but i look great. I'm not sure how but the results of the tummy tuck make me look good no matter what the # on the scale says.
Wow you look great! Did he do any lipo with your tummy tuck?
Thanks. He did some lipo on the sides. However, I want to go back and get some lipo done to my back and flanks.
U look good!!!! Great transformation!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

If I could give Dr. Kasden and the ladies in his office 1 million stars, I would. But the fact remains that I am limited, so 5 stars it is. From the moment you step foot in the office you are greeted with with warm smiling faces. The wait time is non existent as the staff are great about scheduling and keeping close to appointment times. As I mentioned before, the entire staff is friendly however they are also extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. No matter whether I had a question prior to sx or was uncertain about something during my recovery Dr. Kasden and his entire staff made sure my concerns were addressed, even after hours or on the weekend. As far as my surgery, results and the Dr's technique I would have to rate it a 5 as well. He had been performing this surgery for more than 20 yrs and it shows in his work. When he tells you something about your body, he is honest and you can trust he knows what he is talking about. Other Dr's advised me to lose weight before my surgery, and told me that really nothing could be done at the time because of my visceral fat. But, Dr. Kasden examined me and gave me hope. He described how the procedure would remedy that area of visceral fat above my belly button without lipo. And he was right. I now have the shape I want at the weight I was and I am 100% satisfied with the result. In fact I couldn't be any more happy! Thanks Dr. Kasden!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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